42 Comments on “The Most Powerful Photos of 2013”

  1. why do you people make such a big goddamn deal about ‘looking out for each
    other’ and ‘being someone’s hero’. life isnt a romance movie.

  2. You see a teenager grabbing a power line for dear life and all you can
    think to do is take a fucking picture?

  3. The music and the narration ruined the whole video. BuzzFeed was just
    trying to use a Placebo Effect on the viewers 

  4. I’m not crying…I’m just, leaking something out of my eyes. It’s probably
    rain. Indoors.

  5. what about Iraq, countries busy stealing oil from it on the count of
    people’s lives over 1,000,000 innocents were killed ,plus the government
    that doesn’t care about people only about make people suffer 

  6. Some of these pictures are just propaganda but the one that really touched
    me is the boy who carried his dog on the back – now that’s pure love.

  7. 1:06 awww poor guy … Tey shot his firebomb that he was attempting to kill
    others with … Yeah boohoo

  8. umm quite confusing the superman picture because in all mainstrem media
    superman is white not black (not being racist just he would not have seen
    superman as an african american)

  9. 0:29 I literally broke down crying when I saw that photo. I am from that
    country, and I have personally lived there for four years before, and the
    conditions were already awful. The building collapse killed many people,
    and I was praying for everyone to be okay. My country is already so poor,
    the last thing it needed was more disasters. 

  10. The one picture where the boy was carrying his dog on his back during a
    flood made me almost cry

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