27 Comments on “‘Welcome’ but warned – Russia’s Putin cautions gay visitors to Sochi”

  1. Minorities should respect the majority and not the other way around as in
    Western countries.

  2. Putin needs a bullet in his fucking head. What a waste of life and a sorry
    excuse for a human being. Pieces of shit like this should be done with like
    Saddam and Gaddafi. It is clearly obvious that he has a very small almost
    non existent penis and is struggling with his ardent homosexuality.

  3. Putin is 100% correct. Loud and clear. Liberals should leave their politics
    at home and adult pederasts should confine their consensual antics to their

  4. What I was hearing is that he thinks it is a good idea to keep all the talk
    and prejudiced opinions out of the Childrens faces and let them decide for
    their selves as they grow up. Sounds very fair and intelligent to me !

  5. Putin thinks that all gay people run around molesting and raping little
    children!! I thought that that monopoly was well and truly held by members
    of the catholic church! 

  6. This Queer support from UK is disgusting, focus on something worth while,
    not propaganda on LBGT life style…..Its sickening at the propaganda by UK
    and USA…


  8. please go ahead putin.or okay 4 gay,pedophils,polygamy and so on,, why

  9. Why did our leaders send some of our Gays over to Russia to stir up trouble
    ? Can’t they just leave people alone ? Always doing stupid things when
    they don’t get their way ! Seems the stupider they get , the more they are
    exposing themselves . I hope they are smart enough to help make sure the
    Olympics are a wonderful, amazing and SAFE !!! Event so the whole world can
    enjoy it.

  10. Why is so much time and money invested on gay people. They have overstayed
    their welcome in the western societies priority list. There are more better
    issues to be dealt with.

  11. most str8’s are fuckin idiots hate mongers and plain old stupid asses and
    have the IQ of an earthworm !!! lolololololol 

  12. I would hope that ANY overt sexualization of minors is discouraged. No,
    these pituitary morons are trying to make an unjustified link between
    homosexuality and paedophelia. Fuckheads. You could see comrade Putin
    longing for the good old days when he could ship off critics to a gulag in
    Siberia, when the girl asked the (pretty obvious) question about the
    uniforms :)

  13. Scary to think that such an ignorant ugly little troll could be elected to
    the office of president in Russia. Just goes to show you the stupidity of
    the Russian people.

  14. there are no gay or straight people, there are males and females. Males
    develop their sexual orientation during early teenage hood. If they
    masturbate thinking about males, they train themselves to have a homosexual
    relationship. If they masturbate thinking about females, they are training
    to have a heterosexual relationship. the human brain changes its size based
    on the physiological needs, that is why the brains of the mathematicians
    are different than people who have not studied math and that is why the
    hypothalamus of people involved in homosexual relationships is larger than
    people who have heterosexual relationship. Homosexual behavior is a social
    unwanted behavior that can spread in society, 100% of Greek men used to
    have homosexual relations in the army thousands of years ago. 47% of Saudi
    high school students in the capital city of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh have
    homosexual relations according to the ministry of education.

  15. plus you stupid uninformed fool…the United Staes is doing extremely well
    !!! Under our Pres. Obama we are the WEALTHIEST most advanced secure nation
    in the world…why do you think we have such a large influx of immigrants
    ….wake up and get with the program you stupid fool !!!

  16. Good for Russia we could learn something from them. Every nation that
    turned to rampant homosexuality soon after was destroyed, learn from

  17. Russia is a great nation with great morals. In the US, they teach
    homosexual behavior and sex to first graders in Massachusetts elementary
    schools. The American government is promoting abortion and homosexuality as
    the only social problems in the country to decrease the rate of
    reproduction because they have failed to make enough new jobs and they do
    not have enough money to build enough schools, hospitals, houses, etc. They
    want Russia and the whole world to fail with them, but they forgot that
    communism tried to promote homosexuality 100 years ago under Lenin and the
    Russian people learned their harsh lesson.

  18. are all str8 people complete idiots ? the majority of child molestations
    performed worlwide are by heterosexuals against little girls ….period
    !!! not by gay males your intellect is very very low !!!

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