The Other Convention

United Methodists from around the world gather for a convention in Tampa, Florida, where they will decide the future of the church and its official policy on…

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  1. Absolutely. if it were up to African Christians, we’d all be in prison or
    on death row – but more likely – lynched or (as is tradition in South
    Africa) necklaced.

  2. We could but we love Jesus and our Church too much — enough to want to
    strive to change it for the better. … besides UUers’ don’t sing like we

  3. Forget the bible forget the church. Be good people. You all know what is
    decent and fair. You don’t need a religion or a church. And accept gay,
    lesbians and all in between. Live your life leave the Pagan mind control
    church for what it is.

  4. If you are sp stupid yolu let your church tell you to turn out your
    children you’re a damn fool

  5. Americans have always been homophobic.I lived in America for 20 years and
    found it to be the most backward country I’d ever visited. Had many gay
    friends all who were discriminated against in America. Hated it and so
    thankful when I left. Have never been back and have no intention of doing
    even though I’m a US citizen.

  6. The good news is that in response to what happened at the General
    Conference, the entire Western Jurisdiction of the UMC has voted to
    denounce the rulings of the G.C. and are ignoring those portions of our
    Book of Discipline. : )

  7. Good News magazine said ” the film is a fair-minded portrayal of the
    excruciating emotional and theological divide that occurs within (the
    UMC)”. It may be fair-minded, yet the bias is still there as to the
    preferential placement and presentation of the progressive stance.

  8. Pastor: Why are you banging on the door to be let in? Potential
    Parishioner: I want you to let me in. Pastor: But the door is open, and you
    are welcome to come in. Potential Parishioner: But I don’t want the door to
    even be here.

  9. These are all people with too much free time. The problems they have…
    will we allow gays to live or should we banish them? Aren’t there bigger
    issues they could spend their time for finding a solution? Like beggars and
    junkies and what not? Why don’t they debate how they could help those
    people? Gays are the issue? Common… It’s almost incredible how this still
    happens in 2012, in USA.

  10. Who cares let people be people why even have a vote? It would be different
    if people wanted to marry animals yea have a vote…

  11. They have to rely on Africa?!!!!!!!!!! Do you know what they do to GLBT in
    Africa? Gays don’t stand a chance.

  12. There is a really good documentary called Missionaries of Hate by Current.
    American evangelicals played a huge role in this. Everyone should Google
    Scott Lively. He had a huge role in this and now in Uganda they have a Kill
    the Gays bill that will pass by the end of 2012. Google it, people!!!

  13. *sigh* No one follows the Bible as it’s written out fully and meant to be
    followed. Do you know why? Because A) it’s impossible to follow both the
    Old and New Testament as they contradict each other, B) it’s flat out
    illegal to follow Old Testament laws, which, according to Jesus, are still
    meant to be followed, C) it pretty much goes against most people’s morals.
    Stop being so pretentious. If you’re going to follow a religion, FOLLOW it.
    God. Boy are fundie Christians stupid!

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