9 Comments on “The Young Turks Extended Clip February 17, 2014”

  1. Love TYT – Cenk is so passionate and sincere about injustice – I didn’t
    think there was anyone else that got so riled up about the Michael Dunns
    and George Zimmerman’s as I do! Crazy times. Keep up the great work guys.

  2. Im christian and if u wanna be gay an get married thats between u and god,
    I dont condone killing human being just because of their life style, thats
    between them and god.

  3. I want me 2 minutes of my life back that I just wasted here. No wonder they
    even ran you off the most liberal network nobody watches.

  4. One of my grandsons turned 17 last week. He is bi-racial. He has lived
    all his life on a farm outside a small, rural town. He is well-known and
    well-liked. He is an exceptional student, artist, engineer.

    The college he will go to accepts a great number of international students,
    so my daughter and I don’t fear for him there, but after he graduates?
    We’re terrified. Young black men in this country serve as target practice
    for anyone who thinks he has a right to a respect that he hasn’t proven he
    deserves, typically any old asshole with a gun.

    I want my grandson out of here.

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