8 Comments on “Watch Blatter spark more controversy over Qatar 2022”

  1. i am very hapy englend didnt host te cup, i hate london and ther ppl, goooo

  2. @rg0057 so u can’t stand not having sex for like a few weeks ? … okay do
    whatever u want in the hotel .. does that makes it really hard ??

  3. @MrNottsCounty well do whatever the fuck u please with ur daddy in a hotel
    room unless u’ll get arrested ! :

  4. I live in Qatar and FYI, we already have a majority of foreigners here!!
    Hell even I AM A FOREIGNER, and i can honestly say that this is a very open
    minded and free country. There is no discrimination at all!

  5. “A world of freedom” ?? “I am sure they will be admitted” ?? At the UN,
    Qatar JUST VOTED to remove sexual orientation as a protected characteristic
    which countries should investigate for extrajudicial, summary, or arbitrary
    executions. (The vote passed.) In other words, Qatar is making things worse
    for gays and lesbians, not better. And it’s doing it at the UN, affecting
    everyone in the world, not just their little country.

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