27 Comments on “The Most Embarrassing Anti-Gay Argument?”

  1. The Conservative Republican argument you must be tolerant of people’s
    intolerance toward certain people, otherwise you are intolerant. LMFAO!

  2. I exercise my right to not serve black people, polish, jews, italians,
    women, short people, homosexuals, and brunettes. What? I can’t do that?

    She is a disgusting twat.

  3. What fucking sides? You want the right to discriminate because you believe
    in the spaghetti monster or something… 

  4. Bachmann Logic; ‘if I repeat the same nonsense enough times, it will make

  5. ah the ole ‘we don’t take kindly to people who don’t take kindly around
    here…’ argument 

  6. You know what would end this “we need to protect religious freedom” shit
    real quick? If a group of Muslims open a Mosque or a business in and try
    to enforce their beliefs on others. You see what happened when they tried
    to build a Mosque near ground zero. Those republicans were outraged.

  7. Fuck your religious sensibilities and fuck your religion. Shove your
    religion straight up your ass and leave it the fuck out of my life. Your
    religion does not apply to me. ~My message to every Christian that needs a
    foot up their ass.

  8. I have a sincerely-held religious belief that god wants me to punch most
    politicians (especially republicans ones) in the throat because it’ll make
    them stop talking and therefore the world would be a better place. I saw it
    written in a book somewhere so I know it’s true. I wonder if Bachmann would
    tolerate my religion and allow me to throat punch her if I ever see her in
    person. If she doesn’t I’m going to cry that she’s discriminating against
    my politician-throat-punching religion.

  9. She’s gotta have brain damage. This is when you can tell that people are
    completely uncomfortable with themselves and whatever they’re talking
    about. Since when does the modern day GOP teach tolerance? Oh yeah…when
    they’re losing the battle of public opinion.

  10. These guys don’t understand the words coming out of their mouths. How in
    the hell did they pass the BAR Exam?!

  11. “Sincerely-held religious beliefs” – so by that standard, surely we should
    tolerate Islamic jihadists? They sincerely believe that their god wants
    them to murder infidels. Oh, of course. They’re not Christians so they
    don’t count. Christian theocracy is the goal here, not religious freedom.
    Besides, if your sincerely-held religious beliefs are fucking stupid (as
    nearly all are), you can take it back to the stone age where it belongs
    because I do *not* want that crap written into the law. Keep your lunacy in
    the church and the home.

  12. I’m going to get my ass kicked for this but I’m. for some reason, attracted
    to conservative women.

    Yes I’d fuck the shit out of Bachmann. (Shoulder shrug)

  13. people who try discrimination laws are vile. But apologists for this hate
    are FAR worse

  14. Bachmann is one creepy dangerous God deluded idiot. The fact that folks
    voted for this clown is a big concern.
    Personal religious beliefs are not rational therefore can not be imposed on
    the rest of society.
    That’s exactly why the founding fathers built the wall of separation.
    Theists need to get used to the fact that their fantasy beliefs have zero
    bearing on reality therefore keep their sky daddy delusions to themselves
    and respect the wishes of those who cherish fairness, reality, reason,
    logic and facts for the whole of society not just them.

  15. No, not have equal tolerance you dumb cunt. One is real and one is fake,
    can’t you tell the difference? F god, Thank Science

  16. Ok that’s enough of her bullshit. Trying to justify discrimination by
    claiming that religious people are discriminated against is stupid. Even if
    they are discriminated against that does not justify writing a law that
    allows them to discriminate against gays or any other person. And what
    happened to separation of church and state? Laws shouldn’t be written based
    on religious beliefs. 

  17. Christians are going nuts. Get over it Christians, your fairy tale is
    coming to an end.

  18. Good Ol’ Wolf B. playing the “devil’s advocate.” He actually sounded like
    a reasonable person after that…

  19. Kyle I love the way you present you’re stories when you become a major
    political internet news channel like tyt promise you’ll remain the same.

  20. The biggest mistake in the world was for secularists to use the word
    “tolerance” to describe how we should treat these bigoted views. I’m
    definitely intolerant of religion. I’m definitely intolerant of denying
    people service based on ethnic group, gender, sexual orientation, or any
    other reason.

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