4 Comments on “Ugandan Civil Society files Historic Petition Against the Anti-Homosexuality Act of 2014”

  1. Hats off to these brave men for speaking out. As an American, I feel
    profoundly ashamed that Evangelical homophobes from my own country were
    responsible for this draconian measure!

  2. A lot of respect for these man – they’re saying what every political
    representative should have been brave enough to say from the start 

  3. I pray that God protects these brave persons who are standing up to protest
    against the AHA-2014 and show those in parliament that their jobs are to
    protect and defend all citizens not perpetrate their own malicious agendas
    or biases.

  4. Love this, spectacular! Yes, there is still hope. This Nazi-like law needs
    to be repealed. 

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