27 Comments on “White House Slaps Sanctions On Uganda For Anti Gay Laws”

  1. T. West, do you think that that Obamacare will have some of the same
    stipulations in it that the, U.S. government gave to Uganda?

  2. +azumanation Also, Ebola is killing more people faster in W Africa *TODAY*
    faster than any Nuclear weapon ever could. Ignorant or just Moronic people
    like you make me want to pull a wall.

  3. Uganda can ask China for help to get the military training exercises by
    doing that American are going to be jealous Obama is a bad idea to Africa
    forcing Africa with the Abomination lifestyle what about telling Saudi
    Arabia to accept it putting Saudi Arabia on sanction everyone comes and
    take advantage of Africa Obama said he is black and his doing this to his
    own kind I’m really disappointment of Obama going against the ways of great
    Malcolm X Martin Luther King Obama this is not the change Africa needs from

  4. Mr. West could you deliver to us all some information on precious metals
    i.e. Silver and Gold. We will patiently wait for any and all information
    that you have on the precious metals market and their lies. People listen
    to you and I think that information on the little know facts of “real
    money”, Gold and Silver, should be revealed. Shalom.

  5. I wonder if brother West will do a video on the Ebola epidemic currently
    sweeping through West Africa? It has been labeled as the “worst Ebola
    epidemic in history”, and there is NO end in sight.

    However…this epidemic started in Guinea, and word has it that before it
    all started….four Israeli mercenaries were arrested for trying to start a
    coup against the government of Guinea. Hmmm…..makes you think…..

  6. This is amazing! such a huge victory for international human rights! Uganda
    needs to learn the value of human life. I dont think these sanctions are
    enough. more should be done to squash these idiotic bigots from spreading
    their toxic mindset! As a proud straight African man living in an African
    country that enforces all human rights including those of homosexuals, I
    say cut them out completely. 

  7. Whats funny is that jamaica when it was under british rule enacted the
    buggery law making homo acts illegal. Now today they want to push homo ways
    on the world.

  8. Nothing pisses me off than progressive leftists who care more about gay
    rights than the lives of all people. 

  9. +Paul Biring Homophobic Hate Crimes have Increased at a rapid rate in
    Africa thanks to moronic legislation like the ‘kill the gays’ bill.

  10. can we move to uganda me and my husband do not support gays or gay marriage
    neither???????????? please will you deliver us from this obomination

  11. I don’t understand the Africans bro T West? why are they still receiving
    aid from these wicked westerners??? in actuality the Africans are the most
    wealthiest people on the face of the earth due to the over abundance of
    natural resources Mother Africa possess. but instead of coming together to
    become a united continent so that they could organize to get the full
    benefits of their natural resources? the Africans are still to this very
    day reliant on the United States who is it’s mortal enemy!!! General
    Muammar Muhammad Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi may Allah forever be pleased with
    him…tried to show Africa what independence from the west looks like. but
    sadly the majority of the African leaders in Africa was too
    weak/lazy/dependent on the United States to unite with him & Libya. now
    they are being attacked by this devil that we call over here our president.
    ( Barack Obama) he is not my president mind you because I knew from the
    very beginning this racist Swiss Nazi/Zionist controlled government would
    never give us a real black president unless he or she could be controlled.
    now that Russia/China & their BRICS alliance is rising up all of Africa
    should get out of NATO & join the rest of the world in this new alliance so
    that Mother Africa to can rise to greatness again! well right now that
    thought is nothing more than a dream. and another thing with all the
    resources Mother Africa possess. why aren’t the Africans taking those
    resources to build weapons to protect them from their outside enemies?
    there is no factory on this planet where blacks manufacture their own
    weapons. instead Africans allow foreigners to take resources out of Africa
    like minerals/precious metals/uranium/plutonium/cobalt/oil etc…and use
    these resources to build weapons that could destroy us 100 times over.
    black people in Africa & abroad will have to change their thinking if we as
    a people are going to survive the next 100yrs.

  12. Obama is an HOMOSEXUAL on record, he is a pure bent over sissi, advancing
    the devils agenda on God’s people.
    He will not succeed, for he has been conquered on the cross.

  13. The nerve of these devils to try to condemn Uganda for so called human
    rights violations when the Americans and Europeans have violated the human
    rights of non whites for hundreds of years. From the kidnapping & slaughter
    of millions of Africans during the slave trade, to colonization of Africa,
    South America, the so called middle east and Asia. They have no right to
    condemn anyone! 

  14. I’ve heard arguments that state homosexuality had spiritual significance in
    certain tribes in precolonial Africa. If that is the argument. What one
    tribe does does not mean that all tribes would follow suit. And what people
    I think fail too realize is if that was the case those tribes did not seek
    to impose their belief systems all around the world in this manner. They
    were unique to them and them only only. The west deem themselves capable of
    imposing their belief systems through sanctions. And it is not through some
    benevolent act to promote said spiritual shaman-ism.

  15. Thank you Dr. West for continuing to keep us informed of these devils are
    trying to do to us in Africa and throughout the diaspora. 

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