7 Comments on “The Day They Kicked God Out of Schools”

  1. how dare you claim the reason why people shoot people in schools is bc GOD
    wasnt there. The reason why kids shoot school mates is bcause they are not
    excepted by other kids. This video preeches aginst free speech and freedom
    all together they are no more better then the Islam’s who want 2 kill
    people. By the way “FUCK, SHIT, CUNT, COCK & PUSSY!” there I said it, sue
    me for using free speech.

  2. I don’t see how this video is against free speech and freedom all together.
    How do you get that from this video? It actually promotes free speech but
    is against things that should not be put in the minds of children because
    it causes them to become violent or disrespectful. God in schools teaches
    morals and respect and discipline and love. Oh and by the way its accepted
    by other kids, not “excepted by other kinds”.

  3. Religious abuse, what are you talking about. How is believing in a higher
    power and teach love and discipline and understanding through religious
    beliefs, abuse.

  4. Forcing anything onto somebody against their will is abuse. Forcing me to
    pray to your God (or any other “higher power”) or read your bible is abuse.
    No one is stopping kids from praying, they’re stopping teachers from
    forcing kids to pray.

  5. School shootings happen because our children do not pray to
    God/Buddha/Pan/Zeus/Isis/Flying Spaghetti Monster. Children need
    discipline, love, understanding, and counseling. Not religious abuse.

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