4 Comments on “V: Chik fil a and gay rights”

  1. I, personally, don’t see how boycotting a fast food restaurant is going to
    do jack politically. But yes, you have shown me I’m not the only sane
    person left on the planet.

  2. Can’t tell if this was before or after “chick-fil-a” appreciation day,
    which was really more or less “heterosexists get chicken” day, but you make
    a lot of great points that I agree with. Why boycott Chik-Fil-A when you
    could be donating to [organization of choice]? They’re still making big
    bucks no matter how much people boycott it and will continue to do so.
    While it’s well within people’s rights not to give them more money, they
    aren’t really helping gay rights any.

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