7 Comments on “Voting in the Military – Burma – November 2010”

  1. With the command of English language as you’ve demonstrated, I’m sure the
    “whites” are shaking in their boots.

  2. Don’t be silly, its us south Americans they come to for drugs, we also know
    how to write properly, which makes us better people. Remember kids, writing
    properly makes you sound more smarter! xxxx

  3. Look like the military is wise 2 western explotion. And big business can’t
    get their nwo/illuminati clutches on Burmas resources, Good. Burma should
    roll w/ China anyway & fuck the west. When China upgrade it’s goverment it
    will b unstoppable & the white’s in the west r afraid bcuz they will have 2
    pay more 4 the opium. U white’s don’t fool them. Ur heroin will soon b
    totally controlled by the Asians LOL. The Asians have wised up & u
    nwo/illuminati a’holes r totally fucked LOL. Go Military.

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