29 Comments on “The Global Ramifications of the Arctic Melt Are Just Beginning”

  1. Question: if one believes mankind is responsible? What does the scientific
    community want us to do? Murder half the population? Get off fossil fuels?
    Newsflash… Whether one likes fossil fuels or not, if humanity stopped
    using them tomorrow, we’d freeze to death in the dark. Nothing is more
    energy dense nor more portable then fossil fuels. I have a friend that buys
    into human caused climate change, always talking big oil, cars, solar, etc.
    I bet her she couldn’t live without fossil fuels for a week. Three days
    later, she lost the bet. 

  2. Climate change advances? you mean the Satanist Elite Jews who run this
    place for now is coming to an end! people do not have a clue what is really
    going on.

  3. Ask the idiots that got stuck in the ice in Antarctica how that global
    warming is going. Nature will smash people that think they can control the

  4. When every weather event good, bad or indifferent means climate
    change………..Nothing does
    I was scared of this stuff growing up then I looked back as an adult to see
    that none of the alarmist predictions that terrified my childhood had come

  5. These folks remind me of the “prophets” who foretell the end of the world
    on a given date. When the world keeps on going they change the date and
    never explain why they had been wrong. Too bad the environmentalists who
    were stuck in the ice in Antarctica didn’t have a copy of this documentary
    so they could convince themselves that all that new ice wasn’t really there
    and besides the additional ice was because of global warming.

  6. Journalism at its WORST! Riddled with half-truths and outright LIES.

    “Greatest Changed Many Of Us Will Ever See” So what? That’s only about 80

    “Before Humans Set Foot On The Earth” Some believe that’s only 6k years,
    others a million years. Which is it?

    “Caused in Part By Us” What part and how much?

    “Least Sea Ice We’ve Ever Seen In The Satellite Record” So what? That’s
    less than 40 years!

    “May Well Be… etc.” Meaningless.

    There is an abundance of hard evidence that the Northwest Passage has been
    “Ice Free” many times. This is a natural cycle.

    Journalism at its WORST!

  7. looming music, scaring you into thinking melting ice is the end of the
    world. lol. Then you see a ship going to investigate, plowing through
    destroying ice in the name of spreading awareness to the disappearing ice.
    I feel bad fora the penguins and shit that could of used that ice the boat
    plowed through as a little temporary dock. Bros, the world changes,
    archipelagos may disappear, but I’m still skeptical that the world will

  8. The prescription to global warming –
    Tangible: You will be poorer
    Not Tangible: The weather

    BTW: Their predictions don’t come with a money-back guarantee.

  9. The least we can do is invest the profits from oil in renewable energy but
    these blood sucking oil companies are sitting on all the dough

  10. How much Artic ice was there during the Medieval Warm Period?? Oh, I
    forgot, there was no satellite photos back then.

  11. What would make you skeptics accept the facts? These scientists aren’t like
    religious prophets. The things they predicted when I was younger have been
    steadily coming true in my lifetime, roughly along the timeline predicted,
    and even a basic understanding of climate science methods shows that they
    can only BE correct. We can argue about how it is going to impact us, if
    you’d like, but the reality of it simply IS. This isn’t like arguing about
    religious armageddons based on fairy tales made up by ancient men who often
    died from having too much shit in their food. This is modern science, and
    it is getting better all the time.

  12. The earth is due for a big climate change…just like planet x every 3600
    give or take yrs. We are also due for an ice age with the polarity
    change… If the earth stays divided we cant unite to make it any better.
    Its just mother mature changing..not stupid emissions propaganda…ppl
    think tht we cud chnge weather…if emissions could.. Then shoot an exaust
    instead of harp to control weather.. Its just the earth changing on its
    own..prepare for that..

  13. Your video description states: “Every week Journeyman offers a *brand new*
    documentary, fresh out of the cutting room.” *( ? ! )* Someone already
    mentioned the icebreakers that got stuck in the ice. The *Suspicious
    0bservers* channel of YT has an alternative explanation based on the Solar
    system. *Agenda 21* anyone? Perhaps talking about *Fukushima* would be more
    productive given that it is a real issue that is already knocking the doors
    of North America (see David Suzuki’s warning).

  14. For start, make less children to stop population growth, next invest in
    renewable energy, like wind, hydro, solar, or geothermal. Next use
    resources closer to home, I mean let’s not import goods from thousands of
    miles if they can be made here. Invest in education! Invest in science!
    Only scientists can get us out of trouble.

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