3 Comments on “WBZ-TV Impact Special: Gay Rights – 1977”

  1. @burbank Not at all. There was a 1971 ABC-TV movie, “That Certain Summer,”
    which starred Hal Holbrook and Martin Sheen (Charlie “Tiger Blood” Sheen’s
    dad) as a gay couple, Holbrook’s character trying to explain the situation
    to his pre-teen or young teen son (played by Scott Jacoby). I think that
    film was in the first season of ABC’s “Tuesday Movie Of The Week,” the
    first made-for-TV film series.

  2. Wow. It’s looks so brand new, and much clearer, and better quality than
    some low quality stuff you see on TV today. What time did these IMPACT
    specials come on, where they lasted till after 2am? And did WBZ sign-off
    immediately after this program? Since it did come from a U-Matic cassette,
    I suspect this was recorded directly from WBZ, and this particular tape was
    brand new and only used once, which is why it looks so good. Also, who
    recorded the music? Can I find it on youtube?

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