38 Comments on “White Russian? Anti-Migrant Rally Reaches Scary New Levels”

  1. If russia wants there country to be russian then its there choice not
    anyone esles. its different when its another country who wants the same

  2. Wtf? Russia for Russians is scary? But,Mugabe in Zimbabwe are actually
    killing white farmers and telling them Africa is for Africans. Why is
    Russia not OK, fur saying it, but Zimbabwe OK for actually saying it and
    killing them.

  3. All over Europe and across the world, the far right is on the rise. I am
    writing in March of 2014, but seriously the West needs to pay more
    attention to this because this will be a huge issue for some time. First of
    all, demographically ethnic Russians are producing below the rate of social
    reproduction and is actually one of the lowest fertility rates in the
    world. Secondly, because of this, Russia allows foreigners to enter WITHOUT
    A VISA to work in Russia for up to 3 months so Russia is flooded with
    foreigners. The fringe elements are confronted with immigrants everyday and
    they HATE THEM and they see them as a threat to Russian culture…Crazy
    thing is that this is all the same all over Central and Eastern Europe and
    it is no different than in Ukraine. The far right there is equally as
    viscous as in Russia. Even more, this far right thinking of “us vs them”
    can rear its head on whichever group they deem as “the other” in a split
    second. And therefore Ukrainians who once saw themselves as brothers to the
    Russians can see themselves as enemies without thinking twice about it and
    the same in Russia. What we see now is not so much a return to the Cold
    War, but this can be a return to Yugoslavia where we see the Balkanization
    of the former Ukraine and increased instability across the globe. 

  4. THe right is rising….get used to it. You bat shit liberals caused it
    with your retarded immigration policies. 

  5. Кто напишет ещё хоть одно слово по английски тот пидарас.

  6. What does this fat liberal fag have against Russia for Russians..? I mean
    God forbid Russia is populated by Russians…who could support such a

  7. God bless these white nationalists. Complete patriots to their people. May
    Europe, Russia and America rise up and defend our nations from greedy
    globalization destroying the Western Heritage. Long live the European
    people!!! We will defend our lands from foreign invasion at all costs

  8. Russia is the home to neo-Nazi’s. Perhaps they should worry more about
    themselves rather than Ukraine.

  9. This TV presenter forgot to say that in Russia there was the end of the
    world and that Putin ate babies for breakfast.

  10. The Young Turk Regime murdered 100s of thousands of whites (mostly Greek)
    under a century ago. The Turks also tried to invade Russia but that didn’t
    out so well. Maybe the Turks would like another try?

  11. The media in AMerica is owned by jews. Is it any wonder that if you look
    into what “The Young Turks” was, you will find it was a group eventually
    subverted by jews who hid who they were but still secretly held meetings
    and acted as a racist cult? Now compare Hollywood Cenk to the rest of the
    hollywood media and the jews who run it. He defiantly embodies the spirit
    of the young turks subverters who allowed him tp be on tv and advertise him
    and give him all his talking points still.


    I am only tolerant of white people, and even then I have strict guidelines
    about how he should be; Straight, alcoholic and pissed off.

  13. They are about as silly as the immigrants that dont want to assimilate to
    the country they moved to.

  14. Actually those Nazi-like movements in Russia are pretty violent. This is
    not only empty chants. They are harming and killing people.

  15. so..when occupay really fights for what they think is good, its ok..but
    when other fight what they think its good for their country..its not
    ok…double standard much?

  16. In Russia 70% of crimes and 50% of murders committed by migrants, well, how
    do you react to Russian? A Nazi symbols is using a stupid youth. If
    immigrants behave normally is no animosity and nebylo.

  17. Russia is going downhill. If anyone thinks America is a center of
    intolerance and ignorance, look at Russia. Just because we can’t understand
    them, doesn’t mean they’re not assholes.

  18. True, several of those high ranking Nazis and SS guys had people sent to
    concentration camps just because they wanted their property or their wives,
    loyal or not. Nazis are morons, when you push an animal philosophy like
    might is right you want to make sure you’re the mightiest one in the ring
    or else you’re going to get eaten by the same people you gave power to.

  19. Turkey is sending its criminals and garbage to other countries. Does turkey
    allow migrants into its country to abuse welfare, rape the girls and
    destroy is nationality? Heck no. Turkey arrests anybody that is not
    turkish, but thats ok when they do it f*ck turkey and f*ck tyt

  20. Extreme “nationalists” have historically been euphemisms for racism under
    anti-immigration xenophobic arguments. In Europe, this history has already
    repeated itself half a dozen times.

  21. I see by the comments You allow that the citizens of Russia who protest
    are called despicable names.

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