36 Comments on “Trans-Pacific Partnership = Government Corruption At It’s Finest”

  1. this agreement will double the number of people in America making wage in
    less than 10 years!

  2. 47% not paying taxes? Again… these corrupt corporate idiots neglect to
    remember that anyone who buys anything with a sales tax IS PAYING TAXES,
    and last I checked… everyone buys stuff.

    Edit: Both Obama and Harper should have their butts kicked if they even
    think of supporting this insanity. >_<... they do, so their butts should be kicked.

  3. Lets just kill the super rich (except Bill Gates) and have done with it. We
    didn’t take this crap from England, I think it’s time to dump more tea in
    the harbor.

  4. Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks Explains TTP.

    #CenkUygur, #TheYoungTurks, #TYT, #TTP. 

  5. If you have a problem with corporate influence on government then it seems
    clear to me that the appropriate action is to reduce the power and gifts
    that government may bestow on corporations! The corporation influence on
    the government through lobbists would dry up overnight is government had
    nothing to offer the corps. Freedom is the solution my friends…

  6. In many respects, this deal will formally place corporations over
    governments. That is a level of fascism hitherto not seen in the world.

  7. Conservatives do hate this Cenk. Actual ones that is; not to be confused
    with the neo-cons.

  8. Harper the corporate turd has tried very hard to sneak approval of this
    p.o.s. bill through the Canadian parliament. Thanks to Elizabeth May and
    the Green Party for highlighting this story, that the MSM preferred to

  9. New World Order anyone ? Come on people … get a hold of reality already
    !! This things don’t just happen because x reason and just greed …
    someone in a secret society is driving this – ahah Zionist witch are NOT
    Jews Nationalist but a totally different organization- and so many other. 

  10. Our parliament in New Zealand only knows as much as has been leaked also.

    Madness. Pure Madness.

  11. Democrats wake up….Remember NAFTA?

    Republicans always bitch and moan about Obama’s vacation or what Michelle
    said about young people and healthcare….But, for some reason they never
    criticize this Administration for things like Drone strikes, Keystone
    Pipeline, Wars, Spying on it’s citizens and now the TPP….. I wonder if
    it’s because their Corporate representatives don’t bitch and moan about
    those things either…..

    Never bitch or moan about Corporate Welfare or this country’s elected
    officials being bought….. NOPE, they only care about GOD, GUNS and GAYS.
    How’s that working out for the country? Revisiting the same ole crap year
    after year.

    Democrats and Republicans are just sheep being sent to the slaughter
    house…… WAKE UP and stop your fricken whining about issues that don’t
    affect this country as a whole……

  12. And yet conservatives are going to complain about how Obama wants to bring
    communism to ‘murica.

  13. WE NEED Sarah Palin as our next president! She will completely CLEAN
    corruption OUT of our govt!

  14. In CHile they are trying to pass this shit… It is known around the world
    that Chile is the NOrth Korea of the “free market” .. hopefully our “left
    wing” government stop this insanity

  15. This bill needs to DIE. This bill will establish a corporate branch of
    government is the Malaysia, Canada, Brunei, Singapore, Vietnam, Japan, the
    United States, Australia, New Zealand, Peru, and Chile. I may be being a
    bit dramatic here but I need to get people’s attention. Corporations are
    gaining way too much power. South Korea, do yourself a favor. When these
    corporate bastards come asking you to join, not only should you should rip
    it up and tell them where they can shove it but you should institute a
    constitutional provision against it. I only wish that the US would do
    something like that but they clearly won’t.

  16. Are we ready to put our differences aside and stand up now? Hmm.. I don’t
    A lot of sheeple still in a deep sleep.

  17. I did not vote for him or that other looser McCain. glad you are waking up,
    a little to late.

  18. You knows whats funny,is that other countries people are going into protest
    over less corruption than what the US is doing to its people but i guess
    other countries got more balls and they stand up and fight for whats
    right…But i guess we call this countries 3rd world cause they fight when
    they feel over fucked…

  19. The worst part is there are enough people in this country brainwashed into
    thinking ‘free market’ is actually free that they’re defending these

  20. Hey Chenk, they did get a lot of change stuffed in their pockets, so why
    don’t you believe in change? ;-)

  21. Cenk, I think you are a bit to harsh when it comes to criticizing the
    president. You spend more time bashing him, and less on celebrating the
    little victories he has. To be fair the guy really has tried. He knows his
    sitting on a hot seat and that he has to somehow make history, but he also
    knows that change has to be gradual or he’ll end up like JFK. He has
    probably tried harder than most if not all the presidents we’ve had thus
    far. Against mind you, a large white population that hates him for his
    skin color and his skin color alone.

    You talk about getting money out of politics; a proposition we all know its
    easier said than done. We know that there are many different forces
    involved when it comes to passing legislation, and that a few of those
    forces have to somehow find common ground before anything gets passed. We
    also know, given his race, that he pretty much got elected using the one
    and only way he could have; using big money and big money comes at
    price. It makes no sense to cry about it having known all along.

    You don’t help the progressive cause one bit by joining the bash-Obama
    bandwagon with all the crazy T-baggers pushing for more gridlock in
    Washington, because guess what!? Nothing get’s done with gridlock! and
    worse, your bashing gives credibility to T-baggers. I’m beginning to wonder
    who’s side you’re really on Cenk. Are you really a progressive as you
    claim, or is it a facade? You mentioned in a recent video that you used to
    be a lawyer for big money, and now you’re a part of the 1%. Who’s side are
    you really on Cenk? 

  22. how was this video published 3 days from now? I know… off topic… just
    curious :)

  23. The Trans Pacific Trade Agreement allows corporations to polluted the
    environment, cheat consumers, and avoid paying taxes while making the rich
    far richer and the poor much poorer,… A perfect example can be seen in
    Mexico where there are the super rich and the super poor with nothing in
    the middle. Obama has double crossed us all, surrounding himself with
    self-serving money hungry thieves, who are motivated to make a profit at
    any cost. So much for great change and a new dawn for hard working
    Americans ??? 

  24. All this corruption & America is a total shit-hole.. When voting gets you
    nowhere well Cenk Uygur is anti gun.. So when push comes to shove I guess
    he will be on his knee’s sucking cock..

  25. That’s ok after the civil war, the corporations will be nationalized so its
    all good.

  26. Men who seek such positions of power are corrupt at heart and for that
    reason your leaders will always be liars. People don’t seem to realize

  27. Excellent. Thank you. I totally agree with TYT… which is rather
    disheartening, I must say. 

  28. Federal reserve is subject to no law, making your constitution meaningless.
    The European Central bank is also subject to no law, making any
    constitution within the EU meaningless. This was passed through the Lisbon
    treaty by morons who never bothered to read it but were glad to vote for
    it. The purpose of the TPP is to be subject to no law, once again rendering
    your constitution meaningless. Congratulations western world, your
    sovereignty is gone and you continue to vote for it. People are wondering
    why everything is going to crap, well it’s because you have no rights. You
    voted for it.

  29. Why Not Change
    Change will not come, or at least the progressive change, will not come,
    until the nucleus (“a central or essential part around which other parts
    are gathered or grouped; a core: the nucleus of a city”) of the systems are
    injected with the truth serum. It should defend of the rights of its
    citizens to be protected and defended from predators, and enforced by the
    governing bodies that be. The culprit should be force to abide by the same
    laws, and repay the punitive damages that they have forced upon the backs
    of the nations of citizens. 

  30. It’s like I keep saying, if Obama is a socialist, then he’s really *bad* at
    being one. If anything, Obama’s non-stop capitulation the academic Right on
    substantive policy matters demonstrates him to be disturbingly
    conservative. The Trans-Pacific Partnership is only the most obvious
    example. The Affordable Care Act was actually a rightwing plan from the
    1990’s that had been repackaged as Left-of-Center progress by the nominally
    left-of-center political party. Sometimes I WISH Obama were as far to the
    Left as the idiots on the Right make him out to be. AS it stands, Obama is
    far to the Right of your average European conservative. He’s even farther
    to the Right the Saint Ronald Reagan was in many respects.


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