41 Comments on “The Big Debate (ep. 3, March 3): Is Homosexuality un-African?”

  1. We need to stop blaming white people, for introducing homosexuality in
    Africa. Homosexuality was in Africa, before Europeans stepped on land.
    There was homosexuality in the Ancient Egyptian times. When the first
    Europeans set foot in Sub Saharan Africa, they witnessed men engaging in
    homosexual behaviours and thought it was abnormal. The European colonists
    forced religion less Africans to follow Christianity. When they read the
    bible, that’s how they learned that homosexuality is a sin. Africa was
    doing okay, before the Europeans forced religion on them. 

  2. 60% of homos are HIV positive so what’s the need? I prefer the death
    penalty to all the homos so that we can at least reduce the number of
    people with HIV. This is a simple method of controlling the disease.

  3. The president of Uganda in this video looks like a real intolerant tyrant
    and ruthless gorilla dictator ! Whether people want to hear it or not….he
    is an evil monster; repulsive and an ignorant homophobic and wretched
    religious bigot ! These morons are talking about pro-creation and
    reproducing; as if Africa needs more people ? It is already vastly over
    populated, crime ridden, impoverished, corrupt, loaded with Ebola and
    cannot sustain the people they already have. The solution to these clueless
    Africans is to bash gays for not having children and asking for more and
    more people to further strain the hell hole they are now living in ! If
    this is not the extreme insanity of brainlessness, as it were the Dark
    Ages, where religion controlled small minded people because it operated on
    propagating fear, guilt, hate, lies, vicious myths and mass-ignorance !

  4. There are lots of gems from the Bible like this:
    * you can kill your wife on your wedding night if she is not a virgin
    * you can kill your disobedient children
    * you can keep slaves
    * you can stone adulterers (A quote from Jesus himself)
    * you mustn’t eat pork or shellfish
    * you must kill people of different faiths to you
    * you must sacrifice animals to appease an angry god
    * God may ask you to sacrifice your son to show obedience
    * keep the Sabbath holy (Sabbath is Saturday)
    * he who is without sin cast the first stone
    * love your neighbor as yourself (how do you interpret that?)
    There are lots more gems from the Bible
    like that:
    * Do not eat any meat with the blood still in it;
    * Do not put tattoo marks on yourselves;
    * Do not wear clothing woven of two kinds of material;
    * Do not cut the hair at the sides of your head or clip off the edges of
    your beard
    Homosexuality is NOT even mentioned in the New Testament.
    So what is your opinion, can you trust the bible? I trust in my eyes and
    ears, not what the bible tells me.

  5. Don’t think for one second that homosexuality hasn’t been happening in
    Africa like around the world because it has been. Homosexuality has been
    around for as long as there were humans. I can guarantee you there were gay
    Africans before our modern time but they kept it in the closet for fear of
    death. This is not a European thing, but a human thing. It only seems
    prevalent now b/c more people are coming out and aren’t ashamed. The stigma
    around it is slowly dying. 

  6. Adam & Eve not Adam and Steve nor Eve and Olive!!!! That is against the
    Human being species

  7. LOL the irony is just hilarious. Homosexuality is in fact African.
    Homosexuality happens in every continent, culture on the planet. However
    Christianity and Islam IS Un-African.

  8. I am beginning to be ashamed of being a Christian but when I remember that
    Jesus whomis my model and teacher never said that being gay was a problem
    for him

  9. The way I see it, sexual needs can be fulfilled in many different ways but
    the most natural way is to have hetero sex and have children. Now you may
    say “animals do this in nature….” Yes. I’ve seen my dog fuck a toy
    because he was horny. Doesn’t mean he wouldn’t rather fuck a female dog and
    have puppies instead. He was just fulfilling sexual needs one way or the
    other. If you understand what I am saying, all men and women deserve to
    have a normal life. Being gay is settling for less. 

  10. Homosexuality is not African and it will never be part of African; this is
    Caucasian culture that was introduced to all African during invasion of
    Africa by ancient Rome and now Europe pushing this genocidal concept to
    eradicate African children in the future in order to control the natural
    resources freely and accumulate wealth, burn this African gay agent and
    African puppet of western imperialist, peace and B.P.

  11. African mind is enslaved. Mr Ugandan protector of children care so much
    about African children children die every day in Uganda from curable

  12. This reminds me of an older Irish man I once met. He told me that there
    were no gay people in Ireland until recently.
    According to him, it was the acceptance of homosexuality that suddenly
    turned some Irish people gay. Basically, he didn’t want to accept that
    homosexuality occurred naturally among his people. He wanted to believe
    that such acts were un-Irish.

    So is homosexuality un-African? Well, there have always been gay people in
    Africa, just like there have always been gay people on every other
    continent. Homosexuality isn’t un-African, anti-African, or pro-African.
    It’s just something that’s there.

  13. If you want to stop homosexuality and AIDs in Africa, how about not
    screwing? Try that and see if it works.

  14. wow when women are educated, its a good thing. i enjoyed the skinny
    bullhead African lady. she is well spoken.

  15. Homosexuality was recorded in Lemurian and Atlantean cultures that go back
    100,000 years ago and has probably existed since man walked this earth. It
    is a true and valid part of god’s creation.
    There is another video on utube that interviews uni students in Africa, and
    they don’t go along with these anti-gay attitudes, and don’t believe in
    criminalization either. So the next generation will bring informed and
    progressive changes to Africa, in time.

  16. if homosexuality is spontaneous then why the recruitment drive WHY ?
    anywhere I wonder if this homo thing is a product of homo parents – homo
    is unnatural anywhere these are just worse than dogs and pigs.This
    adoption thing is an infringment on the innocent soul to natural family

  17. Why did I have to watch an African talkshow on this topic to hear some of
    the most precisely and eloquently worded arguments for why protection of
    gays and lesbians is necessary?!

  18. Stop pretending thse actions are justified because of ”God”. These
    anti-gay people are hatefull, uneducated bigots, end of story.

  19. Just as I feared reading the comments; Africans again blaming the white man
    for their problems. ‘Blame the white man’ is always the easiest option it
    seems!! Who needs evidence and reason when you have the ultimate scapegoat?

  20. Why does it matter if someone likes another from the same sex? I find this
    very hard to swallow considering many of the same homophobes that want the
    death penalty for gays and lesbians are probably the ones who have sex out
    of wed lock. So it’s not only a double standard, but hyprocrisy at best.
    Look for dirt in your own eyes before you pick out the ones in others. Gays
    are human also. Who are we to judge and ostracize them for their love for
    the same sex? Let’s talk about unwed mothers or men who have multiple
    wives. I bet nobody is willing to speak up then.

  21. Interesting that Bahati guy says Homosexuality is decreasing population in
    Uganda (and I’m assuming Africa) but last time I checked, HIV, guerilla
    warfare, poverty, starvation, and now the damn Ebola virus were the reasons
    for shortened life in Africa. Homosexuality is the LAST thing that
    continent needs to be worrying about. Honestly, that whole continent
    doesn’t even have the luxury to worry about homosexuality. 

  22. man in greece they us to get drunk bet they wifes and and have sex with

  23. Many of the people in the video and in the comments are dangerous savages.
    Reason and logic get overwhelmed by febrile “thoughts” about how sick it is
    for a man to be sticking his penis somewhere it doesn’t belong. This is the
    logic of a degenerate or diseased mind. 

  24. The WHITE race has turned many Africans to homosexual just like they are
    trying very hard to ALL non-Whites countries. The White race is an evil
    race who will keep pushing their immoral behaviour to all non-White
    countries. Yuck. 

  25. Baharti should help stamp out poverty, corruption, war and disease (e.g.
    ebola) because that is what is reducing the population numbers.
    Homosexuality is a non-issue when you see the scale of these problems,
    unless he is looking for a scapegoat to take the scrutiny off his own weak
    and corrupt government.
    Also, someone said: Homophobia can be changed, but Homosexuality can’t be
    changed. That is true.

  26. No one has the right to say something is either un-African or African. It’s
    just a label, and people misuse it like when they say Christianity is an
    African thing when it’s actually something that comes from white people
    that indoctrinated it into African’s minds. Most Africans are “un-African”
    if you will, these nice suits they’re wearing are “un-African”, cellphones
    are “un-African”, speaking English is un-African. So? No one cares, so lets
    have the same state of mind when it comes to homosexuality and if you don’t
    like it unfortunately the problem is on you and not on the LGBT community.

  27. I’ve never really focused on my atheism until now, I’m proud to not use
    illogical fallacies to justify intolerance. 🙂 Can anyone give me one (Just
    ONE) logical reason to be against homosexuality… I have never heard such
    a thing…

  28. How can you claim preservation of “African values” while embracing the
    religion (Christianity) of your conqueror and colonizer? Sack of
    irrational, hypercritical and bigoted [email protected]#$.

  29. It is almost amazing to see European nations, who allow all kinds of
    same-sex marriage under the banner of “human rights,” then take issue with
    a Muslim woman’s head-dress (Hijab) as a source of “cultural tension” (in
    Italy) or incompatible with our values (Jack Straw, UK). The same Europe
    that criminalise what dress it’s minorities can wear in France is screaming
    gay rights at Africa.Human rights should be all encompassing,otherwise this
    is the west playing tarzan or daddy to us and we’re fed up of this

  30. GOD isn’t as judgemental as his “followers are” which is why Christianity
    is slowly becoming a joke!!!!! how dare you Promote Polygamy and still
    Claim CHRISTIANITY??? Life will sure be better in Africa once ppl like
    that Ugandan guy die

  31. heres the thing why are ppl so focused on homosexuality there is somebody
    being murdered or abused or kidnapped right now..put more energy into that
    and the world could be a better place over all why is someones orientation
    or the way they dress someones issue there are people who are already
    against us as a whole and as a nation..believe what you believe but this is
    sick too know that people can corrective rape someone and be ok with that
    anyone who violates another persons body is just as sick as the person that
    they feel are wrong for what thier doing…you have violated someones
    temple beacuse of your lack of un happiness with yourself something was
    wrong with you as a person in general if you just go and rape a woman just
    because of her preference..pure hate..

  32. So, if African have sex only for procreation why they still have sex after
    having the number of kids they want? Or how come they have more kids they
    can feed? Or why stead of having sex to have kid do not they adopt the ones
    that other strait couple have over for being sinners and have sex for

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