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  1. Its not Subaru Outback…the new XV Corsstrek comes in orange though. I’m
    all for the fastest Subaru the STI.

  2. Hey AJ your favorite beaver! I really like your advice so I have a
    question… I love my girlfriend a lot but she doesn’t trust me and I’m
    pretty sure it stems from the ex girlfriends before me. I’m getting really
    tired of defending myself all the time. I reassure her constantly but its
    burning me out. What should I do? What would you do?

  3. “This is clearly a joke, so don’t get crazy.” Well, this promises to be

  4. I can’t believe I haven’t ever seen this channel it’s awesome. Please check
    out mine and my Fiancés! Mellovesdeep25. Our coming out video is on my
    channel but all other videos on hers. This video was awesome. Orange
    shoulda been for uhaul 🙂

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