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  1. Lots of deductions and incompetent IRS has lead to the wealthy and
    corporation paying only around 40%. Also, times changed from then to now.
    If you were to raise taxes to the rate it was supposedly at then the
    wealthy will simply just leave since it is a lot easier to do it now. Need
    I remind you that after 1946 the world was still pissed at each other.
    “Clueless” describes you pretty well.

  2. England gives out healthcare. It’s added on to taxes. And their healthcare
    system is FAR superior to ours. Go visit England sometime, if you don’t
    believe me.

  3. “Prefacing economics with the word ‘modern’ is in fact a logical fallacy
    called contemporary fallacy.” I don’t know what you mean by “contemporary
    fallacy”, but for it to be a fallacy, it has to be an argument. There’s no
    argument, he was just referring to economics that are contemporary. tldr;
    simply prefacing something with the word “contemporary” does not a fallacy

  4. Actually, the republicans are obsessed with getting rid of education in
    this country. Namely the Department of Education, the last bastion of the
    separation of church and state (for public schools).

  5. If a person makes median wages (about 45k) their entire working life from
    18 to 68, they will make 2.25 Million in their life time. But if you make
    750k per year you only have to work 3 years to make the same amount.

  6. You are so wrong. Leave the liberal rhetoric alone and allow me to educate
    you. According to IRS records, in 1958, the top 3% earned 14.7% of all
    adjusted gross income, and paid 29.2% of all federal income tax. Today, the
    top 3% earn 27.2% of all adjusted gross income, and pay 58% of all federal
    income taxes. So if the marginal rate has fallen from 91% to 35%; why has
    the tax burden on the rich increased?

  7. ….What helps the economy is competition amongst businesses and keeping
    prices low. A huge area economics don’t cover is human nature. Humans are
    going to be greedy. The rich will be greedy but if you attack the with
    greedy politicians that are well off as well then society fails. If rival
    companies attack each other then we win in that each company will do their
    best to try to attract more business.

  8. I believe he truly knows nothing about how an economy functions. Most
    people don’t, and some of those people are David Pakman Show subscribers.
    So David, though an idiot himself, has found a way to make money off all
    the other idiots. I guess it’s fair to say that he’s the smartest idiot.

  9. taking into account what the progressive policies have done to cities such
    as Detroit and States such as California, to Soviet Union, East Germany one
    would think progressive delusional fools wouldn’t have the balls to discuss
    economics. tax cuts combined with the concept of big regulated Government
    in D.C. did have a tremendous effect on the economy, Washington is now a
    super boom town. City can’t build enough landing strips fast enough for
    executive jets

  10. Nobody payed high taxes back then. There were so many loopholes and
    deductions. I would be ecstatic if I could pay taxes at the rates they were
    paid back then in comparison to today.

  11. 1) Reaganomics refers specifically to trickle down. It’s not meant to
    include everything done under Reagan. 2) How exactly has the dollar been

  12. David wants to chastise people that actually save their money. He doesn’t
    even understand the principle of savings. Savings are sacrificing
    consumption now, in order to consume more in the future. People do not
    enjoy their wealth when it is being saved. Starting or expanding a business
    has become more expensive and risky then ever, and investing in this global
    economy is a huge uncertainty, so people are simply saving and hoping for
    better opportunities to come in the future.

  13. Ok, fire CPA’s so we have more unemployed people. Take money from those who
    actually earned it and give it value and give it to those who don’t earn it
    or know how to invest it. Raise taxes so the rich are scared away and
    people who actually work leave leaving a nation of lazy people who produce
    nothing. Everything you just mentioned would ruin the economy. Way to go. I
    bet next you think we should destroy schools and ruin our education program
    next. Way to destroy the country.

  14. Here’s an idea, tax the rich more, and tax the middle and poor LESS. Why
    isn’t this in effect? Because you’re not allowed to have an IQ above 5 in

  15. England is an island with the 1/6 of the population as the US and is mostly
    white people. It is easy to set up a system that works when you deal with
    very little issues. In the US we have way more people and a bigger
    diversity. We have to deal with actual issues so you can’t compare the two

  16. When interest rates rise, it may cause the market price of homes to fall
    again, and I am intrigued to see the results.

  17. So, how do you explain the American economy between 1946 and, say, 1970?
    The tax rates on the wealthy and corporations were the highest they’ve ever
    been. ‘Clueless’ describes you pretty well.

  18. Mass hoarding of money also has a direct negative impact on social economic
    liquidity and value. Its actually detrimental to the economic system to
    have to many hoards or no laws minimizing money hoarding. and thats the
    real reason why we have / should have a wealth tax. Wealth tax, despite
    what most people on the right would make you think, is a Capitalistic tax
    law. Its a necessary “evil” if you like.

  19. You honestly think that attacking greedy politicians will lead to the
    failure of society? I’m sorry, but you are a moron.

  20. The 1% are so greedy and shortsighted, they don’t realize the destruction
    they are causing to the world. If things continue this way economically,
    the whole system will crash worse than 2008. Time for change. Spread the
    wealth to the true creators of wealth, “The Poor”. We need a just and
    livable wage for a hard days work.

  21. 99% of Americans are getting the shaft man!! The big old shaft…not a
    greased shaft either, a cold, hard, dry shaft. The politicians and the
    billionares are in cahoots…what can be done?

  22. You obviously prescribe to the BS theory that the wealthy produce
    everything. The vast majority of wealthy people make or maintain their
    wealth via the labor of others, these people are called workers, because
    the DO THE WORK. The wealthy do work tirelessly as well, but mostly to pay
    the people that generate their wealth as little as possible. Trickle down
    is the equivilent of putting all your eggs in one basket, and having a
    small group take them for themselves.

  23. I doubt you are rich. If you attack the rich they will just attack back or
    leave the country. You seriously have a lot to learn about the economy and

  24. Really? The Rich create jobs? Tell that to the thousands of workers who
    were laid off because of Romney’s company and Romney himself. He’s a
    Vulture Capitalist.

  25. They already do. The rich provide goods and services to people, and create
    jobs in the process. More so then any other demographic. So when you decide
    to type your stupid rebuttal to this comment; be thankful that there was
    someone that wanted to make a profit by providing you with your computer
    and operating system. What’s your big contribution to society, John? What
    are you doing to improve people’s lives, and how many jobs have you created
    during that process?

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