33 Comments on “What’s Up With Gaga? – Sued for Promoting Gay Rights, Sister Shines as Model”

  1. there is no reason to battle animosity and hate with more animosity and
    hate. we should be the examples of love and tolerance if we wish the world
    to love and tolerate us.

  2. “Yay!” Hi, Misty! Looking super cute in your Little Monster outfit <3 The
    Rolling Stones concert will be Pay-Per-View so I doubt it will be live
    steamed, but I hope a fellow Little Monster out there purchases it and
    DVR's it. I can't wait! <3 Natali modeling? Doesn't surprise me! She's drop
    dead sexy like her big sis! <3 Russia homophobic fuckers can rot and never
    believe the tabloids! If Gaga was really "hiding" ticket sales results, I'm
    sure respectable news outlets would report on it.

  3. Wait… She has been sued for supporting… gay rights? The man who did
    that should burn in hell!

  4. Are you kidding me? You’re ridiculous… Of course she knew about the law,
    but that doesn’t mean she copies madonna… You don’t control who sues you.
    Plus, Gaga supports gay rights in EVERY country, not just Russia.

  5. Misty! I saw that you are actually a part of the TheYoungTurks crew! I had
    no idea! That is so awesome! I can’t imagine the transition between talking
    about pop culture and then over to politics. I’m proud, girl! 😀

  6. Misty make an account on LM.com then you can let us all know when you make
    these X

  7. Gaga tickets sold out for 2 nights in Toronto in less than 5 minutes! WTF
    are u talkin bout

  8. she supports gay rights in every country, and she has always. and she
    didn’t deny anything. she didn’t copy madonna. lady gaga is the most
    original artist i know

  9. this is so true, i went as well and i would have even payed more for it. it
    was absolutely phenomenal. she doesn’t lipsync and she really puts her all
    into the dances, outfits, everything. she is actually so much more than
    that pop crap – she’s truly talented.

  10. I’m not so sure getting sued is copying Madonna. GaGa is a severe gay
    rights activist, and does anything and everything she can for the gay
    community. If she is sued over it, it’s not because she wants to be like
    someone who inspired her.

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