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  1. The same, organized US government group behind the projects responsible for
    MURDERING students, civilians and dissenting Americans at ‪#‎KentState‬ &
    ‪#‎JacksonState‬ in May 1970.

  2. J. Edgar Hoover has become of poster boy for everything wrong with the
    power structure in the USA, and for good reason. Bravo to these courageous
    patriots who planned and executed the impossible job for the betterment of
    their nation.

  3. “Burglars” was recently published and if you want to read in detail the
    amazing details about the amazing people who fooled Hoover’s FBI for over
    40 yrs. you’ll be glad you did>

  4. There is no question in my mind that J Edgar Hoover was a criminal involved
    in the JFK assassination. Otherwise what was he doing in Clint Murchison’s
    house with mafia leaders and others the night before Kennedy’s
    assassination in Dallas?

  5. The Patriot Act that Bush was ordered to pass, is COINTELPRO on steroids
    and has been articulately critiqued to keep you guessing, what’s lawful and
    what’s a unlawful. The people are not like they were in the 70’s. Today you
    have racist goof balls, sambo athletes, insecure Viagra poppers, hate,
    envy, greed, sociopaths, religious fanatics, pedophiles in high positions
    running the sex trade, meritorious manumission seekers looking to put on a
    ninja mask to get a pat on the back to be called a green beret or navy seal
    and generally weird negative people. With all the vaccinations given to the
    goof ball sheep’s, they don’t have a chance to awaken trance or matrix so
    to speak.”

    The oppressor doesn’t have to oppress the oppressed anymore,
    Because they do it to themselves.

  6. you are heros. but then came K.C. clarence kelly, K.C. teamster leader roy
    williams, K.C. organized crime explosion. and in the news now K.C. Ks
    organized business’s thriving as before. Google, i think a denver concert
    promoter was recently removed from promoting, permanantly. which should
    bring some heat on them so watch, them start throwing each other to the
    wolves. ”retired in mexico” ”paz” & ”bona nit”

  7. J Edgar Hoover was half black.
    Very evil, truly ignorant, super gay, hates blacks and himself. Typical
    American Nazi.

    There’s a wonderful documentary about his black family members that tell
    the true story about the serial killer calling shots in the FBI.

  8. Look at Eschelon & Carnivore. COINTELPRO tactics continue; they lie if they
    say it stopped. Call it what you will, moneyed interests have too much at
    stake to see it end. 

  9. all lies! no jail time! this is a fabricated story! oh yea that’s right
    it ‘s from THE NEW YORK TIMES! my apologies people! just ignore this
    comment lol

  10. Who hasn’t heard of this? Or is it a rhetorical question? This FBI heist
    is infamous, the only new information to me is who was behind it. 

  11. Video: Burglars who exposed surveillance state under J Edgar Hoover in 1971
    finally reveal their identities.

  12. I had never heard this story but anyway people tried to stick it to the man
    (J. Edgar Hoover) I support.

  13. They all deserve Nobel Peace Prizes. Hoover….well, how he got the job in
    the first place is baffling.

  14. Ordinary people doing extraordinary things. These are the crazy ones that
    Steve Jobs talked about. Only the crazy ones significantly change our
    existence very so radically. Thanks to them.

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