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  1. Well, it’s simple. Russia has imperial ambitions and itself being
    undemocratic and corrupt uses achievements of democracy to fight
    ideological and financial dominance of the corrupt West. It’s freedom of
    speech as the right to spread propaganda in opposition to the mainstream

  2. The US a hypocrite on gays? do gays not have any job they want? do they
    not get married? do they not serve in the military? do they not get any
    sex change they want? what they want recognition that they’re more
    mistreated than blacks? not happening, blacks is still #1 in being abused
    you dumbass homos

  3. Nice straw-man argument there. No one said Russia’s gay laws are the worst
    ever. Lots of places have it worse. But it’s ‘only’ on par with places like
    Iran, where they deny the mere existence of such people (i.e., “no gay
    people in Sochi” -Mayor of Sochi). People in Russia were arrested during
    the opening ceremonies of the olympics for saying that Russia should look
    closer to Article 6. Is that propaganda to children? It’s a provision in
    the olympics! Maybe they should have read the fine print before hosting the
    biggest sporting event in the world…

    This whole “we must protect the children!” nonsense is just Russia’s
    not-so-subtle way of implying that gay people are pedophiles, and the
    Resident walked right into that logical trap. They’ll just say “any time a
    gay protest is broadcast on TV, there’s a chance a child might see it.
    So… we can’t have any of that!” as if they should be able to get away
    with enforcing their draconian laws under the guise that they’re protecting
    the defenceless youth from the evil spread of gay messages. And how
    insecure with your sexuality are you that you think a gay people can
    convince kids into fucking them just be talking into a camera? They’re not
    snake charmers for god’s sakes, they’re just gay people!

    I’m not a fan of the bigotry that goes on in America… but the fact that
    the Grammy awards didn’t turn into a giant police bust – as it would have
    in Russia – is a testament to the fact that it’s not nearly as bad in
    Russia. The U.S. still has a long way to go (e.g., in some places you can
    actually be fired just for being gay… wtf?!) but Russia is even further
    behind them. Maybe step one should be admitting that they exist.

  4. No balanced society would promote in its schools, homosexual relations.

    Which can confuse perversion with evolution, light and freedom.

  5. It says something however that the president of Russia speaks up for normal
    families: Marriage between a man and woman. Our president promotes an
    abnormal family structure which is homosexual marriage. What kind of
    country is America becoming. Evil is now called good and good is called

  6. RT… Obviously this is not about anti-gay laws it’s about a state
    sanctioned anti-gay culture at the national level. Many states in the
    US still have anti-sodomy laws. However those laws are not enforced. You
    also failed to mention the far more recent laws in the US making gay
    marriage legal in some states.

    The outrage is the fact that Russia would sanction laws suggesting that gay
    people are likely to molest children. Which has had obvious repercussions
    in Russia with more beatings and deaths of gay people on the rise.

    So pretending that being gay in the US is somehow the same as being gay in
    Russia at the moment is disingenuous and really diminishes your

  7. Ther are no ‘anti-gay’ laws in Russia! They only exist in inflamed
    imagination of anti-Russian propagandists. 

  8. Interesting how this propaganda tit-for-tat is developing. How the US can
    act as a moral standad-bearer is beyond me. I think, even among those who
    have criticised the US foreign policy of murdering innocents and general
    war-mongering and havoc-creation, there is still a double-standard applied.
    Imagine if any other nation tried to get away with what the US has been
    doing for the last 13 years? 

  9. Everytime someone brings up Russia being anti-gay, I ask them which part of
    the laws they disagree with. None of them can answer, because they don’t
    know. When I explain it to them, they are surprised and usually agree that
    the legislation is reasonable.

  10. america seems to be obsessed with gays… religious people especially… I
    bet it would break their hearts if all gay people were to become
    heterosexual tomorrow…

  11. And this must be news … the world really wants to make me sick. I’m full
    on agreeing with no gay propaganda to children because to be gay is not
    really a choice so to speak. I know there are a lot of confused and very
    traumatized people out there that think that they are gay or something but
    to be attracted to the same sex is a natural way. It has to do with our
    brain and the way it’s build but then again – trauma can change the way our
    brain thinks and acts so … but by the time you are 20 you will find out
    if you are gay or not. This topic is so long … but anyways ; to teacher
    children gay propaganda and tell them they are gay because they have some
    feeling that they don’t even know what they are is morally wrong and very
    stupid. If they start thinking like that then there brain will change
    accordingly to what they are being told.

  12. This issue is simple, The american empire is getting weaker, Russia’s
    influence is growing. Russia was crippled pretty bad in the whole last
    century. USA probably didnt expect them to recover so fast. Russia is now
    strong enough to defend itself against the West on many level, military,
    medias, economy etc. So now they can defy the US empire and interfere with
    their plans.

    The US empire would like to impose the american way, corporations,
    ultra-liberalism and globalism faster cause people are waking up more and
    more. Russia not only slow the process but also give the idea of a
    different way specially for Europe and Europe is the only real threat for
    the american empire, especially if they were to ally themselve with Russia.

    So that’s why they are so dishonorable, dishonest and ridicule about
    Russia, because they are desperate.

    The russian law is also about nudity, porn, incest, pedophilia. Russians
    dont want to screw up their kids with american junk thats all. Also they
    dont want homosexuality to become some weird creepy modern babylonian cult
    like LGBT cultists are promoting with gay pride parades, teaching very
    young kids about sex, homosexuality, gender issues and such. Homosexuality
    isnt a religion.

  13. Yep they just dot like Russia because they can’t teach kids to be gay, and
    that’s what their whole point is ,Gay’s can’t reproduce so they need to
    create more with sensation education in order to perpetuate their wanna be
    race to gain special privileges as so called minorities.

  14. CAUTION ! RT – Russia Today is a state sponsored propaganda machine and
    its sole purpose is to sway public opinions of the west. It is funded by
    and controlled by the Putin government. The videos and messages
    broadcasted by this organization should not be trusted. It’s sole purpose
    is to cause chaos in the west.

  15. The US association of Psychiatrists and as well as others had homosexuality
    and transgenderism as a mental disorder. Psychiatrists and counselors alike
    would do one on one therapy and it worked. Once political groups got in,
    based on rhetoric and not on the well being of mental patients they crossed
    it out. If one goes to the UK Psychiatrist association’s website and finds
    the topic of homosexuality it has no basis in psychiatry its just a rant
    about homosexual rights.

  16. What the fuck is gay propaganda?No such thing.You can’t convert
    heterosexuals into homosexuals,and vice versa. The vast majority of
    homosexuals are only interested in fucking others of the same sex.And that
    wouldn’t include everyone.They’d be picky,just like me.No fat ugly ones,or
    whatever.Leave them to those who’ll get turned on fatties. Gay pedophiles
    who hand out literature to children are the same as heterosexual pedophiles
    who pray on little girls.All the gays I’ve known,I can talk to them mano to
    mano. They know I’m not interested in giving them my arse. So we just shoot
    the shit as I’d normally do with anyone else.But pretty lesbians are hot.I
    reckon I could turn a lezzo if I really wanted to

  17. How bout we just make a fuckin “law” ,
    ((in Public!!))

    I don’t give a fuck if you’re a faggot, as long as I or ((ANY CHILD)) has
    to see it!

    Marriage, Who the Fuck wants to get Married? 

  18. Watch VICE’s documentary on homophobia in Russia and you’ll witness
    yourself just how horrid and anti-gay Russians are. We’re talking
    politicians and citisens alike. Russia is largely a Christian Orthodox
    religious nation. If you know anything about religion, you’ll know it
    encourages and breeds ignorance and hate. How do I know this? I grew up
    religious myself. The U.S. was just as bad at one point, but the difference
    between the US and Russia is the fact that the US is progressively getting
    better on the issue.

    Lastly, I’m not gay myself. I’m heterosexual and completely comfortable
    with my sexuality which is why I’m open to having gay or bi friends. I’m
    not scared that if I make a few gay friends I myself will turn gay as so
    many seem to fear. If there’s anything worth learning about the human
    condition, it’s that people hate and fear what they do not understand. 

  19. When I was Putin, I would also shit on Dutch criticism. Specially when it
    comes to a party PVDA, that’s mostly backed up by anti-gay Muslims. Do you
    see them going wild on their countries? Telling Arabs countries how they
    should run their country? Hell no, that would cost them a lot of votes.
    Criticism from Holland is selective and only for the bühne.

  20. Those are states. In Russia it concerns a whole country. But.. Putin plays
    the psychology moral game very well. He showed up in the Dutch Heineken
    house to congratulate Olympic gold winner and bi-sexual Wüst. Not that
    Putin would visit all gold winners, but just to prick a hole in that moral
    balloon of anti-gay criticism Dutch have on Russia. When it comes to
    Russia, and also this vid. it always comes with the ‘you’ blame. LMAO. 

  21. Theres Type 1 Diabetes And There Is Type 2 Diabetes. There Are People Who
    Are Basically Born With Diabetes, It Comes On As Children. It Has Nothing
    To Do With Their Diet And They Have To Deal With It. Then Theres Other
    People Who Developed Diabetes At A Much Later Stage In Their Life And It
    Has To Do With Usually Bad Eating Habits.
    And The Same Way. When You Talk About Homosexuality And The Causes Of It Or
    Try To Compare Homosexuality To Anything Else, You Always Risk Offending A
    Lot Of People. You Offend The Homosexuals And You Offend The People That
    You Compare Them To, But It Seems To Me Theres Kind Of A Type 1 And Type 2
    There Are People Who Seem To Be Born With This Proclivity Through No Fault
    Of Their Own, Its The Way They Are. It May Have To Do With You Know,
    Hormone, You Know, The Sequence Of Hormone Releases When They Are In The
    Fetal Stage, When They Are In Their Mothers Uterus.
    And Then Theres Others Who Seem To Develop It Later In Life And It Has To
    Do With, You know, Whats In The Culture.
    And With Diabetes Obviously You Want To Um, Accommodate People Who Have
    Diabetes, Especially If Its Through No Fault Of Their Own, But Even If It
    Is Through Their Fault, You Know, You Want To Accommodate People, But On
    The Other Hand. Anybody Who Um, Can Avoid Developing Diabetes, We Want To
    Do Our Best To Help Them Avoid Developing Diabetes
    And It Would Seem To Me That With Homosexuality. The People Who Through,
    You Know, No Choice Of Their Own Are That Way. You Want To Accommodate Them
    So They Can Have A Meaningful Life And Contribute To Society. On The Other
    Hand, Because There Are Health Problems And Psychological Problems That Are
    Very Closely Associated With Homosexuality. We Want To Help Those Who Can
    Avoid Developing It, What You Might Call The Type 2 Homosexuality, You Want
    To Help Them Avoid It.
    And In The Case Of The Russian Government They Have Chosen To Ban Promotion
    Of Homosexuality, Pro Homosexual Propaganda And It Seems To Me That Society
    Does Have An Interest In Preventing Or Discouraging Those People Who Are
    Not Born Like That From Developing Those Practices Which Are Unhealthy.

  22. It doesn’t matter if Russia’s laws are not has bad as other Countries ..
    the main fact is that Russia made such a barbaric law… to talk about
    Homosexuality period being a crime. Russia is guilty has well with the rest
    of the world. Period. Russia instead of taking the moral high road you
    decided to part of the problem on this issue. Any Country making such a
    discrimination just shows how immature their society has become…
    period… I am a gay man and for the first time we have all boycotted the
    Olympics. Russia is guilty in crimes against humanity with this law no
    different than any other Country. And speaking to your children about
    homosexuality is not a sin…. it’s called education. Lazy thinkers. 

  23. In Russia, kissing in public is banned. The legislator explains that
    prohibition to such public display of affection could lead to more liberal
    sexual behavior.

  24. ok, but what about the part were they are literally beating, capturing and
    humiliating gay people in your country, that doesnt happen much in the US,
    RT news is actually owned by the government and this is complete bs so shut
    the hell up and watch these videos of the pain these LGBT people go through
    it is uneasily saddening in so many ways

  25. This bitch got the Kremlin’s dick in her mouf…Russia is anti-gay like
    shit, and Putin is the biggest faggot of them all…lulz!!!

  26. Typical case of “Pot, meet Kettle…”
    Seems people are wanting to boycott the wrong nation, again.

  27. I wonder if they might have thought on good old Honest Abe on
    the…homosexuality here. Oh yeah that is another story I think.

  28. Haha, I type “RT anti gay Russia” to see how RT is reporting Russia’s
    DISGUSTING anti-gay laws …. what do I get: IT IS U.S’s law! Fuck RT, what
    a stupid state station! Fuck Russia too, a country that hasn’t achieved
    democracy or freedom NOT EVEN ONCE for the last 3000 years. 

  29. Actually, this makes the USA more progressive on this issue than I
    thought. So a few conservative states have slightly worse and perhaps
    unenforced anti gay legislation. Still ahead of Russias average!

  30. What a joke. 50% of the time RT complains about other news stations and the
    other 50% of the time they justify laws that bring us back into the Middle
    Ages. Russia obviously has huge problems with lgbt rights and for you to
    take this as an opportunity to take a weak jab at the U.S. insted of
    showing your viewers what this horrendous law entails is beyond
    irresponsible. What’s even more sad is that people are actually believing
    your deception. 

  31. As long as their ignoring the public headings and other cruel things that
    go on in other countries their “Hero’s for Homo’s” propaganda schtick
    should be ignored.

  32. Hah, I love it, the US is just running a propaganda war as usual, trying to
    control public opinion. We are supposed to allow ths one gay law in Russia
    to dictate our foreign policy stance towards them. Brilliant, and this is
    how a democracy can scare me.

  33. Yeah but russian citizens are luring gays and torturing them and beating
    them senseless if not killing them and they are posting it online and
    getting away with it and support.

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