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  1. Gays are just sick perverted animals and to all the gays who watched this
    and commented I feel like taking a big shit right now why don’t you all
    come and fuck my ass.

  2. With the approval of fag marriage in the United States, the nation has
    quickly become Sodom and Gomorrah. As they race to the courthouse to
    “validate” and make their political statement rather than marry for love,
    the fags are causing more trouble. They are rebels and misfits who lead a
    deviant lifestyle. We need to instill into our children’s minds that
    homosexuality and lesbianism is incorrect. If we teach young generations of
    this wrongfulness, then we can safeguard our heterosexual society.

  3. I would contribute to Amnesty international or any organization which
    wishes to rescue gays for Uganda and resettle them in UK or Canada. My wife
    and I have extra room and extra income to spend in this good Christian
    cause. The influence of the Unites States is very bad for homosexuals and
    we are much more intelligent about different ethnic and sexualities than
    most Americans

  4. Keep you dirty stinking western views out of other countries , you have
    enough problems of your own .

  5. its amazing how people can be so stupid why is homosexuality wrong? it is
    proven that it is natural it happens among hundreads of species its not a
    disease its not a crime it doesnt harm anyone its not a matter of choice
    the only argument people have against homosexuality its religion but there
    is 0 proof of the existence of god the same god that in the bible supports
    slavery mass murder intolerance racism incest child abuse countless
    contradictions and 0 proof of what hapened in the bible is real i apoligize
    for any grammar or spelling mistakes i am not a native english speaker and
    i am just furious because of the retarded coments 

  6. I’m so lucky to be in America. I’m a gay 13 year old African American and I
    feel ashamed. I’m not saying I am ashamed to be African but come on that’s

  7. The guy hosting this show is a tool. Homosexuality is but a by-product of
    greed and narcissism getting out of control in a society. What else would
    possess a man to look upon another man and insist he desparately wants to
    utilize him for sex. Its filthy and insane. Ofcourse more humble societies
    would naturally frown upon that lifestyle. This attention whore should just
    go back to his country and wallow in a pool of vice, corruption, and
    excessive self pity.
    If he had any sense, he would be more concerned about poverty and hunger
    than with mans natural disgust with homosexuality. I mean really.

  8. “The World’s Worst Place To be Gay” … is probably Iran or Saudi Arabia.
    This place is pretty bad too though.

  9. From Wikipedia. According to the 2010 Hate Crimes Statistics released by
    the FBI National Press Office, 19.3 percent of hate crimes across the
    United States “were motivated by a sexual orientation bias.”Moreover, in a
    Southern Poverty Law Center 2010 Intelligence Report extrapolating data
    from fourteen years (1995–2008), which had complete data available at the
    time, of the FBI’s national hate crime statistics found that LGBT people
    were “far more likely than any other minority group in the United States to
    be victimized by violent hate crime.” Worth knowing although we know that
    Wikipedia is not the last word on anything. I suspect this to be true.

  10. Being gay is evil from back n slavery if u study history any strong black
    african man that stood up to the masters were turned over to gay slave
    masters & the gay slave masters bulled the strong black african men. That’s
    where the term bulla man comes from

  11. How about a “The World’s Worst place to be Straight and/or Christian” San
    Franscio would be #1

  12. if you are engaging in an activity that over 90% of the population
    disagrees with then you may be the problem

  13. Dear gay people
    You owe your very existence to HETEROSEXUALITY. So please stop calling
    normal people homophobic for believing in real marriages and normal
    relationships. Please realize that we do not hate you, we love you. We just
    refuse to accept your deviant life-style. If you lack perseverance or
    determination to quit homosexuality, then seek counseling. It helps.
    Good day!

  14. Death with fire to every fag God bless these countries. …AFRICA AND
    is acting like he doesn’t pick ass…and is wondering why that black
    preacher is allowed to tell the truth. That’s what fag men do is lick each
    other’s ass like ice cream….and that’s one of their sick and twisted
    ways…..not to mention the lesbians…..and you call that stuff normal?? I
    think instead of these faggets walking around with banners and poisoning
    society with their pedophile ways they should just all go to work.
    …..that would do good for society…and for themselves. 

  15. How is africa hompophobic when 200 years ago the white people enslaved the
    black. Surely they believe in equality and should know what its like to be

  16. Not believing in the fiction of god.
    is the healthiest thing anyone can do emotionally an d intellectually.

  17. It’s great to see how open Britan is about sexuality. If you live in the
    US, or more importantly places like Idaho they are hated.

  18. Being gay is not natural, gay people fuck up mother natures cycle. Maybe
    the reason alot gay people get aids is probably because it is not intended
    and natural, so maybe mother nature or god is punishing them. Sex is how we
    reproduce and populate the Earth if everyone tolerates it, people will
    think it is all right and maybe the world will go to shit because of it.
    They are fucking up the cycle of life, and that can lead to severe
    consequences later in the world. 

  19. I wish that every religious person would just disappear, the world would be
    much more progressive and everyone would be happier.

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