8 Comments on “Watch Flint woman talk court’s decision to uphold gay marriage ban”

  1. Their is a God!! AMEN!!!
    Lesbians need to grow up, Lesbians need to put marriage back where it
    belongs,. or face war. I will have no problems putting my life on the line
    to defend the holiness of marriage,,

    lesbians are the one’s filled with hate!! anyone who wants to twist
    marriage are the ones filled with hate… taking something I believe in to
    be sacred and twisting it is going to make me fight back harder! its got
    nothing to do with Hate, its got to do with RESPECT!!! something LGBT
    community Knows nothing about.

    What has been made wrong in other states is going to be fixed.
    Burn LGBT BURN!!

  2. You knew it wasn’t legal there, yet you pushed your own agenda on the rest
    of the state. That’s what happens. Why are you shocked?

  3. Now a day, people think, they are too smart and they think they can define
    GOD, and believe in their own ideas/opinions. Scientists say, the same
    thing that there is no god, because there is no proof or impossible of the
    nature how, when, where and so on and so on etc… . Do you think that GOD
    will do something that you can think and which make you decide whether
    it is possible or not? Do you think GOD will create something that how you
    can imagine or calculate? Come on,, if then we won’t call him GOD,,

    I do not hate people. I do not judge any bodies. However, I must speak or
    listen to what is the True and False accordingly to the word of GOD and or
    the Law of the country where I lived. Ex. If there was no law for the same
    sex marriage in history, then it should not be here now. If there was once,
    then tell me the effect… simply good thing or bad thing.

    Lets be example of Our-self. Be example of Youth, Be example of Parent. Be
    example of Children. Be example of Mother & Father. Be example of Your
    family. Be example of the Nation… GOD bless America,,, We Trust In
    GOD…. Remember this word,, thank you for reading this,, We are America
    ,We are United as One.

  4. Awesome! The gay mafias hatred and intolerance of conservatives,
    Christians,,, has hit a speed bump.

    Homosexuality is a hate crime against God.

    Gays want special rights masked as equal rights.

  5. It would be a fitting end if this decision led to another roe v wade size
    knockout blow to social conservatives that still stung half a century

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