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  1. cool, i kinda like this guy facing ted kennedy (altough he seems to be a
    little bit in love with himself sometimes)!! what a shame, that he shares
    his name with that awful guy, who was meant to be a weak reelection
    opponent for obama!

  2. The Real Romney? – YouTube ow.ly/eO7qv #mutliplechoice #Romneylies
    #RomneyFlipFlop #RomneyLINO #RomneyRINO #1994 #2012 The Real Romney?

  3. The Real Romney? – YouTube ow.ly/eO7qv #mutliplechoice #Romneylies
    #RomneyFlipFlop #RomneyLINO #RomneyRINO #1994 #2012 The Real Romney?

  4. Romney will never hold a candle to Ted Kennedy.

    What I find really interesting about this debate is that there are
    questions being asked, and yet there is a moderator (who isn’t asking
    questions) that is making sure questions are answered and keeping time.

    It’s also interesting how close Romney’s answer on abortion nearly exactly
    matches Vice President Joe Biden’s.


  5. Obama tried to bend over backwards for you guys in during the last 4 years.
    He tried to reason with you, appease you, compromise with you. You didn’t
    want it, you wanted the whole pie and eat it too. Obama IS a conservative,
    more towards the centre but he’s definitely not Liberal. Conservatives in
    the US have moved so far right that there is almost no point in having
    debates, you’re a joke to the rest of the western world. The sooner you
    realize that sooner America can move forward…

  6. Mitt was an asshole and a liar then, and he’s an asshole and a liar today.
    No difference—just more grey hair.

  7. “I do what I can in one day a week. But, I don’t do as much as I think we
    all can do” Did he just say “We”????? I KNEW Mitt Romney was Bipolar!!! 😀

  8. He’s still etch a sketching. Democrats and Republicans should be screaming
    about this but strangely most Republicans are taking the same waffling from
    him they wouldn’t put up with from someone like John Kerry. I think Kerry
    should just run as a Republican in 2016. He’d do well.

  9. Romney was a centrist but in order to get the nomination he sold out all
    his principles. Shame because I think he would have made a decent
    President. Just in the wrong party at the wrong time.

  10. He’s still “there” but like Obama he had to appeal to the Democratic base
    in 2008, Romney had to appeal to the Republican base. Look at the recent
    presidential debate, you’ll notice he has gone way more moderate. I say
    this from a non-partisan stance.

  11. He got more conservative. I did to. Who cares? You people act like you did
    not change from youth to older. If life did not change you, you need more

  12. Romney like all Republicans believes what the club tells him to believe,
    same brain, different assholes

  13. It’ll be an Orwellian reality: Whatever suits Romney’s current agenda, so
    most likely the agenda of his entourage, close advisers, and of those he
    tries to appease by nominating P Ryan for VP… until reality needs to be
    distorted once again (probably in 2013, but I’m just guessing).

  14. Yeah what Ted was saying is that Mitt is Chameleon and always have been,
    even up to this very day he changes his views to what benefits him. Screw
    this guy

  15. This is chilling. This man has no principles, no morals. He uses his mother
    to prove that he’s pro-choice. Thank god that both of his parents have
    since passed away — they would surely be disgusted with the lying,
    compromised, sack of shit that he’s become.

  16. but is he a conservative disguised as a liberal here, or is he now a
    liberal disguised as a conservative in order to get that sweet sweet
    rupiblican support?

  17. Your candidate will never win. No chance in hell.So like i said
    before.Depending on what state you are in.Your vote will either help Romney
    or Obama.I hope it helps Obama to be honest with you.

  18. maybe mitt is just pretending to be and idiot, because he realises that
    it’s the only way he could get into government, and when he gets to be the
    president he’ll say fuck you to the corporations, maybe he’s a genius
    liberal in disguise. if he wins, one can only hope.

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