The Luna Show- PIER KIDS: THE LIFE with Elegance Bratton

The Luna Show discusses the film Pier Kids: The Life with the director Elegance Bratton. The documentary follows the lives of three LGBTQ homeless youth of color that congregate on Christopher Street and the surrounding piers in New York City every night, showing what it means to still be, even in light of the recent progress of gay rights

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  1. Great parenting cant accept their own kids sexuality forcing many kids out
    to the mean streets some make it but to damn many dont.

    Easy to love when things are easy.real love is accepting and cherishing
    even when something
    Is difficult or beyond your realm of understanding

    This message is for you parents,think before u doom your child to a cold
    unforgiving world,because they are gay.

  2. awesome…more please. A great mix between academics, politics, LGBQT,
    housing discrimination and Whiteness. Simply-Powerful. Thanks.

  3. Are there any social programs that are available for young people in this
    type of situation, Furthermore are there any”healthy”mentors for these
    young people? 

  4. This subject and it’s issues needs to be discussed by major outlets geared
    towards people of color. This is something that’s been going on for far to
    long but no one talks about it. The issue of disowning your LGBTQ kid isn’t
    something that’s ever brought up. It’s far more prevalent than people of
    color would care to admit. But I think it’s time the community get’s called
    out for the actions that leads to these issues in the first place. The
    shame, the religious poisoning, cultural trends aka the root of the
    problems that causes the rejection in the first place needs to be exposed. 

  5. Great interview on The Luna Show with the Butch Queen Face Legend himself,
    Luna Kahn.

  6. Wow! This is all great Luna! Thank you for highlighting great movements
    like this! Elegance, from 00:18:25 to around 00:21:30 – man, more people
    need to have THAT conversation. Poor people (especially of color) aren’t
    made privy to the same agenda and progressive movements that other races
    are and it’s not because they don’t want to be. It’s because many aren’t
    afforded the same access. The information may be there but it can only be
    effective if those people are made aware. Great interview!

  7. my family wasn’t poor. I think the Latino n African American communities
    religious s background has a lot to do with why our parents kick us out.
    How can u love God, yet kick your kid out cuz they’re gay. Contradictions

  8. awesome interview. The same scenario is going on in piedmont park, Atlanta.
    I am one of your biggest fans because you tackle all issues in the lgbt
    community, not just the ballscene. you are meant to do what you do. big

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