6 Comments on “Vatican Family Review Signals Shift on Homosexuality | BREAKING NEWS – 14 OCT 2014”

  1. Thank you for the moment of silence afterwards. I guess the concept of
    turning away from sin is a moot point…

  2. Remember Sodom and Gomorrah. The Vatican should not even discuss
    homosexuality. Gay and Lesbian marriages. It perverted. God made men and
    women so that they could be one in marriages. If they (the gays &
    gays/lesbian & lesbian) want to cohabit among themselves. That their
    business. At all they are the one to answer before God. Even animals and
    insects adhere to the rules of nature. Are the intellect mankind lesser
    than these creatures?
    If this is condone by the Holy See, truly, truly I tell God will bring the
    world to an end. Say what you like, when the time comes, I sincerely hope
    that God will judge me including all the faithfull favorably.

  3. i’m not gay but am in favor of ‘live and let live’. We keep coming back
    until we get ‘it’ right. anti-gays will have to come back and live the life
    of a gay person in the next life.

  4. Men may condone any behavior they wish and do. And these pompous, “holy”
    men may reject that which they find troublesome in scripture, but be fully
    aware and take serious note that God will not be mocked. What He has spoken
    He will do – and He shall judge righteously.

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