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  1. Only Six ISLAMIC Nations execute people because of their sexuality. You are
    forgetting the Domocratic, Nations with a vast Muslim majority. You may not
    be executed for being Gay in China or North Korea, but you are more than
    likely to be executed for a miriad of other ‘Offences.’ Exactly when did
    China become a bastion of Human Rights or adopt Islam? This has nothing to
    do with LGBT’s or Human Rights, this is the threat of ‘Muslim Immigration,’
    ‘Taqquiya’ and all of that bullshit.

  2. The UN is there to opress freedom(with sanctions), destroy sovereignty and
    territorial integrity of nations, give powerful nations a podium to justify
    waging their wars, provide a stage for Anti-Semitism and finally, to serve
    the Super Powers like China and Russia to criticize America. Notice how the
    UN always fails to stop wars.

  3. @Ujames1978 I think you’ll agree, getting stoned in the US is far different
    than getting “stoned” in any muslim country. Doesn’t that paint the picture
    for you?

  4. Just to say something. The United States is not a democracy. I’m not sure
    if you said it in the video, I may have interpreted it wrong. We are by
    definition a constitutional republic. Although I get your point.

  5. @Saukko31 Well i as a Muslim am first and foremost against it all. I dont
    know how this seriously came along but i blame the UN primarily on this
    account because they took the step, they made the move to allow this to
    happen. Religion could complain day and night but nothing would happen
    until the UN agreed to it. The Quran is NOT harsh on Gays. It doesn’t tell
    Muslims to kill, let alone HARM homosexuals. (Unlike the Bible which says
    KILL them). Hadiths related to gays are WEAK too. Salam!

  6. -No religion put a gun to the head of the UN That may technically be true,
    but this decision is the result of the multiculturalist dogma, and the
    ideology of “religious freedom at any cost”, and clearly the spread of
    those positions in recent years is related to Islam. So YES it does have to
    do with Islam, only a fool would believe otherwise.

  7. @Shavarnarak The only way to destroy Islam is to destroy all religion. The
    only weapon great enough for that is SCIENCE. Science; it works bitches.

  8. As a bisexual I’ve seriously about had it with all those third countries
    continuous hostility to LGBT people. I know I certainly won’t ever give
    them a cent of charity anymore, I used to have some sympathy for them, but
    they pissed it all away at this point. I’ve decided they can rot now for
    all I care. If this is how they’re gonna be, then fuck them all. Then LET
    them all die of aids and what not, and get the shit bombed out of them.
    Good fucking riddance.

  9. It was a truly cowardly of the United Nations to water down their
    resolution on unjustified killings.

  10. @Ujames1978 I did mention the colusion of christians in Africa, the silence
    of western media, and the ability of NON democracies to vote along side of
    democracies. I know it’s more complex than just blaming Islam and I’m
    dissapointed with the US response. However this was spearheaded by the OIC.
    This was their baby. I don’t see any protest over it there. The people were
    very quick to cary signs when we all drew Mohammad. I guess human rights
    just aren’t that important to them.

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  12. We need Hitler here Right now to put them all in a gas chamber to wipe out
    all the islamic maggots.

  13. Watch Dlandoncole’s video to better understand the situation. This is not a
    binding resolution. It’s a 3rd committee non-binding resolution in essence
    that carries no political weight whatsoever.

  14. UN is such a joke, i mean seriously what is the point of their existence,
    if they can’t protect a minority group? this is appalling! under islam,
    many atrocities have taken place. islam is acting similar to early fascism,
    once they have enough power in europe, they will give a full push until we
    all dwell into a third world war. this religion has to be reformed! i mean
    didn’t the world learn from wwII and hitlers push? can’t believe we live in
    the 21st century still fighting irrational dogmas.

  15. @Saukko31 Wrong actually. This issue is not religious. It is using religion
    as a scapegoat from the TRUE enemy here which is the UN. We can all say
    “religion doesn’t know better” but the UN definetely does, and your heros
    there have let you down. No religion put a gun to the head of the UN as
    this legislation has been in placed for over 5 decades. Even if that forged
    the results the POWER was with the United Nations, they supported this and
    they have let you down. NOTHING to do with Islam here.

  16. @ramio1983 I think that was dealt in the video. Problem was that the UN
    allowed this kind of vote in the first place, and since supporting
    countries had the majority, this one passed. I stand by my words, this was
    initiated by muslim majority countries, and muslim majority countries
    overwhelmingly voted for it, and that they had a motivation to do this,
    since Qur’an isn’t exactly soft on gay. And for the record, I’m against
    death penalty for any reason. It is not justice, it is revenge.

  17. Another example of cultural/religious relativism taking priority over
    morals. When will people understand that the morals of one group can be
    better than the morals of another group. That’s how slavery, cruelty to
    animals and human sacrifice became regarded as immoral (and not from of any
    religion). It’s time we took a stand against the backward, immoral and
    insidious nature of islam and the other abrahamic religions.

  18. @sh00008 Reform? REFORM ISLAM?! I’m afraid that’s not possible because
    Islam is a religion that’s so tyranical to the core a reform wouldn’t do.
    don’t you remember the excerpt from the koran that the guy read where it
    say to kill any infidel lest they convert? its a religion that encourage

  19. Guyana,Suriname are not apart of the IOC, Guyana being predominately
    Christians and Hindus. Suriname as well.

  20. Religion is for weak minded cowards too afraid to face their own

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