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  1. Black on White violence is at genocidal proportions. 35,000 White women
    are raped every year in the US by black men, whereas White-on-Black rape is
    virtually nonexistent. Police kill with impunity. They killed Kelly Thomas.
    Police murder is not racial, it is the result of a violent bureaucracy. 

  2. and stop taking shit about what white people give to africans white people
    don’t have or ever had nothing that they can give to anyone, the only thing
    white people can give to nonwhites would be something that they have stolen
    from other nonwhites somewhere else. also giving a fucking dime or poisoned
    food and aids infected vaccines ain’t shit for the billions you fucks have
    been stealing out of africa for ever. like i said go fucking crawl in a
    european cave and die bitch…

  3. What you describe is a person of recessive genes who eventually dies out if
    they do not blend in with the “tall dark and handsome” and have children to
    negate the recessive genes. Read Leviticus 13 in the bible to get an
    understanding of blond (yellow) hair, and white skin. It was not the lazy
    taxpayers who ripped off people for hundreds of billions of dollars – that
    was Wall Street.

  4. european meaning white supremacy global domination is so effective because
    they have people theof all the other races that white people hate and have
    killed for centuries helping white people with their domination of all
    nonwhite people on the planet. that’s why i’am sure that when all nonwhite
    people of all nationalities and colors on the planet get together to end
    the global domination of the european cave man it will only take days or
    hours to see it end…

  5. Fiat currency goes a long ways in buying individuals. However, as it is
    exposed for what it is, the situation is quickly changing.

  6. And no bitch Latin is not and has never been the language of the
    neanderthals like you even recently european were still calling mix breeds
    Italians niggers. like i told you before,vete a morir en una cueva sucia de
    europa pedazo rata, cucaracha blanca cavernicola. fuck off bitch…

  7. Technology is nothing without resources. Africa has far more of those
    resources than any area in the world. China is a very good friend of
    Africa. Because of that friendship and Africans becoming more aware of who
    their real enemies are, Africa’s economic growth rate is more than 3 times
    that of the US and more than 4 times that of the EU. Again, I come with the
    facts, not rhetoric and weak nonsense. Huge buildings to live in hastens
    the demise of earth.

  8. Wow!I understand now why Ignorance is a sin…This fool is completely
    blinded,misled by his hubris!Go and Take a shit man your a full of shit and
    nonsense.Stupid fuck what do you put in that pipe?Indeed Black Men of
    Africa civilized your Neanderthal asses,you are not even from the family of
    man!We found you in caves you were still on all fours growling,moaning

  9. Multiculture is the lie many of you are fed. The truth is that whites can
    no longer enslave and still massive amounts of land, resources and
    livelihood of others. You don’t even know what a Jew is. You should not
    encourage bullets into the heads of others. This time around you will find
    yourself at the bottom or removed from the earth because your evils have
    harmed too many.

  10. also the movie The Island of Doctor Moreau, symbolizes the black man in
    europe experimenting with the abomination know as the european cave man.
    Moreau is a Moorish or black name. and that’s why we are where we are today
    an experiment has been running the planet fucking with all original humans
    and their time is up. also watch the movie ” Perfume: The Story of a
    Murderer ” and see how these beasts were still living not long ago, or
    watch the movie Sweeney Todd with Johnny Depp. and watch them.

  11. Knowledge has been rehashed over and over. The English alphabet was given
    to you by a black group of people known as the Canaanites (Phoenicians to
    the Greeks). In this modern age, individuals, often within corporations
    make things. Those individuals are black, white and other. However, those
    who don’t study or think believe whites produced all of what they see. That
    just isn’t the case and never has been. Whites tend to get credit when
    others did it.

  12. All countries and peoples have their issues. If we were to focus on the
    evils committed right now and in the past by those you esteem and by those
    the ancient writers referred to as a “peeled” people, those evils would
    outpace those of any group in Africa. HIV/AIDS was manufactured under US
    Public Law 91-171 under an Army program entitled “SYNTHETIC BIOLOGICAL
    AGENT”. I suggest you look up CCR5 Delta 32. These are the facts without
    the hateful nonsense being promoted.

  13. just because I’am on this page and Agree with Bro. west it don’t mean I’am
    African I’am from the people whom were here before all you cave fuckers
    came here. all you fucks benefit from whites from centuries have stolen
    from america north central and south, africa, asia the mid east, india, to
    feed you ugly cave fucks in europe like your fucking Swiss bank where
    european cells maening like whites here in america africa and all over the
    globe send all the money to feed you ugly fucks there…

  14. Chavis Carter deal…..WOW white devil piece of shits…they are the devil
    himself….the devil is a people…no just one character…it’s a character
    among a whole race

  15. speaking of fake money and fake europeans meaning white people. white
    people never have had nothing of their own from day one they have been
    dealing all over the four corners of the earth with things they steal from
    all nonwhites all over the earth, that’s the way the have done it since day
    one and are still doing today they will make a deal with a nonwhite with
    something they have or planning to steal from another nonwhite somewhere.
    that piece of crap europa never had a thing worth anything.

  16. As I said, China and Africa are working together and guess who’s the odd
    guy to be left out? As I indicated, the economic growth rate in Africa is
    more than 3 times that of the US. It’s rising as you’re falling. That’s not
    going to change. In the meantime, we in the Diaspora are building
    partnerships with Africa to economically empower black communities in the
    Diaspora. The “mess” you see is a part of the delusion you have been sold.

  17. Hillary Cunt-ton is the biggest hypocrite of all time. The US is fighting
    “Terrorists” in Northern Mali, but supporting “Freedom Fighters” in Syria
    (some of whom, have links to Al-qaida). This is neo-imperialism at its
    finest. Americans ought to listen to T West more. asalam-aleykoum.

  18. i have stop watching news because the only news i want to know is how all
    the nonwhite people on the planet are going to end the european meaning
    white global domination and yes it will take all nonwhites, why because of
    all the nationalities and colors on the planet there is people helping
    white people to maintain their global system. you will almost never see an
    asian sitting with an african but you will see them sit with a white same
    goes for the african. and do the same with blacks and brown

  19. You have already proven your stupidity, And still you keep on making an ass
    out of yourself.. Were you raised in a barn? You are delusional.. I mean,
    Look at the crap you write, What is your sources for that?

  20. Excellent comment. There were once black nobility in parts of Europe. Feel
    free to expand on that.

  21. These devils are still using disinformation to battle on jewtube. Funniest
    one; I had seen so far was “The 13th Tribe by Arthur Koestler Debunked”
    lol! Those non-biblical imposters might as well quit. Always make about 4
    backup channels.

  22. 2) We can now see that the Western economies is getting weaker with each
    passing moment. The Chinese (of whom you call the Asians) are not going to
    share their “Superpower” status with your Barbarian kind in the long run.
    Someone is going to have to fall in the next phase of history, and you
    better be ready for the coming shock to come.

  23. HIV/AIDS was not found in Africa but produced in a US lab and experimented
    with in France. Why do you think the US government is contributing billions
    in Africa? Have you considered that its trying to undo what it did without
    admitting it did it? Do you know anything about the white doctor working
    for the US government who carried out the Tuskegee Experiment on black men
    in Alabama also intentionally infecting women in Guatemala with syphilis
    and gonorrhea? Again, I deal with the facts.

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