33 Comments on “Want To Date Scarlett Johansson? Just Wait, Says Google Exec”

  1. or you could just get a real woman….a i woman and real woman isn’t the
    same. Real woman has too much problems associated with them…

  2. Predictions like that are so fail… Why 2029 and not 2031? how did he come
    with the 2029 date ?
    Remember the cool predictions of a movie called blade runner ?
    Great movie btw.
    I mean blade runner.

  3. When the AI is about to run out of batteries:

    “I will never forget you my love… MEMORY DELETED”

  4. Am i the only one who finds this woman over expressive n kinda undignified.
    She has a horrible laugh for sure.

  5. Ray Kurzweil is a scam artist and a grand bullshitter. Don’t believe him
    for a second. He tells people what they want to hear, he’s not speaking
    from hard science.

  6. Cenk, you are an idiot. you actually think the movie is an accurate
    depiction of reality? i’m not surprised how fucking obtuse you are most of
    the time. you can’t even imagine anything past the reality that a movie

  7. Kurzweil is a well known hack. He makes broad predictions of strong ai,
    none of them show to be true or based on real evidence.

  8. This Google guy thinks that there will be human-level AI by 2029? And he
    decides to relate it to virtual dating? If we could create geniuses in
    factories, we could eventually have electronic scientists!

  9. Sad to say Cenk but the most pointless war in human history (World War I)
    gave us plastic surgery, all terrain driving and viable aircraft. Hell even
    Vietnam gave us superglue. The human mind is never so focused on improving
    its lot as when it is trying to blow seven shades of shit out of itself

  10. This story is irrelevant… However that overweight liberal cunt has big

    As always, in closing and since Ana isn’t here…

    Overweight liberal cunt… show me your tits.

    P.S. Why do I see Carrot Top as the official spokesman of these female

    Carrot Top: Hey guys, Carrot Top here… I won’t to tell you about my new
    and improved girlfriend.

    Yeah, sounds about right… Carrot Top. 

  11. It wouldn’t have to be all sexual. What if you could go to a station at the
    DMV and talk to a pleasant, competent A.I. instead of a bitchy, apathetic
    human worker. Or you could also buy one for your grandparents to keep them
    company so that you don’t feel as bad about never visiting them because
    they’re bitchy and kind of racist.

    I’m just thinking of random scenarios.

  12. that was me with the doves, setting em free in the factory
    where they build your computer love. — Neil Young, ‘Revolution Blues’,

  13. why does tyt think it will only be virtual woman and straight relation
    ships time to join the 21 st century cenk

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