19 Comments on “The Talk – The Talk Live Chat: Sara Gilbert”

  1. Sara was awesome on Roseanne, and in several other roles. However, on The
    Talk, she and the rest of the women suck. Absolutely dreadful show. The
    view is like a million times better. Give up the talk, and go back to
    sitcoms where you excel.

  2. At 30 seconds she talks about the idea for the Talk. Yeah, like I was
    watching “The View”, and I came up with a wonderful idea aout doing a show
    with 4 women talking.

  3. Mike McG be quiet we already have enough ingorance in this world why do you
    have to add on to that . If you feel that way keep it to yourself please .
    If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say it at all . I could only
    wish that we were in a world were your sexual orientation doesn’t matter .
    Like get over yourself people . You can disagree all you want but that
    doesn’t change my mind . Just please if you don’t have anything nice to say
    DONT say it at . Small minded people . I love you Sara for who you are .

  4. 2:40 Authentic is always better than fake. When I see fake, the first thing
    that pops to mind is: “What are they hiding?” & in turn they look less

  5. I feel like I would really like her if I knew her. I feel her awkwardness
    on air but that’s what I like about her.

  6. I love Sara Gilbert since Roseanne, but the Talk absolutely sucks ass. It
    is such a lame ripoff of the View, which is a million times better. I would
    love to see Sara in something different. But the Talk sucks, and the only 2
    decent women on the panel left after the first season. Even the first
    season wasn’t good, but the 2nd season was atrocious. Sharon Osborne is one
    of the most annoying people on television. Talk about a women with no
    talent and no personality. Sara is cute, but not on Talk

  7. hello and thumbs up to you. People who insult celebrities should consider
    the stress you all go through.negative responses to you all are just
    jealous cause they are not as talented as you are. have a great day, Dena 🙂

  8. I can’t believe that was Darlene Conner! Wow. Talk about amazing acting,
    shes nothing like her character from Roseanne. If you can completely
    transform like that, you’re a brilliant actor. I love Sara Gilbert. She’s
    so beautiful inside and out!

  9. OMG you ramble on for 15 minutes. You need to just shut up and keep
    MUNCHING RUG, your tiny and had a cuteness when your were young. Your
    Lesbian, that’s awesome…to each their own, just shut up and go find your
    wife n put the mouth to better use. You have the most annoying voice.. and
    Chang or Chung their THE TALK, 4 bitches sittn around the table squeaking?
    VERY ORIGINAL we don’t have a show like that, GROUNDBREAKING

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