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  1. Please give me a break, African same sex marriages as you call them where
    often relationships that had nothing to do with sex. a barren woman would
    “marry” a young girl who would produce children and the children would be
    the older woman’s. I believe this priest has his own agenda. In Nigeria you
    have over 300 tribes and to all that I am aware of it is considered an
    abomination. However you do have cults for female deities where in
    accordance to the deity a female character is taken by the men. A lot of
    these men where cult priests with numerous wives. I believe there has
    existed homosexuality all over the world. What we are talking about is it
    being condoned by the culture. In Yoruba medicine it is considered a mental
    illness, a lot of tribal groups reject it, which is their right. If one
    says it is a mental illness that means it is not condoned it does not mean
    there are non. Also we have to realize that clothing does not automatically
    make someone gay, I cannot speak for the Azande but I know in Hausa culture
    they have what they call Dandawa, who are actually pimps who dress like
    women to allow them to mix with ladies to carry on their trade. It is a
    quirk in their practice of Muslim religion but these people also have wives
    and children. Most Nigerians looking at it with a western eye believe it
    has something to do with being gay. But if that has become the case I hear
    it is fairly recent, perhaps a Hausa can explain it better. I am from the
    south and it is heavily frowned upon. I tell people growing up we did not
    even know such things existed, and that is the truth, most from my
    generation can vouch for what I am saying. Once again I am not saying that
    non exist or should be treated with violence. I am just saying it is not
    acceptable behavior in most African cultures (once again I cannot speak for
    all Africa is a big place) it is not acceptable behavior. I always use the
    example of polygamists, polygamy is a part of African culture but in the
    west they are put in prison, its okay it is the law of your society, but we
    also must be allowed to have our laws and each left to his own cultural
    norms. I think that is only fair!!!!!
    Africans making all these statements should know better, the case of the
    Buganda king is just one man, and the Buganda king had a lot of power, it
    would not have been so easy to just depose him. The whole world has had
    corrupt kings in their histories, Henry the 8th being a western example,
    should we now say that English culture condoned kings killing their wives.

  2. Uganda feels bad for the way the west lives??? Look at Uganda, no economy,
    shity GDP and everything there is just crap. HAha I feel bad for them, but
    then again… …. I dont!

  3. so some american came over who was not pro gay, and all of a sudden he
    influenced an entire country to pass this legislation ? I don’t buy it,
    the reasoning is not solid. the man may have had an impact, but to suggest
    the US right is behind this legislation is to ignore the Ugandans who
    support it. sometimes you have to take people at their word. It is the
    only way to develop the conversation. If you start it by saying they don’t
    think what they openly claim to think, you will get nowhere.

  4. If Anti Gay is abusing Human rights then restricting smoking cannabis and
    shooting heroin or any controlled substance is abusing human rights they
    cant be one thing which is bad to be made legal, If i were a president in
    my African country i would pass these conditions ”If u want me to legalise
    Homosexuality would it be possible if i legalise Marijuana??” Most
    Africans don’t find it normal and those Africans that say we r gay and we
    are being oppressed its just an excuse of getting a visa or stay in your
    Gay Free country..,.Europe and America need to wake up..

  5. That’s bullshit. So because a former Ugandan King was bisexual that means
    that homosexuality was accepted in African society before the Christian
    missionaries went to African? No, the people probably treated him like a
    God and wouldn’t question his authority. Your guest then quotes some
    African anthropologist’s views from a 1970’s article where he states that
    same sex marriages were accepted in Central Africa. I can’t find any
    evidence for this and good science depends on a consensus of views not just
    one man’s opinion.

    No one is denying that gays were present in Africa but to argue that it was
    accepted before the Christian missionaries went to Africa is propaganda.

  6. There is no rational reason to prevent two consenting (and I would argue
    unrelated) adults from having a same sex relationship. sexual or otherwise.

    I fucking hate feta cheese! So guess what, I don’t eat it!

    I’m a heterosexual man, and I love women. If I was a homosexual person, I
    suspect I’d want to love a homosexual person.

    Just because YOU find something “disgusting”, or offensive…too bad!

    In a free society it is our duty to be offended from time to time.
    Assuming individuals (not cults), I reiterate individuals are not being
    harmed, then there is no rational justification for preventing people from
    having relationships, sexual or otherwise.

    “There’s no place for the state in the bedrooms of the nation.” – Pierre

  7. At least they are keeping the law of the bible,,even tho they are Hamits
    going into slavery soon anyway.,,along with the rest of you heathens…

  8. Gay is a white culture so common in Britain and America Just because there
    super powers they want to convince Africans to support same sex marriage,I
    think this is imperialism any country has the right to restrict there
    legislation laws.

  9. Ya people r so fucking retarded. This is y I sometimes feel (depending on
    how religiously damage u r) religious people need to be extinct. If u
    believe that gay people should be killed. Then u should also feel its right
    for white people to have dehumanized black people for years.

  10. These actions are frightening, and coming from a race that went exactly the
    same way that homosexuals are experiencing today is a lack of respect for
    their own ancestors who suffered in their skin what it feels like.

  11. People who are supporting homosexuals are destroying families and are
    stupid. Sex is meant for love in a marriage and reproduction, which can
    only be done between man and woman.We where all formed through
    heterosexual intercourse not through homosexual.

  12. NO FAGGOTS IN AFRICAN..good on you Uganda you should even burn them like we
    do in Somalia. Ethiopia. Kenya. and soon hope all of Africa.. 

  13. Normal people hate the abnormal people so much (with fake smiles on face)
    that they refuse to study and learn about the deformity of same sex
    attraction. That is why they won’t figure out that the mutually destroyed
    sex brains create the safety of a predator community and the articulation
    of a false reality to the ignorant normal people. YOU ARE NOT STRAIGHT you
    are normal. SSA invented the word straight so that you would not realize
    immediately the opposite is abnormal and deformed in the brain. Male SSA
    is not caused by the same chemicals as female SSA. All binary sexed animals
    are female primary including the brain and body of every human fetus. Only
    after trauma and environmental cues will the ovaries drop and become
    testicles the clitoris extend into a penis. However with plastic and
    estrogen and anti psychotic drugs in all the water as well as 2000 nuke
    tests, the males ofter do not get the testosterone in the mothers body to
    change the brain to a big logical tougher emotional male brain. Yes faggots
    and mutual consenting ass and mouth rapist with or with child sex interest,
    black out drunk fags and ruffy rape fags who won’t report each other in an
    agreement of shame did exist in Ancient Rome, but that was Rome with Lead
    poisoning. We have fluoride poisoning and plastics invented to cull and
    kill the world by religious people. Christian need to stay out of the
    argument because they make it stupid and divert from the science need to
    identify the criminals that poisoned the world and this generation in
    particular. This is not love this is mutual consenting masturbation, a
    personally controllable thing for sane and healthy minded people, and if
    you cannot handle the truth, then keep defending the rainbow predator
    community that is not one group but a festering puss soar on the planet
    within the inner chambers you will never see as a normal person. There are
    total retarded chained up in the center of the con artist community being
    used up until death as sex slave and the christian argument is keeping the
    crime alive. Anything good is worth fighting for so let the predator fags
    fight for it. I declare the take back words straight means normal, gay
    means happy not deformed and perverted, rainbows are light refraction,
    pride is when you have done anything worthy of being happy about it to
    yourself. and the LETTER ARE MINE L B G T are MINE again. I will not be
    forced to be reminded of the predator community when I see those letter and
    the bull dyke rapist of weak women who are vulnerable after a few drinks
    READ MY BOOK. I REJECT the trick con-job word homophobia, NO ONE IS AFRAID
    of you as much as you think you are so scary. We fear what we would do to
    you if you touch our children and then we have to hang for it. The Liars
    world is promoted by heavy repetition day and night by one evil destructive
    group and you know who they are, just watch the credits on ALL you TV and
    Hollywood edu-tainment, to keep you weak and stupid an distracted as the
    CULL of mankind continues unabated. After all if you where clear on this
    and other propaganda you would be able to clearly see who is giving it to
    you in the financial ass worldwide. That’s the Bottom line. You would never
    have enough jails for the level of crime in the so called community I live
    in one of those sick cities with sickos in city counsel whining whimpering
    power hungry freaks and nothing good gets done with corruption is out of

  14. Rick Warren is gayer than Dan Savage…The latter is proud and out of the
    closet, the former is a homophobic bigot…Repressed homosexuals are the
    worst kind of homophobes. 

  15. I love Uganda, fuck all da cock suckers. Sorry America your occult agenda
    won’t work this tym……….its tym to kick these motherfuckers asses 

  16. “The Real News”, my ass! When Desvarieux begins this ‘interview’ with her
    obvious distain for Christians, I knew it was NOT going to be REAL. This
    hype of “reporting” is no better than the MSM hacks, whose agenda is to get
    Everyone to hate each other for any difference of beliefs. Just keep
    stirring the pot, bitch.

  17. XY for male and XX for female. There may be genetic aberration resulting in
    XXX or XXY , but these are either females or males. It’s a mindset that
    needs modification . We humans always have rules to govern us. 

  18. Homosexuality has existed before the term homosexual was even coined.It
    existed and was considered a norm.This war against LGBT persons is just
    another means of state control over the masses. The anti gay movement has
    nothing to do with morals or christian values.The last real christian died
    on the cross. The rest of you pretenders are moral less hipocrates that
    bring only pain into the world.

  19. Some people are looking into a petition to have some of these evangelists
    charged with a crime against humanity for the assistance they have given to
    Uganda in promoting this law – it was done to Julius Streicher in WW2 who
    never fired a shot but published a magazine that incited genocide and
    racial hatred – he was hanged for it.

    They can’t get what they want in America, so they spread their evil views
    in impressionable backward and poor little African countries.

    They may be protected in US (free speech) but not in other people’s
    countries. P.S I hope the gay community keeps outing these preachers as the
    secret homos they are (it’s a good disguise but now wearing thin).

  20. Homo sexuality is a sick crime, They are destroying societies and family
    system, Even animal don’t have this kind of nature . Homo sexual need good
    education and a psychiatrist……………….But all Zionist are Homo
    sexual … They want to prevail their agenda all over the world 

  21. Its barbaric to be the worlds largest jailer. Especially when 13% of the
    population acounts for 60% of prisoners. 

  22. I follow my faith. It reads in the bible that it is an abomination, and if
    two members of the same gender “lay together ” they should be put to death.
    Even though it says “thou shalt not kill”, you are supposed to treat your
    body as a temple. By forcing something in an area where it was not created
    to go in is a defacement of that body part. I would have to say that I give
    them applause for the decision to pass such a morally upright law.

  23. As I read the many comments below, I grow very weary of the idiocy, the
    utter ignorance of so many arguments. Spouting the bible as if it is God’s
    law is one of the worst. Men wrote the book, not God. Thankfully, thinking,
    caring people still exist to combat such utter stupidity. Christianity, or
    rather “Christianism”, has so much blood on its hands, and more than any
    other ever. You so-called Christians are an insult to the very teachings of
    the works you purport to live by. What a waste of time you are.

  24. Any kind of sexual activity outside that between a man and a woman within
    the marital framework is a violation of God’s law. That includes;
    pre-marital sex, adultery, etc. With respect to public policy, where do
    you draw the line?

  25. FYI 96% of Ugandans support this law. All other african countries will
    follow soon. No scientific study has proved that people are born gay. It’s
    a ridiculous unnatural lifestyle by the west. Even Russian, China and
    Middle East countries have got anti gay law, why is America not talking abt
    that. It’s just whites just demo nixing the blacks. 

  26. The world doesn’t hate homosexuals per se, as long as they’re men like &
    discreet, but it hates the very open, flamboyant, effeminate ones &
    transgenders, these gays are still a laughingstock & are barred from jobs,
    except in cabarets & beauty parlors

  27. “Let’s cut now to Reverend Haggard for his take on this scandalous,
    un-Godlike behavior.”

  28. The Christian Right must be liquidated without compassion as they would not
    afford it to anyone else. The systematic extermination would liberate the
    whole world from their stupidity and evil. I have come to the conclusion,
    after much study, that they only way to win is to slaughter those in
    positions of great power in the Christian Right who are responsible for
    influencing the poor, ignorant people of Uganda. If someone would be so
    kind as to post exact names of those who are responsible for this then we
    can get the ball rolling and level the playing field. Beating these people
    is a good start and inspirational, but their extermination is paramount to
    messaging our disapproval of their propaganda against gays. American, right
    wing Christians should be made to pay for their dealings and influence with
    Uganda. The penalty, is probably death.

  29. this is how black people are made to look stupid. this is an embarrassment
    to us. they same people who use the bible to enslave us we gladly welcome

  30. “The US Christian Right” Better known as the “Family”. They have been
    behind things like this for decades. No better, nor worse, than the Left
    for using racism to divide us all (they are the original KKK party, not in
    name sake, but you get the meaning, right?); or the Zionist pigs who force
    feed you GMOs, depopulating vaccines, chem-trails and Holly-Wood witchcraft
    to keep you distracted from the truth; or the Radical Islamist who dont
    believe in gender equality and behead those who refuse to believe in their
    devilish god who was satan; nor Jews neither, who kill the children of
    their neighbors and believe they have a divine right to rule and enslave
    all the so-called goyim. They are all insane and should be locked up and
    have their assets liquidated; and the proceeds divided amongst mankind, and
    their bloodlines forbidden to breed, forever.

  31. Westeners don’t understand because they are uprooted and estranged from
    and a healthy lifestyle.

  32. First they came for the straights, and I said nothing because I wasn’t a
    straight. Then they came for the Christians and I said nothing because I
    wasn’t a Christian. Then they came for the Conservatives, and I said
    nothing because I wasn’t a Conservative. …And then they came for me.

  33. #uganda #antigay #prison
    “US Christian Right is Behind Anti Gay Law Passed in Uganda
    Published on Feb 24, 2014
    Rev. Kapya Kaoma: New Ugandan law that makes homosexual acts punishable by
    life imprisonment was modeled after the talking points of right-wing U.S.

  34. TheRealNews
    Rev. Kapya Kaoma: New Ugandan law that makes homosexual acts punishable by
    life imprisonment was modeled after the talking points of right-wing U.S.
    evangelicals #homophobia 

  35. natural reaction cause of the gender bullshit, well done satanists, blood
    and dark mess everywhere.
    like here in France, nobody cares if someone is gay, but we don’ t want
    gender policy in school, even gays don’ t want that. masonic mess

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