21 Comments on “UGANDA: Museveni to sign anti-gay bill Monday”

  1. According to Wikipedia the average IQ in Uganda is 73, so what else can you
    expect? Probably this president don’t have more iq than outside temperature
    in winter xD Sad!

  2. How can American’s even start talking about human rights ? hah ? A country
    which has legalized Abortion ? how holy and true ? A country which has
    exported WAR to most middle east countries, hiding behind the veils of
    human rights! while stealing natural resources esp. oil. Africa has been
    watching you. You hide behind the UN and make this world to suffer. You
    have spread your filth to many countries which still had morals. All
    because you cannot keep your mouths shut about things that don’t concern
    you MFs. what is wrong with America ? You have not heard China, Russia,
    South/North Korea, Gremany e.t.c. making lots of noise about this. It is
    simple, Uganda does not like Homosexuality. Please do not impose it on us.
    Get it in your brains please. please please. it is a simple request. Open a
    new embassy and say, if a person is Gay, they have a free straight ticket
    to the USA – as simple as that. please this should be simple. You don’t
    have to abuse us, or abuse Museveni. Obama makes his decisions, in as much
    as Museveni makes his. Please shut your mouths.

  3. I agree, indeed – the first black Hitler. Jeez, how backward and primitive
    these people are!

  4. There have been black hitlers down there for decades. Fucking bastards
    can’t govern themselves. Anyone remember Idi Amin? Then you have a crew of
    white trash bible thumpers going down there and really fucking things up-
    no fudgepacking tonight, no no no!

  5. Another great day for human rights. Never had any wish to set foot in
    Uganda anyway, now even less so. Way to go Uganda, now the world will
    continue to think of you as neanderthals. How about putting these at the
    top of your “To Do” list:
    1) Sort out the child rape problem.
    2) Ensure women have access to health care and counselling.
    3) Do something about the environment getting trashed.
    4) Education.

    That should keep you busy for some time.

  6. Homosexuality just means a love/sex relation between 2 persons with same
    genre. It is on the nature, even in animals. There have always been people
    that choose homosexual relations and there will always be. It is something
    inherent to nature, to humans because It is a feeling. Culturally it is
    viewed as bad because of the religion(even though I believe in god but I’m
    not religious person, it is made by humans so it has things that are
    wrong). Religion has always suported people to procreate so homosexual
    relations and using condoms are bad by religion. I find that to be stupid.
    It seems like people from Uganda are extremely religious, in a bad way.
    They should take care of its poverty, education, be down on earth.

  7. America, a nation built on slavery and genocide has no business dictating
    civil liberties to uganda 

  8. Stupid people. Sexuality is diverse, you can love or have sex with whoever
    you want to. Some people only have sex with men or women, or just have
    fantasies, some like both. whatever mind your own business. Sexuality is
    diverse and It doesn’t matter. Africa should take care of its children
    dying of hunger

  9. All gay people have to do is just stop being gay, and there won’t be a
    problem. I do understand that there isn’t a whole lot to do in Uganda, and
    women aren’t the easiest people to get along with, but I’m sure that
    there’s something else they could do with their time other than having sex
    with other men. Get a new hobby. Reading, napping, spending more time with
    family. Don’t throw your life away having sex with men all day. This is a
    good law that will improve the lives of the people of Uganda, whether or
    not they realize it yet.

  10. When Yoweri Museveni was busy slaughtering his own people in Uganda and
    around the great lakes regions, these bloody moronic homos saw nothing
    wrong in that.Now that he wants to rid the country of their vice,they
    scream blue murder.Museveni is by far the most evil man that Africa has
    known and i wonder why some now call him Hitler when they deliberately
    ignored to call him so long ago. 

  11. Power is gone to some peoples head including Museveni…..check this out
    African man goes to America and tries to marry multiple wives they tell you
    NO that shit doesn’t go down well up WEST we respect their practices even
    tho we know they shagging anything that moves but pretend they only FuCK
    one! Now they come to us and tell us where to stick it in our own back yard
    you know why it’s because they have dollars and big guns they even claim
    they can stop us breathing! Both Yoweri & Obama are dickheads leave us
    alone let ppl duck with who ever God is to Judge not America!

  12. Actually you white create Aids so you can wipe out the BLACK RACE .TOO bad
    leprus victim.We were the fitst one on Earth we will be the last one
    left.The white were black victim of LEPRUS.

  13. Hey this bill should sign a long long time ago.The African countries dont
    ask the West to make polygamy and prostitution legal.Why they gonna dictate
    Africa to accept gay rape young boys.Last year a teacher stick a pencil
    inside a little girl private part.We African know that Africans who went to
    school in Western country universities and Ngo are the one who bring that
    abomination to Africa.There is no room for that sickness.I think pastor
    Martin Sempa is celebrate the victory now.

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