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  1. The US Supreme Court deemed it unconstitutional to throw someone in jail
    for not being able to pay court fees or fines without asking them if they
    can afford it first, but still, courts across the country continue to
    imprison poor people for not paying fines. Then, even worse, those fines
    grow with interest rate, as the people behind bars have no way to make any
    money to pay down fines. The Resident discusses.

  2. Yea, my son was pulled over they found a bowl of pot on him, they steal my
    car and ask me for 800$ ransom for it, then they make him pay his fine in
    person, we cannot call and use an atm card to pay, so we have drive in our
    non existant car 20 miles to go pay it, on occaision we cannot get a ride
    there in time, so what does the DUMB JUDGE SAY?…”WE WILL DOUBLE YOUR FINE
    IF YOU ARE LATE”, HE IS DISABLED AND cannot work, so i have to pay, and
    find a way to get there and i am also disabled… so now they punish me
    as well as him and make impossible for either of us to comply B/C THEY
    MONTH WTF DO THEY WANT…MY BLOOD TOO?! ….There is no justice in the
    judicial system…all of this financial nightmare over one tiny bowl of
    pot….PSSSSSS, thats me pissing on our judicial system! Plop! oohh they
    got a little brown w/ it too!…assess! I HATE THIS SYTEM AND EVERYONE WHO

  3. I have said it on other videos. Mark my words: THE DAY WILL COME WHEN IT

  4. unconstitutional debtors prison , still goes on at the exspence of tax

  5. The last time I watched one of her stories about the Vietnam War, there
    were actually people who had no idea what it was. Then, that we lost it. I
    almost smashed my laptop against the wall. 

  6. To all Americans who stucked up on the problem…> the solution is..1) fuck
    less, or try to skip having more kids 2) Live on your own, one time in the
    life 3) forget banks live with your monthly earnings ////that`s it / plain
    and simple ///then you`ll see government will care about you ;)

  7. I live in Colorado and can confirm. I was sued when I was 18 and unemployed
    for something that happened when I was 16 (it was a bogus claim, don’t want
    to get into details). I obviously couldn’t afford the $40 court fee having
    no job at the time, and had spent my last money on gas just to get to court.
    I told the court I couldn’t afford the court fees, so they gave me a
    default judgement without even hearing the case and ordered me to pay up. I
    just turned and walked out of the courtroom at that point, absolutely
    disgusted, and haven’t looked back. Not sure what ever came of that case, I
    was able to join the military a few years later without any problems (they
    do massive background checks). I have no idea why the court never issued a
    bench warrant. As far as I can tell, that case doesn’t show up on my credit
    or police records. I got lucky.


  8. the gov created a society where most ppl are forced to be poor and grossly
    in debt and forced to commit certain crimes like stealing food, clothes,
    squatting, to survive etc… then the gov arrests these ppl and throws them
    in jail to use the ppl with jobs to pay high taxes based on the prisoner
    count etc… the gov uses this extra money to line the politicians pockets
    and the rich get richer and the poor get poorer and the arrested and become
    slaves. just another reason why we need to enact our rights and enforce our
    constitution by using the ammendments within it to overthrow this corrupt
    and treasonous governmment immediately.

  9. Yeah right. Show me a statute in any of the 50 states of America, or any
    federal statute that reads “Poverty and debt is a crime”. Until then, shut
    up you stupid bitch. Move to Russia.

  10. Don’t forget this applies more widely to child support. There are men who
    are forced to quit their jobs by arbitrary restraining orders their wives
    attorney’s request just to help the wife win custody, who then get charged
    child support based on their old income, miss their payments, get sent to
    prison, then stay in prison because back payments keep adding up.

    A man living a happy life can lose his home, kids, pet, vehicle, job, life,
    and then his freedom in much of Canada and the US if his wife just gets
    bored with the marriage and the attorney she pics happens to be the
    aggressive type.

  11. its all about money for them. period. if you’ve ever been kidnapped by
    police for an unpaid ticket (etc.), tossed in an overcrowded and flooding
    cell, had them steal your car and ransom it back for hundreds of dollars,
    and fed that 0-10% percent juice and boiled everything else, plus a piece
    of fruit and theeeen forced to sleep on a cold floor for days or weeks on
    end— you know it’s true. this system is horrible. and for a ticket???
    worse part is how many other people you discover are in there for the same
    bullshit. all races and professions. waiting it out in filth— just so you
    can have the law tell you time served. now you can go home or to work (if
    you still have your job). go catch real criminals! that’s what jail is for.
    murderers, rapists, and the likes. Not sweet ol Miss Beatrice down the way
    who can’t afford to pay for a fucking parking ticket.

  12. I disagree. Americans allowed Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and their cohorts to
    get away with the 9/11 Inside Job and now they allow Barry Soetoro the
    illegal-alien-in-chief to squat in the White House doing whatever he
    pleases. The Americans need to bend over and take the medicine for being so
    utterly naive and stupid, even if that means years of prison time for the
    taking of a single loaf of bread. 

  13. … so what your saying, it costs $70 a day to keep people in jail for
    every $50 they owe. OK put them to work on chain gang to do $70 worth of
    labor every day they are in…..problem solved

  14. The system is set up for the benefit of privately run for profit systems
    which weren’t mentioned in the report.

  15. Washington state is the most fascist dicktastership this country has ever
    seen , they also have the most crime and corruption amongst so-called law
    enforcement in the country. Investigate this ,county prosecutors, Judges,
    probation officers, and social workers own are majority share holders in
    all the Rehab’s, treatment centers ,and the fake domestic violence
    counciling classes that they force you to goto spending in the thousands,
    the Rehab’s are so bad that if you miss one scheduled day that they keep
    your money and make you pay all over again and restart your classes, the
    same goes with domestic violence classes, they then hold these classes in
    the middle of the day forcing you to miss work twice a week. In Washington
    state the classification for domestic violence is just arguing with your
    spouse or girlfriend or boy friend! If they show up because you yelled at
    one another the take one person to jail, and usually its the man that goes
    before the women because the man would rather go to jail instead of having
    his spouse go. They know this and totally exploit this frivolous law in
    order to make themselves rich. You’re labeled as a domestic abuser if you
    tell the other person to fuck off or use swear words in your argument, they
    threaten a person with 1year in jail just for arguing with their spouse,
    this is how they extort the people. 99% of all people in jail or in
    treatment are not physical abuser’s but they try to sell and promote it as
    much as possible to keep their extortion racket going ,the commercials on
    the tv are paid foe by these classes in which the judges and prosecution
    owns.. You ask how do they get rich on a civil servants salary??????

  16. Most of the states that do that have a privatised jail system and the
    contracts with them states say say the must have a certian prison
    population rate or they gets charged… i.e. people get locked up for minor

  17. @ 2:50 “… this idiotic system of imprisoning people at an expense that is
    more than the money that is owed.” … Jailed for stealing food? What is
    this, Les Miserables? Roughly 15% of our citizens are living in poverty,
    and prolonged poverty inevitably leads some to desperation and petty crime
    ~ we gotta do better to make sure people don’t fall through the cracks …
    economically, it’d cost taxpayers less to build housing for such people and
    provide food stamp assistance than it would to incarcerate them ~ limit
    prisons to those that deserve jail sentences, violent criminals, grand
    theft, etc …

  18. there is a small group of frightened, weak minded racist white men and
    women, who are trying to socially engineer humanity to suit their genetic
    goals. im sure the rest of white america should be able to see this. in
    order for things to change in america, this small group must be removed
    from power completely, either peacefully or not, doesnt matter at this
    point, cuz if people do not begin to move to take these people out, it is
    going to viewed as a vote of support for these evil mean and women, by the
    rest of america and the world, and if thats the case…..

  19. I go through red lights all the time.Well,not so much these days.But in the
    days of misspent youth.You just have to be selective.Make sure no one’s
    coming the other way..Duh.Check for pigs..Duh…And hazard a guess as to
    whether it’s a red light camera.They’re quite often turned off. Haha,fuckin
    idiots who want to follow rules all the time.

  20. oh yeah this is the truth. I live in north america and I’ve been out of
    work for 9 months, it doesn’t matter, child support, speeding ticket, and
    household bills don’t stop coming in. they threw my ass in jail for missing
    two payments. I called to tell them I just don’t have.it. now I’m behind on
    my home owners taxes and they charging me 12 percent interest. I’ll never
    get caught up. sometime’s you think about just using your life insurance so
    u don’t leave your kids in debt.

  21. WOW just WOW! there are some pretty nasty asses in this world.. I can smell
    one cooking right across the street!

  22. No one is being forced and its not the Government its us PERIOD.
    going to work everyday paying taxes,voting without doing extensive
    background checks, discrimination, police officers,military knowing full
    well what it does to the minds of people but we still insist on enlisting
    ect… those are the things we sign up for our footwork supports the
    system 100% its works because we allow it and as soon as a conspiracy
    theorist say quit your jobs barter/trade learn to grown your own food no
    one wants to here that and now that the shit has hit the fan everyone’s a
    victim lmao 

  23. If it were about “paying for a sin” they could let you pick litter for a
    few hours or something.

  24. I Just Wish Everyone who let these things be known do something about the
    fed System they all wanna talk about the fed system but never try to do
    anything about the Corruption . 

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