49 Comments on “The Only Difference Was Their Skin Color – Guess Who Gets Handcuffed”

  1. It’s because they are black and stats show that they are more likely to
    steal and break into cars 

  2. They should redo it again, but this time wear the same clothes. Not trying
    to hate but the black guy looked poor vs the white/ oriental guy.

  3. Sweet, I’m a geeky looking white guy so I get off free right? … America
    is so ridiculous sometimes. Get off your high horse if you think you’re
    skin color is better than anyone else’s.

  4. Wait…

    People are justifying what happened to the black guy because of his
    clothing choices? Fuck, you idiots really do not get it, do you? Worse than
    that, you don’t even *want* to understand lol.

    If a white guy was wearing a hoodie and was seen doing that, NOTHING would
    happen. You people know this but are too wilfully blind to admit aloud.

  5. Here we go again white people are so racist, and black people are so poor
    because of that. What about white and asian racism ??? Nobady gives a fuck
    about that huh ? Just because in the past black people were slaves, donsn’t
    mean they need the full attention. 

  6. The racists are usually the ones that act most outraged buy race issues.
    It’s even more funny when white turkeys get all bent out of shape
    pretending to be sticking up for “the black man”!

  7. I gotta say, the black guy had some balls to do this experiment. He
    could’ve been shot by the cops.

  8. Black people doing anything to revamp their race card. How about they stop
    thinking so backwards and just move on with their fucking lives? Nobody is
    on the streets lynching them or putting them in shackles making them work
    in the sugar cane fields. 

  9. anyone in a hoodie and joggers doing that near a car and i’d think they
    were trying to break in, but that may just be because we have a lot more
    white pikeys in britian, soo i suspect anyone in those clothes

  10. There is more to race than just “skin color”, to even suggest this is the
    only difference proves ignorance. But this channel thrives on ignorance so
    this isn’t all that surprising.

    We’re comparing a dainty little man with light skin vs a big black guy that
    isn’t dressed as cleanly. Yes, that cop is a racist fuck who deserves to be
    shot, but this is hardly a one to one test.

    Sadly, if miss loud mouth wants to be brutally honest, then so shall I. Of
    all the racial groups, the crime is highly skewed in the favor of black men
    when you take into consideration the population of black people in the
    country vs those incarcerated. Look at our prison system and don’t sit
    there with a smug holier than thou aura about yourself, either. Even black
    folk are scared around a group of other blacks. As someone who is neither
    white nor black, I have the privilege of seeing the world how it really is
    without bias. White cops are racist fucks and black men look more
    threatening. This wasn’t shocking in the least.

  11. The only difference is skin color? Look at the MASSIVE difference in build
    and height between those two. I have a white co-worker who’s the same size
    and build as this black guy and he looks quite intimidating. How about we
    control for build and get those two together instead of using some
    hipster-weenie stereotype for the white guy?

  12. Do a story on the IQ test results must not exceed 20 to get on the force.
    judge in NY upheld the action by the city.

  13. Hey Turks, please cover the story of the blonde teacher who raped the 16
    year old student and goes dave and scott free!

  14. But for real Ana, you do have privilege. For sure the way the guy phrased
    it was douchey and I don’t think you’re guilty about it, but you DO have

  15. Check out those bigoted cops! It’s almost as if their brains can perform
    pattern recognition. Absolutely disgusting.

  16. I agree that the level of racism in America is pretty shameful, but who has
    said there is “no racism”?

    I wonder why they chose to have the white guy do this test in
    not-so-touristy downtown Los Angeles at 345 East 1st Street and in the
    early morning, and then have the black guy do the test at 7036 Hollywood
    Blvd, in the heart of one of the biggest tourist attractions in California.
    Based on the traffic downtown in the video, I would guess it was a weekend
    for the white guy test. Hollywood Blvd is a special place for cops and
    businesses there that survive on the tourists feeling relatively safe. The
    locations chosen for the tests have very different atmospheres and they
    just “happened” to choose the more nervous location for the black guy test.

    I have no doubt that cops and other people react differently to a black guy
    than they do other races, but if you’re looking for confirmation, the only
    better way to get it is to stage it yourself.

  17. for just a moment {before she realizes or gets prompted} the look on her
    face when idiot boy says white [good looking] women can get away with

    As far as the experiment goes, obviously there is still racism. However I
    do think people in the posts here are making some valid points. Build and
    attire do play a role in how people are perceived. Additionally what is the
    make-up of this area? downtown? uptown? what is the demographic?. As an
    example, I can tell you there are neighborhoods where I could easily be
    arrested/detained doing something like this and I am white.

  18. there is racism in America, and some of the most racist people are black…

  19. Funny how white people dont wanna see it. It’s okay. Say things like:
    “black people are more likely to steal , instead of –>get arrested far
    more often and get charged harder for little things” or “the clothes were
    different”.One of many reasons why racism is well and alive to this day and
    age.They stay in power through this mind set and also shelter themselves
    against seeing/accepting what gruesome things they do everyday.White people
    love to be ignorant, it’s sad really.I am sure, that there will be a
    ‘retribution’ some day, probably after death. White people did so
    many cruelties, to so many cultures. Do you really think God or what ever
    if you believe in the “theory of everything “, does not want to keep a
    “balance”? So much greed and lying mixed with killing, the white history is
    a truly evil one. If you can’t see it, just pay attention…or wait until
    you die .You can be egoistical, act like you don’t hear or see …but it
    won’t help you against..the souls of your many victims, white people. This
    comment contains metaphors, so read again. White people killed sooo many
    people and commited soo many crimes..still, still they want to act like
    some other race is naturally …likely to steal..so funny and mentally
    disordered, yup insane basically.White people=insane.

  20. LMAO, what you think was going to happen with racist-ass LAPD? It is a sad
    stereotype but it’s there. I hope that this not only shows the issue but
    helps people protect themselves from the protectors.

  21. As much as I hate cop’s & I want them all to die.. This video does not
    prove that the cops in this video are racist.. Rather more it is a staunch
    reminder that crime is predominant in Afro American’s.. I get it though..
    Racist cop’s is a great story TYT.. & brain dead idiots that can’t think
    for them self’s just love drama.. 

  22. It’s how the human brain works, All people are prejudice:
    Pretty people are nicer, Asian people are smarter, Black people are more
    athletic, Latin people are hard working…
    We formulate opinions on what people say, what we see in the media, and
    what we see personally. The problem is when these prejudices are inaccurate
    and misrepresent the reality of the individual being judged.

  23. I personally think anna taking time out of whats supposed to be a “news
    report” to reply to people’s opinion’s from her twitter page is
    unprofession and should of been cut from the episode. really its petty.

  24. This is complete bullshit as far as experiments go. look at the background.
    It is different. The first one is on a non busy street and the second is in
    a high traffic area. Also the camera man changed positions possibly
    bringing more attention to the act. This is just crap.

  25. the should have a professional camera crew pop out and surprise the police.
    like they do in to catch a predator. with a host and everything and
    interview the cops. just put them on the spot

  26. Why do videos like this have the black guys dress like they were from a bad
    upbringing? I mean this same thing happened to me but i dress like a bum.

  27. There wasn’t only the difference of skin color. They also filmed the
    experiment in two different locations. Feel free to ignore that and
    continue being demagogues though.

  28. Case studies cannot be generalized. If you want to actually prove anything,
    go and try this experiment multiple times in various parts of the country
    with fair testing variables and then you can make a universal claim.

  29. This is nto even close to an objective scientific study .. . do it a
    thousand more times with more controls.

    This can be explained away with ease without invoking racism. all it takes
    is one person to call the cops and one will show up.

  30. +wahr1 exactly! I was going to say the same thing. If I was a police
    officer I would definitely think the larger of the two is more a threat if
    things go south as they like to say. He needs to redo this with an African
    American the same build as him. Maybe slap on some skinny jeans and a pair
    of frames. Lol all joking aside though it is a little one sided considering
    one is a bigger dude than the other.

  31. Its called profiling. Not racism. Racism is believing one race is above

  32. 30 Minutes is pretty much average police response time. I think it’d be
    pretty funny if someone called in the white guy trying to break into the
    car and when the cops showed up they had already switched out.

  33. So by this logic id rather have my car stolen by a black/mexican than a
    white guy because then i know that they will clean out the fucking city to
    look for them opposed to white guy they will close the case after 1 hour..

  34. At Least make the test fair,both locations are different , the white guy
    looks typical dumb college freshmen, the black guy looks poor judging by
    his clothes. If somebody calls the police about car break in, how do you
    want the police to react that i agree is debatable but the tests are not
    fair TBH. Maybe to create controversy to help grow their channel i guess.

  35. if i was to look at statistics on car thefts would these 2 races be
    represented equally?

  36. Is the ABC News show they’re referring to the, “What Would You Do?” show?

  37. Ana, sorry this really wasn’t objective. First of all in the video while
    the asian looking guy not white, tries to break in this vehicle. You see
    the officer drive by in his vehicle. Then you see the much larger black man
    trying to break in the car, the same car where other people running their
    business quite possibly saw the previous guy attempting to open the car.
    This really wasn’t a fair comparisson so I gotta agree with one of your
    twitter comments. Now if there was a huge white guy with a shaved head and
    goatee all tattooed up trying to break in a car that would be a more
    accurate comparisson. Don’t cast biased trash in the name of being
    progressive and fair. Do it again!

  38. worst thing is he’s the furthest thing from “geeky” white guy. he’s a
    fratty “alpha male” frat boy. hence him on simple pickup. lol that’s a
    normal dude.

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