13 Comments on “Tigers’ Justin Verlander defends high priced contracts”

  1. I’ll take a down year Verlander over any other pitcher to be honest, but
    hopefully he gets back to his real performance next year. Regardless what
    people think, he does deserve his contract, he’s always been impressive and
    he one of the greatest RHP in the league 🙂

  2. Well, with how “well” this interviewer was, I feel that I have a new career
    path as a CNN reporter!

  3. Justin seems like a good guy, and is a great pitcher, but ALL sports need
    to base pay on performance. Pay so much for a strikeout,so much for a
    catch–or a touchdown, or a goal.Have a base salary of say 1 million, and
    stack everything they do on top of that. We are all getting priced out of
    going to games—something has to be done.Also—why is it that when a
    player gets a new, fat contract, they seem to do not do as well??

  4. Like all kids growing up in Philly in the ’60’s, I worshiped Bunning’s
    pitching brilliance, not his contract. Today’s kids are more likely to talk
    about the money a sports star makes rather than his performance. When I
    found out I would never have Bunning’s stuff, I moved on to adulthood. But
    big money for playing a game fosters the idea that cash can come easy.
    There’s only room for 1 Verlander. Meanwhile, thousands never give up the
    dream of riches and become life losers. It’s corrupting.

  5. @CoolerKing37 If you can’t tell that the reporter was unnaturally forcing
    the topic of homoaexuality, then what were you watching.

  6. It’s often said that Verlander has done so much for Detroit. But the money
    he makes would vaccinate every kid in the city and build a state of the art
    school EVERY YEAR. I don’t begrudge him for taking the money.I would too.
    But sports in America has devolved into a money grab. It’s killing
    baseball. The WS has its lowest viewership ever, and the seats are filled
    with comped tickets paid by corporations getting a tax break. It can’t
    survive on its own anymore. Even kids have stopped playing it.

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