11 Comments on “Terry Jeffrey on Bush’s Gay Rights Stance”

  1. The institution of marriage has always been a breeding ground for abuse
    towards women and children. I wish the gay community would get a “Union of
    Partners,” going instead of wanting to take part in the archaic institution
    of marriage. If there were a “Union of Partners,” I would bet that many
    heterosexual women would prefer that to marriage; if they had something
    like that when I was young, I would have preferred it! LOL Sounds a hell of
    a lot more equal to me. (smile)

  2. it’s disgusting that these ultraconservative jesus freaks use CHILDREN as
    an excuse to discriminate against gays and lesbians. hey we can see through
    the lie! you don’t care about the children, you are only consumed by your
    hatred of everybody that’s not like you !

  3. Terry Jeffrey is a tool. He supports illegal torture, he’s against the rule
    of law, he’s believes a child abusing heterosexual is better than a loving
    homosexual. Hey Tool Jeffrey, the overwhelming majority of the American
    public rightly favors same sex marriage and loving homes for children
    regardless of the sexual orientation of the parents. What a frikkin’ whack

  4. Well lets think here, shall we? If you don’t like gay people, you need to
    blame straight people, because they are the ones that keep having them. Not
    allowing gay couples or people to adopt is OUTRAGEOUS. Gay people have just
    as much love, as straight people. Oh ok that’s it, gay people are just
    understood not to be able to raise children, HA! Oh yeah if gays raise them
    they are for sure going to be gay! Whatever, all people need to have rights.

  5. He says Civil Unions are the same as Marriage? How would he like to have a
    civil union, rather then a marriage?

  6. i will never understand how people could have a conscious when they spew
    out bullshit like that!!! what an idiot he is. Single parents children are
    clearly DEPRIVED of love and of something IMPORTANT. ok. get a life

  7. if the GOP doesnt want to call it ‘marriage’ then fine, allow civil unions
    with the exact same rights. Marriage originated as a religious institution
    which perceived women as property. id rather have a new, tolerant
    institution based on equality, and if that means civil unions, so be it.
    Let the zealots have their ‘marriages’.

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