34 Comments on “Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni Signs Anti-Gay Bill Into Law”

  1. Just like a US president to attempt to manipulate the will of another
    nation by threatening to hold out on aid. Much of America has become a
    nation where faggots are free and encouraged to push their agenda, while
    normal society are expected to embrace it. But it’s good to know somebody
    is upholding a higher standard. In Africa of all places. 

  2. Kudos to Yoweri Museveni, for protecting the public welfare by preventing a
    clear and present danger to society!

  3. i even wonder how a living human can try his best to act like hundreds and
    hundreds of animals don’t you think that there is something wrong with you,
    if you are talking on the gay behalf mostly those on the Uganda land the
    best thing you deserve is death by fire

  4. These people aren’t really Christians. I mean, homosexuals are sick and
    perverted, yes, and I agree they should be removed from society and placed
    in prison but Christians don’t support the death penalty for this crime.

  5. Hey here’s a thought. If you don’t like it, don’t go! I would never step a
    toe in Uganda, but crying about it doesn’t change ANYTHING!!!!!

  6. the fact is a pig is wiser than a gay person because a pig or a cow even a
    dog can realize that this is a fellow male i cannot mate with but a
    creature[gay] on Uganda land cannot even think wiser than a pig those are
    crazy creatures they need to die and rest in evil

  7. Good for Ugandan people.. Aint nothing right about being a Fag and am tired
    of these White devils tryna force this shit on everyone mind your fucking
    bussines. Uganda is for Ugandan people nt for you Uk or you stupid Us
    nobody is tryna force shit on you both WTF u wanna from Uganda!!!

  8. if you’re gonna talk about Uganda then show some Uganda people protesting.
    The people in this video are not from Uganda. Nice try by trying to
    decisive the masses, but u cant fool me by by showing non Ugandans
    protesting giving the impression Ugandans are upset.

  9. These silly Kenyans are not serious at all,one they shouldn’t have worn
    masks when protesting because we want to recognize them clearly so that the
    public can deal with them properly,And secondly where are Kenyan leaders to
    do away with these possessed guys out of holy streets of kenya. Let them go
    western world and continue with their idiotic ideology.

  10. Looks like there is another target (Museveni) to take out. I wish I was
    allowed to kill him myself.

  11. According to Wikipedia the average IQ in Uganda is 73, so what else can you
    expect? A shame like this should go to Haag!

  12. Notice, how it’s mainly whites that support this type of evil shit. Whites
    are evil by nature and they know they are.

  13. Ten years for being gay? One wonders what penalty they have for violent
    heterosexual rape. Probably more lenient, I shouldn’t wonder.

  14. Any law passed and enforced to prevent perverted men from playing in
    another mans cesspool or poking in another mans poop chute like a subhuman
    animalistic monkey can’t be all that bad for a country.

  15. These people deep down their hearts know and are aware that its wrong. Why
    cover your faces in the first place? You are just sick

  16. President Museveni you should borrow that pen to other African leaders to
    sign anti gay bills. Let obama get something else with sense to promote in
    Africa. Fuck him

  17. Homosexuals are a normal part of any society in any nation. No bullying /
    religion / or hate will stop it. It is even present in the animal Kingdom
    so all you need to do is inform yourself and stop being ignorant and
    hateful!! and for all those who use religion to promote their hate remember
    that the bible even justifies slavery so don’t shout too much!!

  18. K24 get you facts right. NO Protest will occur in Kampala over this bill.
    contrary the president averted protests for signing the bill late. Majority
    of Ugandans support this bill, at the very least out of spite for British
    and American arrogance in their assuming they can dictate terms to a
    sovereign nation.

  19. This is not wise. I foresee Musevenis term coming to an end. They will cut
    aid, AIDS will increase, unemployment will increase, then instability will

  20. We should bury these kind of behavior once and for all. With or without
    donorship,we need not tolerate such heinous behavior in our society at
    all. God created Man and woman. I DONT SUPPORT GAYISM AT ALL.

  21. USA ?? we dont wanna know… aid?? support?? whats that shit when they
    are tryna duplicate us into their unconscious acts? Uganda will never be
    weak like any other doggy countries that accepted homosexuality because of
    aid. If it was all about human rights then how does aid and support cut off
    come in?… meaning you wanna influence Uganda into evil ways in the name
    of funding it, so its forceful.. Ugandans aint cowards so mind your
    business, who ever is concerned, Ugandans are Ugndans, Americans are
    Americans.. Dont get involved

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