8 Comments on “The Richie Allen Show: Nikolai Alekseev on Russian gay rights”

  1. boycotting the Olympics over gay rights? are you joking? what a ridiculous
    idea. the two things aren’t even remotely connected. more gay temper

  2. Nikolai is absolutely right. What does anyone’s sexual orientation have to
    do with sports? Answer: nothing whatsoever.

    People … or should I say sheeple? Behave yourselves .. ta!

    So Putin is a villain, but so are Obama, Whatsisname in Britian, Thingy in
    France, the pope (yuurgghhh), the Fart that calls himself the whatever of
    the world bank…. and … well, the list goes on and on and on.

    They all belong to the same club and they all want to see us suffer while
    they lounge about in 5 star hotels (paid for by our money), abuse children
    (our children) and sit on piles of gold (our gold) like chickens on their
    eggs. So, for crying out loud, stop fighting amongst yourselves and pull
    together. Young, old, gay, straight, men, women (note that I didn’t mention
    pedos)… we’re all people. Behave like it, will you?

    Mr Alekseev is my new hero :). He makes too much sense to be anything else.

  3. Why are White people the only ones celebrating “diversity” as they become
    minorities in their own societies?
    Never before in the history of planet earth has any race willingly turned
    themselves into a minority.
    Can you imagine how much brainwashing it would take to convince the
    Japanese to flood Japan with NON-Japanese until they themselves become a
    To convince them to force affirmative action AGAINST THEMSELVES with all
    those NON-Japanese?
    That this “diversity” is a strength?
    And to convince them that it would be “racist” to NOT do this to themselves?
    No need convincing White anti-Whites of this in EVERY White country,
    they’re already convinced.
    “Multiculturalism” is a code word for White geNOcide.
    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.

  4. If russian gays want their rights they should move to US or UK. Stop
    telling russians what to do.

  5. Alekseev doesn’t get it that the situation is worse in Russia for gays. Of
    course there’s homophobia everywhere but its worse in Russia.

  6. The Peoples Voice joining the propaganda and lies… Russian gays have
    their right to hump the asses of other men… Russia just don’t want this
    to be promoted to the kids and don’t want to loose the sanctity of marriage
    and the family unit of man, woman and child.

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