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  1. Why doesn’t someone just shoot that fagot and get it over with? I can just
    imagine scientists tinkering away for decades trying to figure out ways to
    trick animals into gay sex. A MAN FUCKING ANOTHER MAN IN THE ASS HOLE IS

  2. That woman’s reaction at the end, *priceless.* What it reveals is that some
    people simply have issues with *sex* and *sexuality.* How can you see the
    evidence in front of you and say children are not to be taught the *truth?*
    That’s the problem with society, it tries to keep people in the dark! If
    gay animals can exist and *still* continue to exist, why the fear that gay
    humans are a threat to population? Now I know why God gives the animals
    credit over humans, because we are the *only* *ones* making an issue out of
    people’s sexuality.
    I have personally witnessed homosexuality among dogs, so I know this film
    is legit.

  3. gay people are soooo weird ther not just disgusting sexually but there
    everyday behaviour is so awkward

  4. This is a serious subject and I am truly interested, but our show host
    makes it very hard to take the information. He is not funny! Sorry.

  5. “There are several reasons why dogs engage in mounting behavior beyond the
    need for procreation. Usually, an un-neutered male dog will mount another
    male dog as a display of social dominance—in other words, as a way of
    letting the other dog know who’s boss. While not as frequent, a female dog
    may mount for the same reason. Less commonly, a male might mount another
    male because his target has been “feminized” as a result of testicular
    cancer or through the use of certain drugs. Not surprisingly, the smell of
    a female dog in heat can instigate a frenzy of mounting behaviors. Even
    other females who aren’t in heat will mount those who are. Males will mount
    males who have just been with estrus females if they still bear their
    scent. Estrus females may mount unwilling or inexperienced males. And males
    who catch wind of the estrus odor may mount the first thing (or unlucky
    person) they come in contact with. Interestingly enough, cats are sometimes
    the surprised—and unhappy—recipients of canine ardor.” (Jacque Lynn
    Schultz, C.P.D.T., Companion Animal Programs Adviser)

  6. “Although homosexual ‘behavior’ is very common in the animal world, it
    seems to be very uncommon that individual animals have a long-lasting
    predisposition to engage in such behavior to the exclusion of heterosexual
    activities. Thus, a homosexual ‘orientation’, if one can speak of such
    thing in animals, seems to be a rarity.”
    (Simon LeVay, homosexual scientist)

  7. As for your comment to the effect that “It´s sad that a himan (sic) would
    waste time looking to animals for “our behaviors” “, I should point out
    that looking to other animals to provide insights into our own behaviour
    has long been an established and successful scientific technique. Perhaps a
    short correspondence course on evolutionary biology would help make the
    world a clearer place for you.

  8. This video fails to document and explain the bisexuality of animals and
    only focuses on homosexuality, the failure to realize that the majority of
    Homo Sapien male and females are fully capable of sexually involving
    themselves in Bisexual sex. We live in a Christian world tear down the
    taboos and you will observe that most people enjoy both sexes and only a
    very few are trully heterosexual or homosexual.

  9. No one can define marriage, as it differs from time period to time period,
    and across space from culture to culture. Each society decides how it will
    define it, and so you don’t have to worry. After you’re dead, you’re dead.
    Just “do you”, here and now. Most of all, don’t use your own personal
    anxieities about an unknowable future to restrict progress in the present.

  10. Sheep farmers have always been able to tell you that many rams refuse to
    mate with females and will only mate with other rams instead. It’s a big
    financial concern so scientists have looked into it. A study in which rams
    were given a line up of restrained male and female sheep to mate with,
    found it was a full 10% of them.

  11. Tiger Temple Thailand has at least two gay (male) tigers [out of 120+]. One
    has the nickname of Happy. {P.S. I lived at that temple for about one year
    as a monk and trust me when I say that the cats not not doped up.} If
    anyone decided to check them out in Kanchanaburi, go to the 7:30 A.M. event.

  12. The look on the close minded granny at the back was epic….n I wonder why
    she unbutton her coat,too hot to handle?u closeted faggot(actually meaning
    of sticks tied together on fire,aka burn herself)

  13. youtube / watch?v=LFeXwKnCUNI a more serious, scientific look at
    homosexuality in the animal kingdom in link above

  14. its not an ‘excuse’. what you actually mean is you dont think it is natural
    for humans, but so many people argue that it just doesnt happen in nature
    in any shape or form, I have heard people say no homosexuality activity
    occurs in animals (when it clearly does) you want to define where the
    boundry is for acceptable behaviour; not if it is natural or not. For
    instance there is something called GSA, a ‘natural’ response causing
    incestius impulses- dont make it acceptable…

  15. You misunderstand.I’m an LGBT supporter who even prefers gay male porn, not
    gay-sex-is-gross troll. I criticised the scientist’s reasoning for animal
    homosexuality being rarer in males.His defining animal sex exclusively as
    penetrative is as bad as defining human sex that way, and might explain why
    he thought so.Sorry if you find it immature, but I couldn’t make the
    perfectly valid point that same-sex penetration is more likely to be
    painful for the males of many species, in a 100% serious tone.

  16. Yes it is, I am bisexual by choice. Because I LIKE both sexes, not because
    i HAVE to be with both of them, I mean, it really depends on my mood,
    sometimes I like men more then women, sometimes I like women a lot,
    sometimes I enjoy being with both, but not because of some primal need. In
    fact, when I am in relationships, I am always faithfull to the person, just
    because I choose so. So let’s not say, oh, it’s not a choice, so that I
    will not be judged by religious people, in an attempt to

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