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  1. the best one i’ve ever heard was someone didn’t want the defenition of
    marriage changed because he had just bought a gold plated dictionary

  2. Children need to be PROTECTED from being forced to live with
    homosexuals….Honestly how many homosexual male “couples” have you
    encountered that would be fit to raise children?

  3. Objection #4- Those who argue that marriage that is not for procreation
    should be disallowed, are skipping a step. First, they need to demonstrate
    a duty, or even an unconditional right to procreate. This duty or right is
    not really self-evident.

  4. I support gay rights BECAUSE ITS NONE OF MY BUSINESS, but there is one
    thing I have seen about homosexual households. The domestic violence rate
    is a little bit over 5 times more frequent than in hetero households. That
    number may be skewed due to population difference though. 

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  6. how to debunk gay marriage.

    1. Why is my government interested in who I fuck.
    slavery, taxes, etc are always enforced by government.
    If a slave ran away, the government spent money to catch them. what does
    your tax money go towards now? shitty pot hole roads? a cop who can charge
    you with a “crime” in which you must produce an outcome or energy to prove
    them wrong? how long must you allow this concept of criminals until they
    live and breathe so much in our lives that you vomit from their smell? does
    no one else CARE!?

  7. “oh, by the way, these documents are somewhere in the ballpark of 2,000
    years old, just trust me.”

  8. You seem to think people are born into Christianity and turn to Atheism.
    It’s actually the other way around. Former Christians aren’t “looking for
    an excuse to sin”, they just don’t believe in god. Stop trying to see
    something that isn’t there.

  9. And there are many ex-Christians who did not willfully give up their
    beliefs, but through an honest exploration and examination of their faith,
    came to think that their beliefs were unjustified. For most of us, there
    was no desire to sin; indeed, neither I nor the ex-Christian atheists did
    nothing differently or new after leaving Christianity. It’s not like,
    “Screw the Christianity! Bring on the whores!” despite what you might
    believe. Nothing dark here, friend: it is you who lives in darkness.

  10. It’s funny that there are no valid arguments to why gay people shouldn’t be
    allowed to adopt, instead, the problem lies within the people that oppose
    homosexuality that’s going to a problem for the child. It’s like the sign
    that says “Gay people are possessed by demons” to me it’s pretty obvious
    that if you get so furious by people who have a different sexual preference
    than youself that you feel the need to go out and spread anger and hatred,
    you are the one that is possessed by a demon.

  11. theres over 70 species in nature that practice homosexuality….theres only
    one species that is homophobic… i think your the unnatural one

  12. being gay is a ” natural effect” of a hedonistic society who is in the
    business of pleasing the self. a self indulging society creates
    homosexuality. why do you think it is highly unlikely in 3rd world
    countries? and if it exists in those countries its because of our
    hedonistic western culture being forced to people doorstep. then they
    become corrupted. why dont you folk think outside the box? cant you see the
    truth in what im saying or are you so hedonistic that you dont care?

  13. homosexuality is a sexual attraction to (or sexual relations with) persons
    of the same sex. i dont see animals in this definition. animals having
    intercourse with the same sex is different from humans. unless you admit
    that all homosexuals are only about sex. i mean how would you know if these
    species are exclusively attracted to the same sex only? their is also a
    spider that kills its mate after mating.

  14. @bram colenbrander I realized it is a choice once you become aware that you
    actually have one. Instead of people telling you your born that way. wow
    you really have no foundation to stand on only your lusts and passions
    guide you like an animal when we were meant for much more

  15. I think for the “Marriage is meant for raising children” one, they could
    have also pointed out the numerous ways that gay couples can have children.
    They can have children from previous heterosexual relationships (I think
    they did mention that earlier), but also they can have children through
    artifical insemination for lesbian couples or surrogate mothers for gay
    couples. And they could and should be allowed to adopt. So there are
    several ways gay couples can have children.

  16. i would like to commend you for at least attempting to give evidence that’s
    something i don’t usually see with believers.

  17. You also seem to be unaware that other countries have had marriage for gay
    couples even before Massachusetts did.

  18. Yeah, that’s exactly why I denied god; not because I woke up one day and
    realized that I was experiencing a severe delusion and was actually very,
    very sick. Religion is a mental illness. It should be treated as such. I’m
    afraid that you are very sick. You should seek the help of a professional
    with experience in dealing with people with severe delusions. I am not
    joking or being nasty. You are sick. Get help. Please.

  19. the only thing that isnt a choice is gender. what about kleptomaniacs? they
    feel they have to steal. should we allow them to steal because they cant
    control themselves? since you say they dont have a choice. i mean your
    argument makes no sense.

  20. Actually, the bible dictates that marriage is about property. Way back, it
    was used as a tool for means of men to own their many concubines, make
    slaves part of the “family” to have them work for them without pay, heck,
    women were seen as belonging to men, in that a woman belongs to her father
    until she is given away to another man (hence that particular ritual).
    Also, fun fact: Some heterosexuals engage in anal sex too. How someone
    shags should have no bearing on basic human rights.

  21. No amount of nurture will adjust your biological urges. They may influence
    your actions but they wont change our sexual orientation.

  22. are you a teen because your argument lacks much wisdom. if so then you need
    a couple years to gain some wisdom instead of just being a robot and
    believing everything you hear from mainstream media and entertainment folk.
    just because homosexuality is excepted and upheld as a dignified way of
    life by secular liberals doesnt mean its science now. there is no
    scientific evidence just people trying to force the rest of us who think to
    except homosexuality. i dont and i have given rational arguments

  23. It would appear that sexual orientation is biological in nature, determined
    by a complex interplay of genetic factors. Sexual orientation is therefore
    not a choice.”

  24. Ken Ham and Eric/Ken Hovind says there are no transitional fossils and that
    is so far from the truth. Also the whole idea of the firmament is just
    silly. Also a worldwide flood has no evidence. Is that enough holes for
    them not to hold water?

  25. Also, the arguments for interracial couples, old people getting married,
    infertile couples, or couples who choose to be childless don’t work because
    in all of those cases, it’s still a male/female coupling. The heterosexual
    principle is still there. And yes, homosexuality is a “terrible, horrible
    thing”. One of the reasons God forbade it is because it is filthy. The
    vagina is sterile; the rectum is full of fecal matter and all kinds of
    bacteria. By its very nature it spreads disease.

  26. my God and your God also created right and wrong,good and bad. and yes he
    is outside of nature because He is the cause of nature. he gave mankind
    freewill as well. so being hedonistic is a abomination and not natural. he
    created us with a purpose to worship HIM. to submit to Him instead of our
    own hedonistic desires. so either you are a slave to whatever urge you have
    or a slave to Him the one who created you and knows whats actually best for
    you. your god is yourself and that cant be good

  27. hetros sleeping around and being hedonistic is the actual cause of
    homosexuality. a country or ideology that promotes illicit sex is the
    cause. i do use my logic. you just misunderstood me. bestiality is on the
    rise aswell. did you know their are thousands who sleep with their animals?
    is this natural too? western culture is hedonistic and infecting the earth
    with wild sexual behaviors by promoting porn, prostitution,cheating
    husbands and wives and child molestation. all on television.

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  29. What? You make no sense! Thats a very silly thing to compare with
    sexuality. Human sexuality is built in to our DNA, while something
    like…stealing or murdering is more of a disturbed life or childhood and
    comes from more of a environmental factor. They aren’t born to steal. Grab
    that same “kleptomaniac” and put them into your home and parent them and
    they’ll be something else. Simple! Let me know when you are covered in
    blood when two gay couples make out in their bedrooms!

  30. Nature encompasses everything. Nothing could be unnatural and even if it
    could, that wouldn’t necessarily equate to being wrong. And isn’t your god
    outside of nature? In other words, UNNATURAL.

  31. Here’s the thing, I don’t think god exists anymore. I did things like that
    when I was a chrisitian, but actually just being a christian only means
    following the theology, and your theology says you only need to believe.
    So, by the definition, I was a christian. Also, sin is not real. The
    definition meets what I was, I was a christian, I am no longer a christian

  32. I believe that you believe it. I just don’t think your belief is justified
    by evidence. The book you are talking about certainly has passages of love
    in it, but it has far more passages in it that celebrate hatred, violence
    and ignorance of reality.

  33. i don’t believe that a zombie jew dropped by your house. did you snap a
    picture and put it on facebook? i would have. i decide whether my
    experience is sufficient enough, whether or not there is a God, which you
    have no proof exists.

  34. Please don’t insult my country just because you ran into a complete MORON
    that happens to be from here.

  35. I don’t want to go on and on but the notion that no culture ever had it is
    good enough reason. Yet maybe a homo marriage will be that tipping point
    for people to figure out that real changes must be done to change the
    powers that be.

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