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  1. Remember China when we launched the whole “free Tibet” coverage? And after
    the Olympics everything is normal again. This is the same. Opportunistic
    BS. And why not speak out about the “anti gay law” in Kansas for example?
    the hypocrisy!

  2. Go back to USA and tell ur government to bring law about guns than u r a
    true hero but because its Russia than u can talk ???
    Thats fucked up pussy 

  3. Russians, if you don’t like what happens in pride parades (i.e. men running
    around in thongs, as I constantly hear from you), then ban people being out
    in public in their underwear. Banning “gay propaganda” (a deliberately
    obscure term) is purposefully discriminatory against an entire group of
    people. Men, when you talk about your wife and children, is it
    “heterosexual propaganda?” No? Well, then why, when asked about my
    relationship status, if I reply honestly with the fact that I’m married to
    another man, it is considered “homosexual propaganda?”

  4. Russian opinion on what is shown on the boxes on the Internet.
    With the advent of Putin, Russia has officially allowed to create a Gay
    Club. Under the previous President Boris Yeltsin, in gay clubs came SWAT,
    was beaten and deprived of gays in jail for 24 hours. I saw it! Regarding
    the economy of Russia, you know nothing, for example I make around 3200 $
    work in advertising – technical issues. 2500 $ is the average salary of a
    Russian citizen. In principle we have in the country is, all except the
    production of good cars of Russian production, but from what we do not need
    it, i.e. we can buy a BMW, Mercedes, WV, Ford, Chevrolett,…. That gay,
    gay we have a lot of them, for example, my boss is gay, and all know about
    it, and they all belong to this is normal. Gay clubs in Moscow 7-8, gay
    live as ordinary citizens, we are more educated and do not go as clowns or
    parrots, one wanted to go in a skirt and makeup, he went underwent surgery,
    now like a woman, and looks neat, beautiful and not poslov Russia there are
    many artists-gay similar to boy George or Elton John, artists who are in
    direct to the public may say that they are gay. Something you do not want
    the Russians is that Gays had sex on the streets in front of the children
    and the elderly, respect for others are very important in our country. I’ve
    heard what happens in Kansas, where people with your mentality, and he has
    the right to exist, they too are Americans and they deserve the right of
    choice and understanding on your part, people should be different. What
    about nationalism, Putin has created a law where nationalistic views is
    punishment, in Russia, a lot of nationalities, Chechens, Дагистанец,Tajiks,
    Kyrgyz, Ukrainians, Moldavians,Georgians,Armenians,Azerbaijanis, Africans.
    Already like 7 years on the street will not meet the Nazis. What about
    gays, from my side, I’ll be honest – I am tolerant and can talk for
    friendship or for work, but poking each other member of this I don’t
    understand, if someone poignet on my chocolate eyes, with this man I will
    do sternly. Almost 70% of the Russians think the same way, and believe
    themselves to be real men, in Russia this feature. Again about the Russian
    economy – малка of Americans know that for example, the ordinary citizen of
    Russia 12 years ago could not afford to buy an apartment, a nice car, or
    just good (expensive) clothes, Putney made it all available in Russia who
    works honestly you earn, who does not work that goes on rallies “Freedom
    for Gay”although freedom of speech, freedom of movement around the country
    and the world, freedom of choice orientation, religion, choice of
    profession and type of activity. Putin has forbidden propaganda sex among
    young with the consequence of which will give the term in prison, then
    propoganda gay sex among children!!! WHAT IDIOT WOULD SAY THAT THIS IS
    WRONG??? For pedophilia we put, I would be sentenced to the death penalty.
    Our country and our President, loyal. Those Americans who knows anything
    about Russia, who live only in the news from television,and movies which
    teaches us wrong and false, and just have hatred,or hypocrites , don’t
    waste your time. Write briefly: I don’t like this country and all. Many
    thanks to the Americans who would understand – THANK you from my deep soul!

  5. As a mexican/américan transsexual, i support thé US for protecting us thé
    US:) Fuck you Russia!

  6. Putin is a neo Nazi. Russia is going backward. No wonder that country is
    not doing well politically and economically like it was when it belonged to
    the USSR. 

  7. Now what’s left is too deport all immigrants from Russia and criminalized
    all inter-ethnic marriages/relationships in Russia. That will be a next
    important step towards creating a strong and healthy society.

  8. I thought all kids thought their parents kissing was gross weather they are
    straight or gay (rolls eye)

  9. And we – all of us – know how some people handle a “problematic issue” dont
    we? Whether its liberty or equal rights, for women for multi ethnic
    societies, or homosexuals.
    One solution seems to have been invented about a 100 years ago and
    vigorusly put in action. And milions were butchered.
    Perhaps it is time to realize that hatred is wrong and that hatred kills.

  10. Hey Russia is a racist homophobic xenophobic country anyways. Look up
    russian racism in soccer and you will understand. Half of the world’s neo
    nazis are in Russia so its no surprise that they make this horrible laws

  11. you don’t live in Russia, why do you care about this law? you should mind
    your business and take a look at human right issues in USA!!

  12. Wrong, Future is now. No insurmountable goal to reprogramming stem cell
    into sperm or egg. Its been done in mice to produce same sex offspring. Our
    ancestors deep in our evolutionary past were also hermaphrodites, so it is
    to be expected possible from a biological perspective too.

  13. Being gay is not natural, I’m sure in all religions being gay is
    prohibited… This means even god hates gays. I’m not really a big fan of
    Russia and they’re law. But prohibiting gays

  14. Why the fuck is the West concerned about rights of people around the world.
    USA is a fricking police state and they say nothing about that. Gaqy blood
    is banned in USA for donation and they say nothing to that. Do you fuckers
    want to reduce population in your country by allowing gay marriages and gay
    adoption (where the child is likely to be gay as well)? Do it, we approve!
    We Russians want our population to increase and don’t allow some sodomite
    principals here. Start minding your own business

  15. I understand people are getting beat up and its wrong. But why the double
    standard? Few people are getting beat while the US murders innocents in all
    its modern so called ‘wars’. I know this hurts your pride but compare to
    the millions who die tragically by bombs, disease and rape in the name of
    war profiteeing and preservation of the petro dollar? How many people have
    tried boycotting the USA on many fronts but you only ignored? You were too
    busy feeling superior to others.

  16. Jews or gypsies have nothing to do with it, not even the slightest. We are
    talking about fags, perversion and so on – the “discrimination” word for
    gays doesn’t exist in any of the laws. The law is made by the people who
    believe it’s wrong, so get back to your country and your laws of justice.

  17. We not against homosexual behavior. We against to the homosexual behavior
    was exposed on display.

  18. You’re not even close. You’re saying here, one should try to be gay (if he
    hadn’t tried yet). It’s like trying to fuck with a cat or a cow – it’s
    disgusting. A functional self-respecting man has a dick with brilliant
    balls injected with sperm made for plowing the juicy vagina. Has functional
    eyes which he uses to stare at the amazing big tits or the attractive
    female body. Functional hands which he uses to grope the female all day.
    Nothing is more attractive and beautiful than the female body.

  19. Thank GOD there are still so many sane Amricans!!! I wish you all the best
    regaining your country from perverts that for dosens of years only try to
    overweigh each other, rather than to handle the important issues. We are
    friends of yours and don’t want conflicts, but your government behaves in
    such way, that doesn’t leave us any other option than to show you as an
    enemy, when you are just our competitor , partner and nothing more. Much
    respect to all the Americans, that don’t see Russia as evil

  20. You are correct, US is on a very bad path, but that is because of ignorance
    and Reagonomics and fascist governments and miliatry industrial complex
    spending and now NSA spying. It is funny, we are doing Stalin and Stazi for
    the first time, and you are trying Reagonomics and fundamentalism. Both
    will end very badly. Blaming on scapegoats like gays is just dumb though
    and idiotic, even if 90% of Russian people.

  21. You don’t go around saying that you are heterosexual, because normal people
    don’t try to make everything be about sexuality or talk the loudest to make
    everybody know that they are taking it in the ass. These fags have every
    right to do as they please in privacy, but they won’t, because what they
    want to do is show off in front of a large group of people because they
    crave attention like the spoiled bitches they are.

  22. Because I’m gay? And I do care about human rights issues in America, who
    said I didn’t? And if I think a law in a different country is wrong then
    why do YOU care? It’s just my opinion that this law is completely
    ridiculous and many Russians are bigoted. Just like many Americans are.
    There are idiots in every nation.

  23. WTF is that supposed to mean? These are athletes not activists? Give me a
    break. Your hate words speak droves, stupid breeder!

  24. Вы тупые…Не вам нас учить”ДЕМОКРАТЫ”хуевы.

  25. What you are saying is very like the following: I’m glad I don’t like peas,
    because if I did, I would have to eat peas. And peas are disgusting.

  26. Slavery was not abolished in “ancient times”. It was abolished in the Age
    of Revolutions. Largely because of support from the Church. Also you are
    the anachronism, not “the gays”. You comparing them to paedophiles and
    cannibals certainly makes that clear. Also we do know “what is wrong and
    what is good”. The religious bullshit you are peddling is wrong and is not

  27. Have you not noticed that has God created diversity of all things including
    human sexuality, there have been gays around since before the recording of
    history because it is a natural part of human sexuality.

  28. You’re wrong. The percentage of gay people is small fixed, in many culture
    and thoughout human history. It is not “normal,” in the sense of Gaussian
    distribution, but why would that be any standard for place everyone in the
    middle of a distribution. Homosexual behavior exists in many animals also.
    Humans are less sexually dimorphic than their ancestors, and as gays do not
    (usually) breed, it just goes to show that gay genes are being selected for
    by heterosexuals in their breeding.

  29. What can one say the gay agenda is evil and determined to succeed.Nothing
    can stop it anymore, your daughters and sons are largely going to be
    homosexual when they are adults.I pray that God stops these arrogant
    individuals soon.

  30. No, you aren’t following. I never suggested that anyone would try to be
    gay. What I am saying is that you find gay sex distasteful. That is because
    you don’t like it/aren’t interested. This is fine. But you overreach by
    saying that it is morally wrong and that other males to be “functional”
    must be the same as you and also find it distasteful. This is not only
    wrong, it is harmful.

  31. Both Reps and Dems ignore the issues! Look at what’s going on now! USA on
    its own. Really, I;m observing Rome Vol 2! If you tak egays and heteros
    separatley and then get the % of pervs in 2 groups, then i bet gays will
    win. I dunno you are gay or not, but all I see from the is just lack of
    respect to society whn doing what they do on the streets. Putin putin went
    to get idiots’ support, then 90% of Russians are idiots and that is just
    not true!

  32. Wrong. In Navaho, gays were esteemed at considered gift from god. In
    ancient Greece, very common. Some places in Papua New Gunea, practically
    right of passage for nearly 100% of men, even those who eventually marry
    and are not gay. Gay as just a natural as being born with red hairs these
    days, and more common than that now.

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