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  1. @MangaArtist2010 Nope we are not parranoid thats why I said “some” – I’m
    pleased you have found purpose with your new found st8 sexuality – I’d say
    not renting someone a house because they were gay alone was discrimination.
    One day coming out the closit will be irrelevent – that will be the day
    equality will have arrived.

  2. LOL@ColonelAllan, reality refutes everything you’ve written, just as
    everything you’ve written refutes your sanity and relevance. You’re
    forgotten but not gone.

  3. BackInAGiffy, if it pisses you off when you act like a woman, then…man up
    already. Grow a pair, dude.

  4. @MangaArtist2010 I don’t want to fight over such a subject. In fact I’m
    really sorry. Everyone has there own views. Your right, no one is forcing
    you to be a lesbian, but if that’s what your attracted to why try and
    change. I for one am not attracted to girls but would I want to change? No,
    never in a million years. I love who I am. and I’m prepared to face the
    world and all of it’s hardships. But, that’s just me. again I’m sorry for
    insulting your views.

  5. @gamesbuck Faggots are free to unhappily marry people of the opposite sex
    just like everyone else. that’s equal rights.

  6. i had no idea what gay rights were but then i saw a movie called i now
    prenounce you chuck and larry with adam sandler and its about gay people
    and there was one scene where a croud of straight people start yelling gay
    is not the way and then like a couple start crying and then i noticed how
    bad it is i am not gay but if i could i would be martching with them so ya
    its a good movie i suport you and oh ya GAY IS THE WAY GAY IS THE WAY GAY

  7. i 100% support you. We should have all rights that Straights have. Nme 2
    things straights can do that we cant.

  8. @KamensTV sure you were kiddy fucked. that’s why you turned gay. you also
    hate and desire that what you cant have (innocence) .it’s a kind of
    cognitive dissonance in reverse and that is why you’re attracted to little
    boys. you want to sodomoze them just as you were when you were very small
    and steal their innocence.

  9. @GodCreatesGays2 its pretty obivious your gay you ridiculous freak, you
    really are proving how much of an imbecile YOU are. now piss off and remind
    yourself of how big a failure at life you are.

  10. LOL@20cFilmWannabe, you keep proving, over and over again, what an imbecile
    you are. Now you are dumb enough to imagine I’m gay, just because I’m so
    much more gifted and intelligent than you are. Take my advice and quit
    while you’re behind. You’re embarrassing yourself!

  11. gay’s who don’t see what they are doing as a sin are doomed to Hell not by
    me but their lifestyle. If you’re gay and you go to church on the idea that
    you’re bad for it and need to change and admit to it to god then you are
    entitled to forgiveness. But don’t step into my church or family of faith
    and say that you have every right to be gay by god. you may have a right by
    state or government but not by god who never changed the fact that “if 2
    men sleep together it is a sin” we don’t stone.

  12. @JG16778 Please stop talking before you make yourself sound even more
    uneducated than you already are..if possible..

  13. @MangaArtist2010 laws of biology? do they count? homosexuality is not a
    changable thing. they have no choice whatsoever. if some1 is gay and doesnt
    wanna be, then they can either: a) lie to themselves and everyone else by
    saying that they are heterosexual, or b) accept themselves for who they are.

  14. Let me also share a not true but same ideal story with you though about
    this “Gay” issue. Say there is a group of people who choose to put shit on
    their heads where it is dripping off them. They are called “Shitheads” and
    proud of it. They want to dine in your restaurants and be treated equal,
    but they get kicked out as it offends… Should the public give up their
    right of being grossed out for the sake of a newer, smaller community
    because of their choices? Think about it.

  15. why do queers have to act like women theres absolutely no need for it, just
    pisses me off

  16. @remieres This is one of the reasons why I like the fact that my religion
    has no hell. Surely only your God can judge you anyway? Why force your
    anger on people when in the end it makes no difference to where they end up?

  17. @MangaArtist2010 I agree with dragoncrazed12. I love how you people think
    we “chose” to be gay. Because, apparently one day I woke up an was like I’m
    going to be attracted to men. And for the love of God stop quoting the
    bible…… you think we haven’t heard it before. And a little word of
    advice don’t twist passages in the bible around to sound like you want them
    to. read them in their entirety.

  18. @GodCreatesGays2 what qualities are these then, you certainly dont express
    them very well also your gay so your not intelligent “god just loves me
    better” LMFAO dirty faggot

  19. @moshesh You know, it’s so funny… You’re saying God will judge him for
    sinning. Um… There’s no commandment that says, “Thou shall not be gay.”
    However, there is a commandment that says: “Love your neighbor as
    yourself.” Your total lack of disrespect for Dan is breaking God’s number 1
    commandment, so think about that. Also, you aren’t God; therefore, you have
    no right to condemn him. I’m Catholic, but I support homosexuality because
    God loves all of his children. Peace…

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