40 Comments on “‘What crisis?’ says Fifa president Blatter”

  1. Blatter is soooo stupid cant believe that this corrupt bastard is the head
    of what is supposed to be the cleanest organization in the world.

  2. First International Fraudulent Association.
    ” It’s not that easy to evade the truth.”
    Ringleader of Swindlers.

  3. Wow the English are so unbelievably butthurt that they didn’t win their bid
    to host the next world cup…suck it, bitches

  4. he will not remain for 4 more year , i cant imagen fotball with this man,
    we need a clean man, take this rabesh man out side

  5. Sepp Blatter is a dictator along with his corrupt foot soldiers…If Fifa
    was a country…Sepp Blatter would be hiding in his bunker while Natto
    bombed him…For the good of the game…Destroy Fifa and its crooks.

  6. @tedgrileem haha I was being sarcastic. Notice the quotes around my
    comment. That’s what sep blatter said a week ago during a press conference.
    google it, it’s hilarious.

  7. I just hope the players and teams will work vs the fifa on Katar! that
    there will be like 0 teams…Not cause i dislike Kata or the people in it!
    i rly like there formula race too! But they have to show that they dont
    support corruption!

  8. Yes, but that “football” didn’t have any rules at all. The rules were
    invented by the brits. Also, it wasn’t just the africans that played
    football, it was also the mayans and incas that played with metal balls.

  9. Sepp, mate, look, I know you want the World Cup to go ahead in Brazil. But,
    sorry, mate, the Brazilian people don’t want it to go ahead, because they
    are sick and tired of the way all the footballing authorities are treating
    me, in the main, after all that I have done for the beautiful game. They
    say that a lot of conditions have to be fulfilled by all the footballing
    authorities from FIFA down before they’ll accept the World Cup in Brazil.
    This is non-negotiable, Sepp, or there is no World Cup.

  10. Or maybe you think that only G-8 countries deserves to hold a world cup
    tournament? well, too me not.. one of the good things about football is how
    international and spreaded it is, and thats is because they encourage the
    participation of the whole world. an event like the world cup is
    irrepleaceble from that point of view. I see some people asking for
    “technology” too. Maybe the goal-line thing yes.. but repetitions and all
    that shit never.. the games would never be the same. it would just like

  11. I don’t think this guy is corrupt, there is corruption in fifa no doubt,
    but even so, football has expanded a lot in their years and i think thats
    something we all want.. ONU is shit, OTAN is more SHIt, G-8 is the shit,
    USA is hell on earth literally. FIFA is the only international organism not
    ruled by the capitalist or facist. i think is refreshing to see an old
    school oriented institution in this decadent, corrupt, sionist ruled,
    world. FIFA should still support this values.

  12. Blatter is a lying, corrupt fucker who should be sent to prison. The game
    belongs to the people, stand up and take the game back for the fans. Fuck
    you Blatter and your cunt mates.

  13. @Ashitaka255 I said the FA made the comments. Hence my point, had we’ve
    been the chosen country would the FA be making a song and dance then? No,
    sadly. Sepp is in again, and he’s made it clear those that bring him down
    will fall along with him. He’s in a very secure situation. It makes my
    blood boil. We talk about dictators in countries, here we have FIFA a
    global sport entity and they are mostly corrupt. And mostly foreigners if
    you see…

  14. well thats one way to avoid the question, asking what is a crisis. This guy
    really needs to be sent to court, the shit he is pulling is ruining a sport
    held dear to many people’s hearts. To use a Malcolm Tucker quote “He’s
    about as much use as a marzipan dildo”

  15. He may have accepted a brige from Qatar but he still manages FIFA pretty
    well.If it’s wasn’t for Blatter’s veto there would be shitty video playback
    technology that would make football pretty much useless and boring since
    the game would be interrupted every time there was in important moment.And
    what do you mean “destroy FIFA”.Are you out of your goddamn mind ?

  16. @Antlion666 Blatter, Warner and so on are corrupt and need to be ousted
    along with the other fogeys who are on the money train! But being British
    myself I ask if we in England had been given it in 2018, would we be doing
    this? NO. Look what happened when these issues were printed in the
    newspaper before the selection, the FA said on no we won’t be getting it
    now etc etc YET they were being bribed for knighthoods and thousands of
    pounds. Hmmm.

  17. @Kalsingh actually it was africans who invented fotball if you look at the
    history africans played with cocunuts and when the brittien saw that they
    stole it invention, and said they were the one who invented it,

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