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  1. TYT = Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. Shouldn’t he be grateful that
    something so simple could change someones mind on it? Christ, how better
    would it be if the same thing could happen to so many people who are still
    against it?

    +DiamandaHagan Same reason he claims to be religious, some stances are
    political suicide. If have to play the game otherwise your never going to
    get anywhere to make any real change.

    Trying to get voted in while being an atheist is still very hard and the
    same went for Gay rights back in the day and it still can do massive

  2. I’m glad I send my kids to Catholic school so they don’t have to learn that
    filthy gay history garbage that left winger teachers are teaching in public
    schools nowadays!!!!!!!!!!!!! YUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. This is exactly why I hate it when gay rights activists support Obama and
    pretend that he’s on their side. He is on nobody’s side. He is on his own
    side. He has the integrity of a grocery bag in the wind.

  4. You know that TYT has hit the big time when all of the kooks, weirdos and
    trolls make up 80% of the comment section. When I first starting watching
    TYT five years ago, most of the comments were, “yay! gay marriage!” “yay!
    Obama!” and now that makes up maybe 20% of what is posted, while the rest
    is, “did you know that homosexuals eat dog shit and then murder
    nuns?!?!?!?!?!?!” and “Obama is secretly a homosexual pedophile that loves
    bestiality!!!!!!!!” I guess TYT should be honored? -_-

  5. I know a lot of people here are atheist/agnostic so I was just wondering if
    you could watch this video and help our fellow atheists in the Arab world
    who get put in prison for being atheist. Can you also give this comment a
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  6. That is a PRIME example, how stupid the politicians imagine us, they dont
    even bother anymore to sugarcoat their bullshit, they dont even present us
    the bullshit and ask us to taste, they just shit the bullshit right in our
    And no, we arent on youporn, this shit is real!

  7. The funny thing is, that gay couples make for a more loving and
    caring enviroment to raise children then straight couples as there will
    never be ‘surprise’ pregnancies and those gay couples went trough a whole
    batterie of requirements and interviews before expanding their
    family….so, SUCK it! traditional family value lobbyists

  8. So surprsing that we would have such arguments about things like gay
    marriage and race (in the past) its just so ridiculous and a waste of time.
    Who cares what someome believes or who they marry. And this is coming from

  9. googl puts SPAM everywhere they can. googl is a SPAM server who happens to
    have a search engine as a cover.

  10. “Normal Family”? Lol! Good One! As far as “evolving”, his only evolution
    is “coming out of the closet”… You’re about 5 years behind…

  11. Dammit Cenk you always change my opinion about Obama with all these
    curveballs of information.
    I had no idea he was ever anti Gay Marriage.

  12. To me this falls under the category of who cares about the intent, for
    example if someone gives money to a charity do you think the people who get
    the assistance are gonna care why the person who donated the money did it.

    Course not same thing with the president even if it was a political ploy
    the credibility it lended the cause particularly in the black community
    cannot be underestimated, and its not like he hasn’t back up his words with
    actions dadt repealed doma wont be enforced and edna just got passed not to
    mention how many states have legalized gay marriage since he has become
    president so its not just empty words/promises on this issue.

  13. There’s a petition on the White House website to have gay marriage as the
    28th Amendment. It needs 100,000 signatures by December 6th to reach the
    president’s desk. If anyone wants to sign it, the link is on my YT channel
    labeled “28th Amendment Petition”. It may or may not work, but it’s still
    worth it.


  15. I like how its “Evolved”, rather than he just changed his opinion.

    Somehow “Evolved” is supposed to mean something more sophisticated.

    God, you Libs are crazy.

  16. I used to love TYT, but I can’t stand the Obama-hate. I can watch Glenn
    Beck or Alex Jones if I want angry Obama hate.

  17. “Evolve”??? Funny when Republicans changed their views on something Obama
    screamed that they had “Wavered”…but Barack…yeah, he “evolves”. What a
    pile of horse dung.

  18. honestly it is no ones business about who marry’s who … if you have
    nothing to do with the 2 people getting married , and you aren’t paying
    their bills and such , then its none of anyone’s concern.. I see there are
    a lot of disgusting comments here .. about killing gays and put us on an
    island … its 2013 people there are gay people we do exist.. why do people
    think its okay to judge …. cause you don’t understand gay people and
    don’t understand why people fall for the same gender , you think its okay
    to treat them like shit ?… maybe you all need to take the time and get to
    know a gay person and learn to accept them .. we sit here saying nothing
    about you straight people , you go in public hold hands , kiss and grope
    each other ..but you don’t see us saying Gross … you are disgusting…
    you should die … no .. we keep our business to ourselves , just like you
    all Gay bashers and haters need to do .. Mind your own business .. if 2 gay
    /trans/bisexuals etc wanna get married , then let them .. if you aren’t the
    one marrying a gay person or what you would say “Faggot” then honestly its
    none of your damn concern , keep your sickening twisted comments to
    yourselves .. You think gays are bad .. Bashing people , Being evil towards
    another and saying nasty stuff is no better. Use your brains you were born
    with and think about what you are saying before you start flapping your
    gums talking all this gay bashing nonsense – From a PROUD HOMOSEXUAL 

  19. To be honest they should marry its there right. Our founding fathers said
    all men are created equal, so just because ones gay and its a “sin” means
    that they shouldn’t be treated with equal rights. Hate them if you wish but
    give them the equality they deserve its not a sin but who they are. Saying
    its a sin is the same thing whites said to blacks years ago. My Goddess
    supports it and so do I it’s there right to love someone. So by god give
    them the right they deserve and for once actually be a equal country it’s
    good that the Vice President and President supports it so its all that

  20. I am a Black guy who thinks gays are cool wants to legalize weed and thinks
    corporations aint paying shit in taxes..iw ant all the money to come back
    from overseas and be taxed. guns will have to be acquired from a Militia hq
    and only handguns can be bought. Corporations have to pay a min wage of 15
    an hour and Guantanomo has been closed. “in Todays news Senator Barack
    Obama was shot 5000000000 X by a KKK member named…”

  21. Oh Please! he didn’t ‘evolve’. He no longer has to placate the crazy black
    churches which are largely anti-gay. It is pure politics, not growth.

  22. So gay marriage is legal. Good.

    I don’t care who made it legal.
    I don’t care why it was made legal.

    The fact that gay marriage is legal is good enough for me.

  23. What’s important is that “evolution” on the issue of equal marriage has
    been primarily a social process over the course of decades, not a
    presidential process over the course of a few weeks. Don’t lose the big

  24. Obama didn’t ‘evolve’ he just bowed before the money like a bitch. The
    majority of democrats only support gays because they know it will help them
    politically. Time and time gain republicans have shown that they’re the
    only one’s willing to stand on principle.

  25. What is going on here ? I was just told that I am “not allowed ” to respond
    to this post ! What new feature is this and WHY was I kept from
    responding ?????

  26. Gay people are being used as a political tool. They are used to create an
    emotional response in liberal democrats in order to support policies such
    as killing American children with drones which is not as popular amongst
    liberal democrats. But if you let the gays marry then liberal dems will let
    you kill as many innocent people as you want.

  27. Why is Cenk suddenly giving all this credence to Mark Halperin and John
    Heilemann? He never has before. I think Cenk’s whole tone on this story
    was kind of misplaced.

  28. It’s a generational issue, most people under 40 would not feel hurt if Bill
    and Bob from across the street get married. So I do believe that Biden and
    Obama just needed time to get use to the idea and realize the importance of
    the word marriage to gay couples.

  29. Stupid clowns in the comment section LOL.
    being black is like being gay? Really? People still spread tht 100%LIE lol.

    Not one white person was raped nd became gay, not one white criminal became
    black in prison.
    Not one DRUNK white experimented and BECAME black.

    All you gays have lost EVERY SINGLE ARGUMENT. now spam this comment and
    suppress these facts.

  30. Obama is deeply conservative.
    And, too, has reshaped the Democratic Party. Meaning we’ve one political
    party. The Republicans.
    What was once the Democratic Party has “evolved” into: moderate Republicans.
    And Obama — along with Clinton of course — have made the transition

  31. Lol capitalist pigs still going on about how gay marriage is bad, it is
    funny because this is the same thing that they did with the Jews, they are
    diverting your attention away from the real enemy. Gays are people, they
    can and should be able to marry it is beneficial to society end of story,
    this is all supported by science

  32. i remember this shit. obama came out in support of it 2 days after he
    offically announced his re-election bid. said yes i support gay marriage
    but im not going to do anything about it. me looking at the timing and what
    he actually said i lmfo at all the stooges out there in the streets in
    their rainbow parades too stupid to realize they just totally got played as

  33. Not exactly a surprise, it’s strategy. I thought this might be interesting
    or revealing. Oh boy! (Fred Flintstone)

  34. I can’t bee too hard on Joe here.. Regardless of their politics I know many
    who have a change of mind after they experience something personally.
    Learning something they could have figured out beforehand. Most often it’s
    a pregnancy outside of marriage in the family isn’t the end of the world
    followed by a member of a family realizing they are homosexual isn’t the
    end of the world either.

  35. Australian fatcats (politicians) are using the same tactics. None of them
    are fairdinkum about it so don’t vote for them in the future.

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