25 Comments on “Ugandan Gay Rights Activist David Kato Bludgeoned To Death”

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  2. @mtafiti People fear what they do not understand! Misinterpretation of
    scripture is a very dangerous thing and it often fuels hatred, bigotry,
    injustice and devastating acts of violence. I weep for Uganda because until
    they realize that God is love and each individual begins to walk in love
    (by expressing it daily to one another) there can never be true progress
    and prosperity in that country. I too condemn the death of my brother and
    friend David Kato (LGBT) Activist and Civil Rights Leader.

  3. It’s terriblble how the love between two people of the same sex can affect
    the lives of people who should have more important things to do. The fight
    against homophobia is a struggle of all people around the world. Thanks
    David for your passage in our lives Rest In Peace.

  4. He should be made a saint, brave man. Why do USA and Europe attack Lybia in
    order to defend civilians (if you believe that) and does not invade Uganda
    in order to stop such brutal murders I wonder?

  5. @sarah9miller Government free marriage would have prevented this man’s
    murder? Really?

  6. David, you were a very brave man. It is really sad that someone so far
    below you in courage and integrity should snuff out your life so early.
    Uganda is stuck in the Middle Ages, egged on by certain religious ‘leaders’
    who see political capital in fermenting hatred and blind prejudice.
    Respect, my man. RIP.

  7. With all the good he had done in his life, he well be reincarnated into a
    very good life. Just hope that his death well bring more awareness to the
    world of how things are their in Africa, and maybe even make them rethink
    their own views on gay people. Here in America it easier for people to
    think being gay is a ‘Choice” . But in other countries ? Where you publicly
    outed in the news papers and then arrested and even killed…can they
    really still think it’s a choice?

  8. @TitParty He was, Uganda is one of the most homophobic place in the planet.
    They currently have a pending law that would make being gay a death
    sentence. Is almost like Uganda is tucked in the middle ages and it does
    not help that extreme religious groups from the US are supporting the
    anti-gay movement in Uganda. May he rest in peace in the land of the dead
    (David Kato)

  9. David Kato was a freedom fighter. Ok hit boys! Let’s go get ’em! First
    up, Scott Lively.

  10. David Kato, You were a courageous person. You stood up for gays everywhere
    even when your entire country was against you. You were and are a hero.
    REST IN PEACE Homophobes in Uganda, You are disgusting scums of the earth.
    And you make your culture look retarded. When in fact, you guys never had a
    problem with gays until idiot 19th century missionaries came and forced
    religion down your throats. You are cowards hiding behind a filthy book of

  11. Out of all of the atrocities in africa… u mean to tell me that the world
    is concerned with the safety of gays in africa? Wake up Africans dont fall
    for western treachery. Kick the whites out and stop dealing in american

  12. @ALOVEBALLAD Actually, often correct interpretation of scripture can be a
    dangerious thing. This is why we can’t take Bronze Age writing as a guide
    for how to live our lives. The people who wrote these books were barely
    entering civilization.

  13. @ALOVEBALLAD I wonder why people are so so homophobic! I condemn the murder
    of the VOICE!

  14. bigotry, ignorance and hate are alive and well throughout the world…and
    backed by most religions!

  15. @Asamaki29 Exactly. David’s death is a tragedy and my thoughts are with all
    other gay individuals persecuted in Africa by uneducated, right-wing filth.

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