3 Comments on “The Olympics, Putin and Gay Rights | WSJ Opinion”

  1. The host nailed it, good job Miss. “Businesses aren’t going out of Russia
    because of Gay rights, they’re going out because there’s no rule of law in
    Russia”. Russia has had this problem for decades and still does. Investors
    won’t touch it until it’s politically stable and non-corrupted. I demand
    that the human rights girl doesn’t try and spin the economic problem into a
    gay thing.

  2. At the end, they expressed their pride in the number of Russians who’ve won
    gold medals. Putin’s views on gays seem contradictory given that so many
    famous ballet danseurs, male gymnasts and ice skaters are homosexuals.

  3. Not defending Putin but his views on Gay marriage are no different than
    many other European countries, ALL Latin American countries, Japan, South
    Korea and ALL other Asian countries yet no one talked about them..the
    double standard is sickening depending on who is doing what

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