15 Comments on “Top 10: FLOWERBEARDS”

  1. Aww I thought we were going to see the return of the talking flowers xD RE:
    Flowerbeards seems like a recipe for disaster with wasps aha! 

  2. The guy you dissed with the leaves… He is the número uno of beards. He is
    the guy that puts everything in his beard, and that pic was the first
    flower beard : ) 

  3. I think this is a trend that ‘looks good on the model.’ With the average
    guy, it would just be assumed he was so dirty he had grass in his beard.
    I’d be afraid a bird would pop out.

  4. It’s always nice to see that some men understand the importance of proper
    beard grooming. I can’t grow one because my hair is too wavy so it would
    probably look like a tumble weed got stuck on my face.

  5. Well…those were definitely some interesting beards, but wouldn’t it rain
    flowers as soon as you moved?

  6. Gives a whole new perspective on flower power….but damn, couldn’t they
    have done it naked? Happy Stalker demands a refund…payable ‘au naturel’
    Thanks for the vid…and remember : If it ain’t posh, it ain’t Josh.

  7. oh man, why do guys who are so hot with such amazing beards need to make it
    look so silly with those flowers. flowers and beards don’t mix to me =D

  8. hum, Definitely not my taste, then again I am not a fan of a lot of the
    beards that some guys are sporting these days.

  9. I can now see Grooms decorating their beards to match the Bride’s bouquet.

    oh & tell Jasmine to decorate her VaJayjay with “Pussy Willows”

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