1. I am literally LOL!!! I heard Americans are not very good on geography or
    other aspects of the “outside world”. Dumbness and stupidity is pandemic!!!

  2. 234 girls missing from a Niagara Falls school? Just check the local crack
    houses, you’ll find them. Like the one next door… 

  3. Looking alittle (Ruff) today Josh lol 😉 You should make more like this one
    I LOL’ed so much.,

  4. You can find stupid people outside of facebook. I have definatel known a
    few of my own. My best friend once told me she wishes I was not gay. LOL
    I told her that 1. it is not a switch to turn on and off and if I am going
    to hell I have lots of company don’t I.

  5. I think the Lindsay Lohan one made me laugh the hardest the world may never
    know what happened to her maybe she should look her up on Wikipedia ROFL

  6. As an American I can confirm we do count southern states as their own
    country. They can’t even handle snow :P

  7. oh crap I actually fell for that 100 year old thing and thought it was 50
    at first…I swear I’m not as stupid as those people D-: 

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