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  1. (that song is from the musical Fiddler on the Roof, not from Mrs.
    Doubtfire, just letting you know) (p.s you’re my favourite vlogger)

  2. I was robbed! We didn’t have a Starbucks or a playground at UGA!
    (University of Georgia) I’m not gay, but three of my best friends are. I
    was part of the LGBTQ club on campus, went to rallies, so everyone just
    assumed. I never corrected them. I just don’t understand why people are so
    judgmental about something as basic as who you love.

  3. Ok you like princesses, Traditional Irish music, equality, and swings. You
    are awesome!

    I’m Bisexual but I live in Washington State in the U.S. and here we have a
    lot of people fighting for equality (check out Seattle Pride! 🙂 ) I
    absolutely love it. Is it harder you think in Ireland because religion
    plays such a large role? Ok well I’m assuming it does because I see a lot
    of documentaries and travel shows that show the divide in religions
    (Catholic and Protestant) as being a HUGE issue there, so I would think
    that since both religions have a pretty big stand on homosexuals it would
    be an issue.
    I wish I could travel to Ireland, ok I wish I could travel to the UK haha,
    oh..and all of Europe…let’s just say I want to travel. 😉

    Oh and *headdesk* for people saying you aound like Merida XD did they ask
    if you wear a kilt too?! *dies*
    Sorry for rambling on all your vids! I really enjoy them and I am so happy
    that you and Lucy collaborated so I could find your channel! 

  4. I loved this! But would you not put in a bit more potato into the
    shepherd’s pie?! It’s only swimming with meat! I loved this video, and your
    thoughts on that talk seemed very heartfelt and sincere! I have a feeling
    I’m going to love your videos!

  5. I’m not gay but in high school someone spread a rumor about my best friend
    and I and we choose not to correct them because we thought “So what if we
    were? I didn’t know there was a sexual orientation prerequisite for

  6. You are such an awesome/amazing person :3 I’m Irish also & everybody says
    to me that I sound like the girl from brave haha!! No joke xD 

  7. You crack me up so much Melanie! I thought the shepherds pie looked delish!
    Keep the vlogs coming, I love them! x 

  8. You’re so right Melanie, I’m so glad that people are taking a stand against
    homophobia 🙂 🙂 Love shepherds pie… My mum makes it the best! The
    playground looks so fun, and how did you do your makeup so well in the car
    and in a rush?!:o I love that you’re Irish top, because so am I and I’m
    VERY proud of it, you’re amazing xD

  9. Oh I miss porridge SOOO much! I used to eat it all the time growing up but
    in the last while it’s making me so sick! 🙁 boo! Really need to find some
    new breakfast alternatives! Great vlog by the way it was lovely to see a
    day in your life 🙂 xox

  10. Bisexual female here! Woohoo! Lol. I love your videos Melanie! You are so
    funny and bubbly and beautiful and adorable! 

  11. Great Vid Mela. Did skip the girly shenanigans though haha 😉 BTW love
    shepherd’s pie and yours looked exactly like the one my Mum makes. Speaking
    of Irish music do The Cranberries still get much play in Ireland? (bit
    before your time maybe)

  12. Omg your eye color is sooooooo beautiful! I think your purple eyeshadow you
    wore in the video brought it out more 🙂 It is absolutely lovely!!! and
    yeah, hats off to Ellen Page 🙂 !! Thx for another fun video <3

  13. SO many comments requesting more vlogs, so filmed a typical uni day of
    friends, events, food & fun! Enjoy guys :)

  14. I hope university is good for you so far! 😀 I’m from Australia and off to
    university next year. You should come to Australia some day. We have some
    of the top universities and lots of open space, hot weather and crystal
    clear beaches…..oh! We also have good shopping!

  15. No I’m Only A Kid (11) I Know I’m Probably Younger Than You Expected My
    Mams Bf Lives Near And He Brought Me To That Park

  16. Hey Melanie I was wondering if you watch Mirandasings videos on youtube.
    she is coming to dublin for her show maybe u want to chrck it out and make
    a vlog ( Ive never been able to go to one but I watch regularly her
    ideos)and have fun there:D She is the most funny

  17. I totally agree with you when it comes to gay/lesbian rights, I have some
    great friends who are lesbians 🙂 by the way are you earrings from
    Primark? 😀 I think I have seen them in there the other day 🙂 xxxxx
    P.S. lovely video as always xxx

  18. For someone who done their makeup in the car, u done a phenomenally good
    Melanie u crack me up, ignorant ‘baaaasteeerrrdd’
    U need to make more vlogs. It’ll be amazing to watch back on them in 5 yrs

  19. was such a fun vlog to watch melanie!! I was so excited when you mentioned
    that you are so passionate about equal rights!! I’m the same about this
    subjects!! There’s a youtuber +marinashutup you should check it out I know
    you would love her 🙂 xx! have an aweosme day melanie :)

  20. I absolutely LOVED this video! I know this is weird but I live really near
    DCU and it was mad seeing you walking around the campus and going to the
    playground and all because I’m there like every day! I’d love to maybe bump
    into you some time! I also loved that I can go to the shops that you went
    to and buy what you got because a lot of youtubers are American so I can’t
    buy most of the things that they recommend. Overall I thought this was a
    really really good video! It always brightens up my day when I see one of
    your new videos in my subscription box! Thanks for being such a good you
    tuber! x 

  21. you told your gay subscribers to comment. hey ^.^ i think you really should
    start making videos about your opinions on world issues, it would be really
    cool and you seem like you have a lot to say on the subjects. i live in
    london, where there isn’t a lot of homophobia (at least in the parts im
    from), but i still get comments from people when im with my girlfriend
    which i think is pretty awful, but i agree that love is love and you
    shouldn’t try to belittle other peoples relationships and i think that you
    can definitely help to spread the message around if you get the chance 🙂
    btw that shepherds pie is absolutely beautiful ahah xx

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