11 Comments on “Torontonians protest in solidarity for queer Russians”

  1. Where’s the protests for Queers in U.A.E., Singapore, Nigeria, Mauritania,
    Cameroon, Barbados (Rihanna’s home country), Malaysia, and the list other
    nations in dire need of support from anti-LGBT laws?

  2. I’m sorry, but that does not help. Russia too homophobic country. I do not
    want to live here.

  3. I live in the US but every day Canada makes me want to move there more and
    more. What a great country! I stand proud and tall with ALL of you and with
    our LGBTQ family in Russia!!

  4. Я сожалею, но это не поможет. Россия слишком гомофобная страна. Я не хочу
    здесь жить.

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